Sunday, 10 September 2017

Grandparents Day!

It was a summery day. It was that time of the year when all your cousins and extended family would come to stay with the grandparents, who used to stay with us. Talking about the lazy summery afternoon, it was same like every day. It used to be hot and so quiet, only sound you would hear was the sound of crazy high-speed wind, which we called as - loo! No one was supposed to get out of rooms or even open the windows or doors.

In our house, there were 6 rooms and a big veranda at the center of the house, with 4 rooms at each corner on the veranda and two rooms on the first floor. The veranda was a big one. Flower beds with blooming seasonal flowers on all sides, a hand pump and a staircase on the opposite side, which led to the first floor. We were not allowed to go to the first floor, I still wonder, why?

We were 6 of us, locked in our grand maa's room. She was sleeping and all of us were supposed to sleep too and not make any noise. We were quiet obedient bunch of kids and we used to sleep every day. But that day...well, my cousins were to go the next day, we felt like this day should be different and special.

I remember, we were whispering and making some plans when we heard someone else whisper - "kulfi khaye?"

We couldn't understand, who whispered, dadi...wells she was fast asleep; no one other than us was there. Blaming our age, all of us were so scared at that moment, and we tried to hear again, someone whispered again - "kulfi khaye kya?" We became so scared that all of us hid our faces in the sheets, when suddenly our youngest brother started laughing. 

We were shocked. Shocked to the core! Stories of bhoot getting into small children was very common. We got so scared, we held each other's hand, big eyes and all of us were thinking, we should have slept! Ab kya hoga!

By now, the little one was laughing hysterically. It was quiet quiet scary. We were sure about one things .....hum bhi gaye aur ye chotu bhi gaya. And when we were about to get a heart attack, dadi woke up and started laughing along with chotu. 

Oh my  god. Daaaddiiii.

Damn yaar, sari izzat chali gai uss din tho.  

That afternoon was the coolest one, till date. We had many kulfis and world's best dadi's hand made  nimbu pani with a lot of hugs, laughter and love. No one in the house yelled at us, rather everyone joined us.

It was pure dadi power. You can shower love in heat and make it the coolest afternoon, ever, ever!

It was quiet sad that I could just share a few years with my grandparents.  All my growing up years, some or the other friend used to tell how their grandparents are their survival-strategies, how they help them when they get bad marks, or get extra money or any homework issues, or any extra love, hugs and kisses, their grandparents would just shower it on them, unconditionally, without asking, without need.

I still miss my grandma, wish even I had my entire growing up and always, with her love.

After I lost her, I had just one wish, at least my kids should enjoy and feel that warmth, love and fun with their grandparents. By God's grace my children's life is full of grandparents love. They don't stay with us, but my daughter literally stays with them. She will call her paternal grandfather whenever, to tell what all happened.  And whenever I say no for pasta, chocolate, TV or anything on her mind, she calls my mom and dad, and tada! Done! She is big enough to understand which number is to be dialed! Trust me, I just love it!

To make day special for dada-dadi, we arranged for video meet with the entire family in one frame. Getting all at one time is quiet a task, trust me, but worth it. For her maternal grandparents, we called the cook didi and asked her to surprise her with a packet of maggi. Of course, they avoid but all both of them are Maggi freaks.

Not only today, everyday is their day! I can't imagine getting up without their calls and sleeping before twe speak with each other sharing each detail of the day. Kya khaya kya piya, kya hua! These are not questions, they are just love, let us give back to the old friends, its our turn to #lovejatao! Not just today, but every single day!

No wonder the best trip for us always leads to our grandparents place. And why not! Happiness is where love is, love is where grandparents are!!! 

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Dominos tune kya kiya?

Like every one, me and my whole family, especially kids at my place are soo fond of pizza and especially the ones from Dominos. They just love the pizza, the garlic bread, the dips and the sweet delight-choco lava cake!

Whatever be the family occasion, like if I visit my sister-brother place or if they visit my place or if a kid is sad for losing and we want to cheer him/her up or if they have done extremely well in exam, and no one is in mood to go out, then -  Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaa, which is quiet often!

Now, we have a set menu in our mind....pichli baar cheese burst tho iss baar bhi cheese burst...(what's pizza without cheese anyways ..isn't it!) topping would be - farmhouse or margaritta or delux veggie or cheese and corn. I guess we have never tried any other...we just can't get over these flavours.
This pizzaaa love has been going on for years. And suddenly something happened!

New Dominoes Advertisement!

 My sister called for pizza - from Pizza hut! She called me and told - "You know, we called for Pizza from Pizza Hut! Dominos vala bada dry rahta hai! Topping bhi kitna kum hota hai...This is much better!"


From all these years, she never felt this! Neither did I feel that way or any of the little ones or few friends of mine. Now, all of sudden, all of them has one song ... arre bada dry hai..topiing bhi kum hut is better!

