Tuesday, 31 March 2015

WhatsApp call feature!

It's welcome move by - WhatsApp! Calling feature.

Well, in a year...around six months me and my husband stay away from each other. Five years down and still going strong....may be this distance keeps us connected ;-) haha!

Well, this "connected" is technology bound. Totally. I can't even imagine the era where to connecting to people was a task. You either wait for a trunk call or letter.

I wonder how I would be then. Probably I will become a zombie and won't sleep till I receive a call. Goodness me. Not sleeping for good few days. Phew! Probably I would be singing...'mere piya Gaye Rangoon....vaha se kiya hai telephoooon...."! Thank God, I am in this era where technology is at our finger touch and options are varied.

The newest and for me the bestest one is - WhatsApp call feature. My husband and me are addicted to WhatsApp and this feature is just in another tab. Like we had two tab:


Now the same looks like:


Just go to the 'call tab' and call who ever is there in your list. Plus the quality of sound is good, as in there is no disturbance/noise associated with the call.

Thanks whatsapp!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Be there, in win or loss!

You win.... I will forgive all your mistakes!
You lose.... I will forget all your hard work!

We lost a match yesterday, we blamed everything related, unrelated or alienated. Just any reason to blame looks cool and satisfying for us.

Not that there were none, who did support the team! But this trait of blaming-shaming is there in our whole system, that too from long.

Talking about parents here....they have some dreams for their children. They feel their children will make them proud. Their children work accordingly. They work and try to match to their parent's expectation.(Talking in general terms, not including the exception!)

If they do as desired:
Parents celebrate their child, they distribute sweets, throw parties, call every single person they know to tell about their glorious child and his/her achievements.

If at all, they fail:
Parents find 'n' number of excuses for their failures.
*    They didn't work hard,
*    Galat dost hai iske,
*    Jab dekho tub Mobile, call, chat,
*    Girlfriend/boyfriend kaa shauk chadha hai!
Blaaa bllaaaa bllaaaa!

These parents also hide their face and avoid getting into conversation with anyone. They feel ashamed and let down.

My question is, WHY?

Didn't your child work? If he failed, he too is extremely hurt and pained. His hard work has gone in drain. In spite of supporting him/her many  parents shout at them and give them a disappointed look.

Remember the movie - Tarre Zameen Pur, where the elder son, Vihaan is trying hard to win a tennis match and loses. His father didn't hide his disappointed emotions and openly showed his son how let down he felt.

I know that all parents are not like that and I salute you for not pressuring your child with your expectations. But if you do, please stop. It's not human. Your child does his best and he will do better if you just give him one simple thing - your support!

It's the same thing we do with the team India, when they win, we make them sit on our eyelashes(hehe literally speaking!) But we can't accept the other side.

Come on people, better team won and that's about it! Hope next time we support our team in a better manner, in their wins and in their loss!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Surname Change

Should a woman change her maiden surname after marriage?


A positive no and a affirmative NO and a loud NOOOOOOOOO.

Why shall we change the very basic credential of ours. Just because I am married, I am supposed to do the following:

> Change my house.
> New family which are supposed to PLEASE
> Wear sindoor, bangles, bichiya, ring....etc(though I have personally no issue in this clause ;) )
> You can't go to your mumma-papa's house on every festival.
> Even if you work, you need to see how things are going on in the house, Housework!

On top of all these changes, I need to change my name?


This name has been my identity and changing it for anyone sake is not what I really wanted. Thank God that my husband didn't had any issue with me not changing my name or modifying it in any way. Not on my personal life...not on my papers. I think, if he wants to accept me, he can do that without me having to do at least that basic change in me.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

You by my side!

With you by my side, there is never darkness!

I remember a time when I was working for a sales-oriented company. The organization was no doubt very big, but the whole atmosphere/culture of the organization was so negative that an optimistic person could turn double negative, leave the ones who are pessimistic!

I was not related to the sales process, I was just in a supportive Human Resource team. I was a spectator to the chaos going on there. Seniors getting into their bosses rooms, coming out and shouting their heart out on their juniors. The juniors, few newcomers, few old ones, went out with a long face and shamed look, looking down for a space to hide themselves, probably! They used to get yelled at for nothing. Nothing at all. All I could do was, keep calm within me!

But of course no one wants to work in such an environment, I was looking for another job. Luckily, I found some opening which matched my exact profile and was the perfect kind of job for me. I jumped up at the opportunity and went to grab it. I was looking for that job with such high hopes that I didn't let me think that there can be any other option other than - 'Getting this job!" I was nervous, I had to get the job! When I reached the interview room, it seemed perfect but whatever simple questions the interviewer asked, I could answer none. Not the ones I knew, like back of my hand, not the ones I didn't know! I was completely lost, I just wanted that job anyhow. It was such a perfect kind of place. Calm, employees smiling/cracking jokes/ like any other software company. Happy place. But the answers! Ahhhh!

