Sunday, 2 July 2017


I was very very excited. I was going on my school trip - to New Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh. My parents didn't want to send me. Luckily my brother had a school trip a month back - to New Delhi and Jaipur. The best part was he got permission to go for the trip.

My parents had a little choice, you see! If my brother can go, so can I.

Those were safe days. Girls and boys were safe. People had some faith in humanity, or maybe it was not reported. I don't know, let's not go there. Okay. So, it was my trip day.

That one instruction that I think all of us friends got from our parents was - Please call where ever you find a PCO. Teachers were requested to make sure that the children make calls to parents every day. Just once though.  

My parents knew where ever I reached. I called everyday and shouted on phone, "I am fine...I am at so-&-so location. Don't worry. I am good." Hang up. Pay the PCO person and done for the day!


The mobile revolution has taken place. The revolution has its effect even on a two year old(mine started going crazy about mobile at that age...not sure about the little mobile-freaks age!) Small children who don't even have the proper bathroom sense knows how to unlock a phone and open a game app or YouTube and play rhymes!

Most of the school going children, talking about high school children, have a basic phone. When children of today go on a school trip, it's easy to reach them...except if the child and the entire team has switched off their phones in badmashi.

Even when we go to offices, we inform our families, we are here at office. Kya khaya, kya piya, kya kiya...etc etc... everything is shared. Not only calls, but social media has also made this place more accessible.

I can't place my child in my kind of trip. If she doesn't has a phone and if I am unable to reach her at my ease, it's difficult for me send her anywhere. Of course, the time has changed as well. But with all this mobile revolution we have become slaves to our phones and the habit of reaching out to each other at our ease has made us mobile-slaves.

Try this, leave your phone and go somewhere for sometime, a hour or two! Come back home and trust me, you will know how important you are! Everyone will yell and tell you, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE YOUR PHONE AND GO?  

If you are unreachable even for one hour, people go crazy! Indeed, gladly accepting that, I am too a big mobile slave! Mobiles ki jai ho!

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