Well, aur badha do aur badha do still not ringing in their head.

I know this a good way to market, to show that you are breaking your limits to become better, but there are many who have started finding new faults in you!

Dominos my love for you is eternal! You were doing just fine!

Pic: My daughter's pizza love started when she was one year and few months!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Crying Baby or Pressurized Parents?

There has been an irked debate going on - on the Viral Video of a small girl crying and the mother teaching her in a harsh way.

When I saw the video, I didn't find anything wrong....I guessed the mother was teaching and I presumed that the child would be very playful and would not be learning at all. Not a very difficult situation to understand. Not that I didn't feel bad for the baby, but I guess every mother knows what's best for her child. She is the mother after all!

Many of my friends didn't like the video followed by many cricketers who condemned it.

Some may see it as it is, some may see beyond.

I choose to see beyond!

I have personally been at that mother's place many a times. I am crazy about my daughter. I love her beyond any description of words. There has been times when I have been a little harsh, given a few slaps to make her learn.

If you really want to stop all's better to question the right things!
  • ·         Why so much pressure on parents to teach children, isn't school for teaching?
  • ·         Why a mother, of all people, hitting her child for teaching small little things?

Because Boss, this is India and right from nursery, you have about three books to be done. And just in any case you don't learn at pace of the best student of the class, you are labelled!

Weak in studies, weak student, doesn't concentrate, no focus, very playful, you should take care, very bad attitude and what not!

Schools are no more Gurukul, it is a business centre. There are 30-40 kids in one class and one/two teachers handle the entire class. Now, the class run at the pace of the best child's learning speed. Everyone needs to gear up. Leave the best student, the teacher has a topic to teach in class, and Vrrooom! The topic is done. The question/answers are also done. Next topic please!

It is difficult for all the kids to understand any topic or as a matter of fact, learn 1 to 5 at same pace. Some pay attention, they learn! Some are extremely playful, they lag behind. So, what if they lag behind?

  • ·         There are reminders in the child's dairy that his performance is below average.
  • ·         For the primary or high school children, there are extra classes in school...on a Saturday which is actually a non-working day for the kids.
  • ·         Worst of worst, children are divided into sections according to their ranks. The best ones or the cream students, as they are called, in section A and the "weak students" in section D/E/F(last one).

Can you even imagine the moral of a student who is in section D/E/F?  They know that entire school knows that they are weak students. These kids know that it's just not their parents who know that they are weak in studies, but every every parent has a easy way to find that out.

Random Uncle: Beta, tum kis section mein ho?
Child: Uncle, E!
Random uncle gives a degrading-sadistic look and says, "hmmmm, arre beta kabhi kabhi padh bhi liya karo!"

Trust me on this, it all happens!

It doesn't ends there. No no! There is much more to this - the syllabus....Oh myyyy God!

Can you just can't imagine a child who is 5, who doesn't know how to clean his own potty, is learning *@&%!*  FRENCH in school.


My own niece and nephew are in standard 1, and looking at their syllabus, I feel, they will be 10-board-ready by next year. No, I am not kidding! These kids come back from school, eat and when they are about to finish their lunch, their tuition teacher comes. There is so much homework from school or there is test every Wednesday or some exam or competition, that they have to study for hours, after school. By the time they are done, it is already 7 PM. Eat, sleep and repeat. Really! 

In this race, if a mother is hitting her child to teach, is she wrong?

She is not, she can't be!

She is also scared, my child shouldn't be labelled. My child has all the capability then why will she be labelled. Same goes for me or for my didi or bhabhi or for any lady who yells, hits, pressurizes her child to put more focus on study.

If you really want to question.....don't go at the teaching style, please see the back drop!

Hope you leave the mother daughter video and end this debate. Hope you start the new one - Why so much pressure Boss? Bache hai, ease it out!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Abbu and Dabbu and Masti ki Pathshala

India has started dividing itself on basis of a new found category - English. Yes, those who speak in English and those who don't! Anyone, rich or poor, male or female, big or small, if they speak in English, they are looked up and are highly respected for the same. And why not, they know the language - jho anrgez bolte the.

My parents are doctors and they hate the fact that I am a at-home mom. According to their thinking, you can always outsource your responsibilities and do something worth your education and you must earn your bread. It keeps you as tall as your husband. True. Isn't it! Unfortunately, I am still finding out a way to outsource my responsibilities, back of my mind I always feel the push to do more.

No doubt on the fact that my parents are really upset about this fact, but one day they heard me talking, to whom I don't remember but the language of communication was - English. Their whole perspective about me changed that very day. They started giving me a little more bhav, just for the reason, that I knew how to speak fluent English. Suddenly after that day, they understood my issues. They started helping me to sort them. (English came to my rescue!)

