Thursday, 27 July 2017

Horror Shows!

My daughter is five. When she was younger, she saw some cartoon where she came to know about ghost, vampires, mummy, witches et all. All at a cartoon level. It wasn't scary at all.

Recently, someone in my house was watching Zee TV and she was crossing by, when she saw some new program promotional trailer of a horror show.

Certainly, I didn't expect what happened next.

All of sudden my daughter became so scared that refused to go to the bathroom all alone, even in broad day light. She doesn't go the other room for playing, not even to her favorite place, where we would find her all the time, the balcony. 

We tried to find out the reason and she told us about that clipping she saw on the tv. 

Now, it is a big task for us to take her out of that shock and explain her that it is just a play, not real. Her mind is not ready to accept it though. 

Well, Zee TV is banned for all at my place now, at least when my baby is up and at home. Not only Zee tv, there are many music channels as well, which are a complete no-no at our place, cause they also telecast these trailers. I am not aware how many kids have watched these trailers and how they react but for us, it was bad...bad.

Wishful thinking : These scary trailers should be aired after 9 pm in any channel and not before that.  

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