I still don't know what happened to me that day, why did I go under such a pressure, how easily I lost that opportunity!

The worst part, it was my first birthday after marriage. It got ruined! Completely! I thought I would leave a negative place for an awesome company, but all my dreams got shattered. I was completely broken!

I went home, with big-big tears in my eyes, through the way-home. I just wanted to cry. Alone in my room! When I unlocked my door, I was utterly shocked to see my husband who had skipped his office to do some "first birthday taiyari". I went and hugged him, and cried like a baby! He had no idea why I was crying but he held on me and comforted me till I was in a state to talk. I told him everything! Not that he didn't knew about this company culture I was working for, but neither he nor me was aware that I was affected by the atmosphere to this extent!

He held me tight and said, "For me, resign from this one first and later we will look for another job! You really deserve a better organisation to work for!" It was the most unexpected reply I heard from him, but may be the one I wanted to! I cried, more this time! Haha!

He had planned a dinner out in a awesome place, but all we did was sat in our favourite corner in the house, wrote the resignation letter, ordered a pizza and the choco-lava cake, laughed like maniacs and celebrated our relationship and togetherness! After losing the-best-opportunity-ever, resigning from the existing job, being unemployed, not going out for a lavish dinner, I had the best birthday ever! 

I still lookup to that day as the one which gave me strength to look beyond and be positive and lookup at you...being there by my side!!!

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Monday, 9 March 2015

My life, My rules!

Starting a new life - a fresh life! This line takes me back to years back when I was going for my first job, out of my town, out of my comfort zone.

Calcutta, as it was known then, was the place where I had to join. I was much eager to go and start a new life where I live on my own and earn for my own bread and butter.

My parents were very worried as to how I will live and survive on my own. They spoke to many known people and found that a PG(paying-guest) was run by an old lady was very good and safe. I was put there. My parents went back and I remained there. Alone, in that group of girls living with me in that PG. I still don't have words to express that feeling, being alone and yet being super excited and soo scared.

My new life began with full josh but...but it was not as comfortable as I expected it to be. The problem was the PG. The food, was beyond my expectation and it was pathetic. There used to be crisp and thick rotis, with red-color-spicy daal and a veg which contained potato and small particles of some unrecognizable vegetable. Really. To top it after the food arrived at 10:30 in night, you can't even order anything from outside cause the gate closes at 10:00 PM, leave aside going outside for hunt of food. I remember, one of my friend and me survived on just watermelons and slices of bread. But a month was too much time to tolerate.

I took my decision on my own, for the first time! I thought to shift to an independent house. I convinced to friends of mine and we started hunting for a new house. Two of our weekends went in looking for a house which we could rate as safe, easily accessible to our office and comfortable, which we could call home.

Finally, we got one! In salt lake, in front of a nice self-sufficient market, means it had every basic things which you want to buy on a regular basis. It also had a small kiosk which sold awesome dinner of daal, roti, chicken, right there! It was just a drop from our office. This was it!

I always wanted to live on my own. Without any elder to guard me. Where I live on my terms, good or bad!

Here I was. Next step was to inform my parents, who after listening to my state at the PG were very supportive of me shifting to the new house.

All of us were on cloud 9 while shifting cause it was for good. The day we shifted, we hardly had anything except from our suitcases but arranging that house and giving it a complete makeover to make it our own made us exhausted till core. I remember we sat on the beddings and ordered our very own pizza after 10:00 PM. This house didn't had TV or any source of music but we sang loudly....chodd aye hum vhho galiyaaa...and hogged on our large pizza.

There are so many small pleasures in life which you can only feel when you take a step forward ahead of all your fears, ahead of that line which someone else drew for you and ahead of the set rules. So, break some rules, take a leap and lookup for the joys of life!

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Saturday, 7 March 2015


Information is right of every human being. In this era of RTI(Right to Information), having all the useful information we need at our fingertips, is our right. Don't you think!

Nothing except sunlight and air and at time water, in this world comes for free. We need to pay a  price!

No more!

Right when we thought that every information comes with a price, Reliance Communication and Facebook has introduced a revolutionary platform, where all the Reliance users are going to get free internet for thirty three site. Zero charge, uninterrupted internet and ground-breaking scheme.

Free internet = Free information

Free information =  Better lives

Better lives = Happiness

Free internet is key to happiness. It is going to notify everyone about various important facts at a proper time and it will not even cost a penny in return!

