Saturday, 20 July 2013

Time flies!

It's like yesterday you arrived
Time knows the art of flying fast
Now you walk, talk & dance.

(My baby will turn 1.5 years tomorrow. Its amazing to see a small doll to grow up in a individual already who has her own 'yes' and mostly 'no'. :)

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Friday, 19 July 2013

SqueezeD - Haiku Heights!

Pretty pinky princess
Big eyes small jolly face
squeezed between us!

Princess doesn't eat
What she loves is orange
  freshly squeezed juice!  

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Fruit Juice Image courtesy : Google :)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Shadi ka Happy Budday!!

I have met a lot of people till today. But I have not met with some one with such a spirit. Well, of course she is not a person at a high-held post neither does she holds any degree or awards, she just cooks at different houses. Yes, she is my cook.

One fine morning she came, all decked up. And she told me - "aaj mere shadi kaa happy budday hai."

She was all happy, blushing and was ready to rock her entire day. She had planned her day well and shared the same with me. She made special lunch for herself, planned to have a lot of her favorite vada pav and dinner plans with her friends with super spicy chicken at her house.

I was confused, silent and puzzled.

She lost her husband around 10 years back. She didn't remarry and was living with her children.

Amazing! I was just bowled over by the way she is living her life. No sorrows. No regrets. No pains. No strings attached. Just the happy memories around. Spirit to enjoy whatever it may be.

Art of living. Isn't it.

But she is correct to enjoy. May be her husband is not around but the life which she is leading started this very day. There was no looking back. Her children joined her happy times. Her husband parted from them but still they lived in the same house, somewhat harder but similar situations, their own lives.

I have seen people breaking apart with separation, but have not seen such a person. Hats off to her and her spirits.

She taught me whatever it may be, if your spirits are high, that's all you will need to lead a happy life.I have zillions of unfinished wishes for which i cry and crib about. Well, not any more. Her shadi kaa happy budday has changed my perspective of looking at things a lot. I enjoy my present, i work for my unfinished dreams but cry no more.

All i can say is that, in the end, all that matters is your spirit. If you want to cry, you will in all situations. If you want to smile, you will in all situations. What say!!

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

I Saw, I Learnt!!

My mom is my strongest pillar, (of course just after my dad) i hang on to. I think, i am what i am because of her. She walked ahead of me to set examples, she walked beside me to hold whenever i fall and she walked behind me to bring out the person she wanted me to be.

Thanks is, of course, an understatement!

Of all things she taught me, one which I am immensely thankful is for value of - SHARING!

When i open my box of old goodies, well it is all empty. My favorite doll, my favorite red frock, my favorite pink pony with ultra straight haired tail and my other favorites are all gone. They exist only in my memory.

I remember that my mom used to ask me to give away my favorite toys to the maid's kids. She would not hesitate in giving away my favorite clothes to them either. Or, even worse, my brand new clothes for some special occasions to my cousins. A small chips packet or a huge cake, all needs t be shared by all present.

Of course, I used to just JUST hate all this sharing and caring. But eventually as i grew up, i became less possessive about my things and more empathetic towards people around me. And i realized all this only when its time for me to mother my baby and pass these values.

My baby is just one and a half year but i ask her to share. With her little hands she feeds everyone in the family. Well, barely anything reaches our mouth, but the training has indeed started.

I saw my mom and i learnt and now its time to set an example!

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