Saturday, 24 August 2013

First Smile!

A New born child narration!

Oh! So much light. I can't see. 
What is it? Who is holding me? Ah! let me listen. 

Mom..yes that has to be mom. She spoke to me like zillion times in a day :) Mom. Here, I come. But where is she! My favorite one? Who is this now? I don't know them. Oh! let me be. Where is she?

You told me, you'll be there,
You have toys, you will share,
You are my ..uh..yaa my sister,
You sang songs for me and many tongue twisters!

You told me, you'll protect,
It's you I want to connect!
You told me, we'll be best friends,
You'll be with me beyond the ends!!

You told me, I worry no more,
You saved lots of love and kisses about few crores!
I came to meet you, sister,
To grow up with you and your singing transistor!
You told me, we will sing and dance on its tunes,
We will together, blow up the birthday balloons!

Come fast, I can't wait any more,
There you held me! My first smile, you score!
You call me your angel,
But it's you the Archangel!

I love you from the first breath to the last!

P.S. Thank you di, for living to your promises! Life wouldn't be so much fun without you around: From Bhai & Me 
    Who is your soul sister? Blog about her.Go HERE :) 

Stop!! Now!!

Gang rapes! 

With just this word, I have goose bumps. It's not a prank, neither it's a joke. Open your eyes you cynical creatures. Can't you judge what's right and what is horrendous? Really? 

She is a human,
She feels the pain,
She is not a object,
Can't you hear her cry and wane!

I pity our judiciary system. Nirbhaya, was raped and killed brutally and you still can't reach to a verdict YET. All this happened in December 2012 and December 2013 is about to come. Juvenile is your reason right ... but that juvenile is not so small to be a part of such heinous crime. Is the judiciary system kidding us?

These ruthless creatures, no they are not normal men, should be brutally punished - IMMEDIATELY. Yes we all believe in justice delayed is justice denied! Imagine plight of that family, their daughter in such a tender age, with so many dreams and  ambitions, was crushed to death. Another one in hospital cause of such brutality. What words will wake the judiciary system. How can we shake them to do proper justice! 

Just imprisoning them is not enough. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough!

Not just imprisonment,
Give them some more pain and make them more vigilant!
Make them Amputee, Castrate them,
They are no jewel, they are no gem!
They should be throw stones at,
Put them on mud flat! 
Don't let them die,
Just let them see the pain and agony with their own eye!

No its' not my anger, it's my frustration and helplessness which is talking. After the Mumbai incident, some politician will make a lousy comment - "She should not go to work OR she must not be dressed properly".

Wake up sir, remove your earphones, hear the cry! Its' real! Real. Of course, there is a counter statement with the ministers. They cough out an apology!

Go have cough syrup and sleep, Sir. We don't want your fake apologies. If at all you can do something, then make India a better place to be, with proper judiciary system and instant justice. Cause you are also a part of this India, you might just fall in the your own web.

She was just doing her duty,
With so much enthusiasm and beauty!
She thought, she was in safe place,
Nothing to fear, no chase!

Like a fearless crusader she was,
Oh! What pain they caused!
She fought, she pleaded, 
Nothing she could do, she conceded!

Don't lose it, Oh dear!
This all, you had to bear!
It is a painful accident,
Don't lose faith, hope and dreams! Be confident!

We pray for you girl! Hope you get back soon! 
Life is long &there are many many beautiful noon!
We pray for you! We pray for you!

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Independent Indeed!

Since morning I have seen school children in their white uniforms, Indian flag in their hands, happily going to school. All the vehicles, hawkers, and most of the passer by having that flag to show their spirit of independent India.

But are we really independent? Yes we are. A bit too much I feel.

Not long, I heard my driver telling me about a incident in the town -

Two communities wanted to host the flag at one point. They started arguing about their own supremacy and all this led to a huge fight. Fight which didn't had any inhibition. They fought without any fear and without any consideration of age and gender. There was a long line of men, women and of course children who came to the government hospital for getting some treatment after their fight. 

Independent, aren't we. Fight with each other, assault girls of any age, corruption etc etc. Sometimes I feel, at least Britishers had a reason to behave the way they did, what reason we will give for our own independent actions? 

Anyways, happy independence day to all of us!! Jai Hind!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance,
I want to grow up again!!

Beautiful song, isn't it! Even I wished for that another chance to relive my buchpan. And it's like God somewhere fulfilled my wish.

I have become a at-home mommy after my baby was born. It has been an amazing time which we spend together. We laugh, cry, dance, sing, play, sleep, fall and get up together. Its like God has tied us in a rope together and I has given me another opportunity to grow up again with my beautiful little angel.

It's just yesterday she came and arrived many changes. Well, unknown to motherhood and everything related to mommygiri, my mom took me forward. She gave me her experience and love and time to teach me entire play of mommyhood.

When I came back from the hospital with my baby in my arms, my mom was waiting for us with a big gift package. I was thrilled to core that mom bought me goodies(like old times and that too, a huge gift package :P)

When I opened it with all my enthusiasm, I found J&J products, a huge pack of pampers and ambipure bottle. Yes, even I was shocked at sight of ambipure(rather than being disappointed that there was NOTHING...nothing for me). And my mom just smiled and said, "You will need it. Trust me."

But of course, we used it some days very often and some days less often. Hahaha. My baby is yet to learn where to do what and slowly and steadily things will fall in its place ;) but for time being, thanks to ambipure for being a saviour.

I can just say, "Indeed mom, you know it all."


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Long distance relationships!

Well, I have heard that long distance relationships are difficult to handle. 

Not talking about me...nor about any other couple...I think if there is maturity in any relationship....long-distance or short-distance, relationship will always flourish. 

But long distance is difficult for my one and a half year old daughter and her daddy. Both loves to run around in house in park, they love to play cricket, and read news paper in early mornings, eat together and sleep tight.


They are inseparable when together. Although she doesn't know words, but with her actions she has made very clear that she is a complete daddy's girl(well, of course even i was one...mujh pur gai hai ;)). Her dad will make her drink water, will feed her, will make her wear her shoe and will take her down to play(which is the ultimate purpose of all this..that's what I feel at lease ;) hahaha) 

Daddy dear had to take a official tour but explaining the same to his doting daughter is just next to impossible. She is a big enough to understand that her dad is not around even at night and yet so small that explaining her about this distance is not possible.

She wakes up from her sleep startled and shouting - "Papai ayaa papai ayaa" and jumps her bed in hurry to find her dad. When the bell rings, she sees me with those bright shining eyes and a beautiful smile which says - papai ayaa. I don't know how to tell her that her dad will come after months.

Thanks to the technology - whatsapp, wechat, gmail, gtalk, FB+skype, video calls and audio calls, but all together taken, they still lacks a very important part yet - that human touch.

Whatever it is. This long distance relationship is getting tough for me to handle. Just hoping the two will meet soon and will not part ever even for a day. 

Mumma says: "Mr D come soon...our little one is missing you dearly"
And message from Daddy's doodle for her dad(this song says all):

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda 

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