There are around thirty three very useful sites whose access is going to be free of charge and they are:
Free Service
Jagran Josh
ESPN cricinfo
Reuters Market Lite
AP Speaks
Malaria No More
Facts for Life (Unicef)
Social Blood
Bing Search (Microsoft)
Aaj Tak
Amar Ujala
BBC News
IBN Live
Daily Bhaskar
Maalai Malar
Maharasta Times
India Today
Times of India
Reliance: 'Basics of Internet'
BabyCenter & MAMA
Nike Foundation (Girl Effect)
UN Women (iLearn)
Hungama Music
Network 18

Advantages of free internet through

Ø  Educating self with things which we don't know: With sites of WikiHow and Wikipedia, we can access information about many process/procedures and things/places/people/events. It is a DIY(Do-it-yourself) generation and to get a proper way to indulge in DIY, you need to be informed. If it is for absolute no charge. Can you ask for more?

Ø  Getting the daily update around the world: goes a step further in keeping up informed with the daily news of the town and world. With access to multiple news sites, we get instant news. Then and there. We don't even have to wait for the next day! It's all right there!

Ø  Getting health-related information:  Right information at right time is the most important step of getting a good health. Being up-to-date with latest medical news and updates and keeping oneself informed is a good act. This increases awareness and that brings good health.

Ø  Getting entertained at no cost: Empty  mind is home of evil, keep it busy! When free or when busy, get yourself entertained at absolute no cost. Keep yourself busy with melodies/astrology/cricket or some fun news and facts through wonders of 

Ø  Getting education-related & job related updates: has been structured to suit or cater to the most important need of a person - education or job related news. Like late justice is no justice, late information of job vacancies or college related information are as good as dead information.  So, for timely information, there would be free access to the sites which deals with them.

Ø  Mixed bag: Another sites which comes under deals with information regarding women and the whole way to womanhood or shopping through OLX! Yes, really all these sites access will cost not even a penny.

Ø  Last but not the least and the best of all - FREE ACCESS TO FACEBOOK: Can you imagine, whether you use facebook for connecting with your friends/family or doing/promoting your business, nothing is going to be charged. It is a path-breaking part of 0.00 MB data used for accessing facebook for hours.

All these advantages are heading towards a better tomorrow, a brighter morning and a sparkling new sky. Free internet is going to empower people with knowledge/information/facts/figures. All the sites which have been bundled up in the are all constructive and quiet balanced. There is a bit of this and there is bit of that. The entire bag of useful sites are completely free of charge - hidden or unhidden.

The world-shattering era has begun and Reliance Communication and Facebook, together have together lit the torch, with the torch-bearer

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Thank you, Pampers!

Before everything, on behalf on every mother who blogs or not, let me thank you big time Pampers, for being there. You are hands-down, the best invention so far!

Okay now let me tell you the most priceless moment of my life : when on the OT table, I saw her, my little angel. I won't exchange that moment for whole universe wealth. Although she was there, I was completely zapped as to how will I handle her. She was so little and so delicate.

छोटी  सी उंगलिया,
छोटी सी वह नाक!
बड़ी बड़ी आँखे और 
बहुत प्यारी आवाज़!

I was in love with her, fresh newly found love. But I was scared to touch her! Not till I sanitize my hands or I was scared to take her to the market cause of the dust. My princess might catch some infection.

I was being extra careful to take her care, of course with help of my mom. But one thing we both were very worried about, was the immense cold. It was end of January when she entered my life and it was cold. So was February. Extremely cold.

Well, cold was not a problem directly as we used to cover her completely, but indirectly it was a big problem.

Problem 1:: In cold, my baby used to pee a lot.

Problem 2:: When she peed, immediate change of baby's clothes and the bed set was required.

Problem 3:: At times, just the lowers used to get wet, but at the other times even the t-shirt or sweater would get wet at the bottom. So, taking out entire clothes, especially during night when the cold was at its extent, was a merciless act. But it was unavoidable.

Consequences of all problems:

Every time she used to pee, she used to cry her heart out. On top of it, she used to catch cold if she remained wet for a little longer(I take the blame, I am also a human being after all, sometimes I kept sleeping for a little longer!)

With all the cold and cough, she used to get very cranky.

I was very stressed. I knew I had to find a way-out to keep my child fresh and warm and happy. She was just a few days old. But some solution had to be there. My sister suggested using pampers, as all my nieces and nephews were using it. But they were a year older than her. I was scared about infection or rashes which she might get. Right then my mom, whom I expected to be unsupportive for pampers at this age, brought pampers for the new-born.

Trust me, I was happy to the core. I trust my mom, more than anyone! I feel if she says that it is the right way, there must be lots of perks and pleasures on that way, indeed. Plus she is a doctor, so my faith in her choice is immense.

We started using Pampers for new-born and trust me, the first night she slept through the night without much crying. When she woke up,  next morning, she was fresh, with her first smile and a crying mommy. Haha, no happiness is greater than seeing your little one happy.

Though she was little, there was no infection. There was no rashes.

Pampers brought in happiness in my life and in many mothers life. It brought ease and care. It brought comfort and smile.

I still buy bigg bigg bags of pampers. My life is still happy and rocking with my little rock star and the super dry & duper cool - Pampers! 

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The 100th Post!

This is my 100th post. I feel so happy and elated.

May be I have not touched the star but I know, I am on cloud 9. Happy that after long I didn't leave something which I like to do. I am happy because I still make some "Me-Time"!

But I would tell you how I started writing this blog.

I had my baby and was at my mother's place for quite some time. With a working mother, I just had my little baby sleeping by my side and few books to pass my spare time. Which I had in abundant.

One of my friend Surabhi, blogged a post about her experience. She sent us the link to read and share our views on it. Well, I read it, but what clicked me was that, "Oh my God, writing! Why not!" That very day, I gathered all the information and blogged about my "Non-foodie partner"!

As there was no one to look after my baby, I, by choice, became a stay-at-home-mom. My lovely daughter never gave me time to write. Haha of course she is a super active toddler who keeps me on my toes. But I still want to thank you Milu for being you. You have been my inspiration in so many blogs. 

I also want to mention my husband whom I force to read my blog. Fortunately, he is my best critic and unfortunately, he doesn't like my blogs. His negative comments tells me to write. To write more and more.

The journey has been made more beautiful and possible because of IndiBlogger. Various contest and the very platform where there so many bloggers who read you and encourage you. that your energy doesn't stop. I know the race to get the HH Voucher, the rush at the time of submission, sadness when I lose, happiness, even when I win a bottle of shampoo or a kindle! 

Hope to continue the journey to many hundreds.

Home sweet Home!

Happiness is Home.
Hope is Home.
Love is Home.

Home is where you know, you belong. It's that place where you know you need not pretend and you can just be yourself. The place where you can feel free.

I will quote two incidents of my life where I have seen what house means to my two loved ones.

Incident One:

My dog, Tigu, as we called him, was like our soul mate. My siblings, Tigu and me were inspirable. But there was a time when he was very ill and had to be operated. Though the operation was minor, he was given a dose of anaesthesia(anaesthesia::to make someone unconscious.) He was under the effect of anaesthesia when he was discharged. But he was still crying. It happened that he to come back home after getting discharged. Throughout the way he cried. Softly. As if he was in immense pain. Or he was looking for his place.

As soon as he reached home, the ambulance door opened, he tried to stand in excitement, he gave a small and happy cry after seeing his people and a familiar house and he collapsed! That moment said a lot! We felt that he was trying to say, "Ahh! I am home! I am with my people! They will take care now!"

My brother carried him in his arms to our bed room and he was made to sleep on our bed with my favourite pillow to comfort him.

He didn't cry after that he slept like a baby. Slowly he recovered from the disease.
But the point is, everyone knows that home is! Everyone knows, "Everything Will Be Fine and happy! WHATSOEVER & HOWSOEVER!" 

This faith always does magic. It heals a lot of pain and brings a lot of energy! That push, that energy and that optimistic feel, makes the house - THE BEST PLACE ON THE PLANET EARTH. 

Second incident:

I went to overseas with my husband and child. To experience a new world. London. Well, it was much better than what I had imagined and much brighter than I could handle. It was splendid.
 Our stay was a long one so we took a service apartment. Luckily, the house we got was exceptionally good. Well, furnished and well maintained. It had every bit of amenities which anyone can dream off. Right from the four-point hot plate, to washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, heaters in every room, hot rod in bathroom to keep the towels dry, amazing-amazzingg bathroom(with tub and separate shower room)! To add to the comfort, every tap had facility of hot and cold water. 24*7.

Of course, I went in winters and I feared that I won't be able to cope up with the chill. What was I thinking. Well, if you ask me, which is chillier - winters in India or winter in London, I would definitely say, winter in India. The reason is that in India, the house temperature is almost similar as the outside temperature. Water is soo cold that it can make sushi right there. 

But the houses in London are so comfortable that even if the outside temperature in negative, you can still roam around in your tracks without much ado. There is no way for the chilly air to come inside the house. The heater heats the house in centralized way. Every tap holds hot/cold water facility. Do I need to say more.

In spite of all the comfort, when it was time to come back home, I had not even an iota of doubt that I want to go or not. But I was a little worried about my daughter, who just turned three. She loved it there. The weather, the baby food on the racks, her favourite yoghurts and the awesome chocolates. It was a long stay there. 

I was wondering how will she cope up without all these to a new environment. With all my doubts when I went home with her, to my surprise she seemed to know everything. She was on her own. Without any TV/Mobile/Laptop. She was roaming around house happily. She just knew she was home. She was already settled. For us,
trust me on this, how much ever comfortable other house is, the comfort of your own bed can't be matched. Ever!

We all were Home! We all were Happy!