Well, trust me, English is a turning point. At least, for us, Indians, it is a big deal if anyone speaks in good English. This is why there are many...many flourishing "Spoken English Coaching Centres." Trust me, they are minting money by teaching this language, English.

So getting back at me, one day my house help came and told me, she wants to buy an iPhone, no really! The day she mentioned it, I was shocked. I even blogged about the same. Now, of course, she didn't buy an iPhone, but she bought a Smartphone. The very next day she came and told me, "Didi, mera ek sapna pura ho gaya, ek bada phone le liya. Ab dusra sapna pura karna hai!"

I asked, "Aur dusra spana hai kya?"

She said, "English mein baat karni hai, iss phone se. Sabhi se!"

And she laughed and laughed. I smiled and said, "Tho chalo, Hum sikha dete hai"

She said, "Jub aap free hote tho main nai, aur jub main free hoti hu tub aap nai"

I said "Baat tho sahi hai. Chalo thik hai koi rasta nikalnege. Abhi pehele sapne ko enjoy karo."

She had a big smile and went to do her work.

Then I came across - Masti ki Pathshala. The best part is, actually there are many best parts...let me explain::

  1)     No fixed timings - you can learn as per your time convenience.
  2)     You can learn from the scratch - from how to greet others and so on.
  3)     The technique to teach is quiet innovative - Two cute kids Abbu's and Dabbu's image is formed in your mind and with their help, you learn how to speak in English.
  4)     You can go back, go forward or do a repeat, as per your pace of learning.
  5) Vidya Balan is teaching you man!!!
  6) You just need to give missed call to - Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788 and they call you back....almost immediately.

The best part is - IT IS FOR FREE.

What else, I guess my house help will pukka call me soon and say, "Didi, I am not coming today. I am not feeling well, you see! See you, bye didi!"

P.S.: And then she will smile broooadddlllyyyyy and do I tell my state? Phew!

“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Not Made in China

There have been a whole lot of articles and a lot of memes - on not using Chinese products, on how are army is being targeted by them and how if we don't use Chinese product, they will be at total loss.
Well, I really got affected by a few blogs and decided that I will, henceforth, not buy anything where it is written "Made in China". In all my small and big decisions, my partner in crime is - my daughter. She also promised not to buy any toy which is made in China.

Yesterday, I went to "Star Bazaar" and had to buy a toy gift for a little girl's birthday. The entire toy section had products marked "Made in China". I was about to take one...when my daughter reminded me...We are not taking China-Made products, right!


Just wondering - Why do these hypermarket keep "made in China" products? Of course, there are many products which are China-made - like phones, toy, plastics, shoes, electric appliances and about everything we can think of. But has the Chinese product penetrated so much that we can't take a back seat?

Thinking loud -

Why only customers need to take a step back, of course GOI can't due to world politics and all but for the hypermarkets are looking for only profits? Can't they stop taking in these products?

I know of one toy shop which has stopped getting all the Chinese products. It is running fine. Why can't hypermarkets, as their Corporate social responsibility, boycott these Chinese product?

I have made my contribution by not buying any Chinese product, now it's everybody's turn. Let's do it!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Horror Shows!

My daughter is five. When she was younger, she saw some cartoon where she came to know about ghost, vampires, mummy, witches et all. All at a cartoon level. It wasn't scary at all.

Recently, someone in my house was watching Zee TV and she was crossing by, when she saw some new program promotional trailer of a horror show.

Certainly, I didn't expect what happened next.

All of sudden my daughter became so scared that refused to go to the bathroom all alone, even in broad day light. She doesn't go the other room for playing, not even to her favorite place, where we would find her all the time, the balcony. 

We tried to find out the reason and she told us about that clipping she saw on the tv. 

Now, it is a big task for us to take her out of that shock and explain her that it is just a play, not real. Her mind is not ready to accept it though. 

Well, Zee TV is banned for all at my place now, at least when my baby is up and at home. Not only Zee tv, there are many music channels as well, which are a complete no-no at our place, cause they also telecast these trailers. I am not aware how many kids have watched these trailers and how they react but for us, it was bad...bad.

Wishful thinking : These scary trailers should be aired after 9 pm in any channel and not before that.  

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Standing with GST!

There is a lot of noise with GST and lot of memes floating about GST is going to ruin us completely.
Before I tell, which side I am standing, let me share the meme which I founf the best::

Jab bhi those paise jama hote hai,

Kahi se ek awaaz ati hai...."Mitrrroooonnn!!!"

Isn't it damn funny!
Well, well, having laughed at this meme, I stand strong with this GST and this revolution.

At the consumer end, may be we have to pay a little extra for few specified services and goods but we are still at the advantageous side.

But being a customer/consumer you and I need to be informed.

Let me quote a recent incident - @ Lifestyle.

Lifestyle quoted flat 50% discount, with hardly a few items at that discount rate. I had a voucher and I thought, before these cards become useless and before GST, let me complete the shopping.

On the items which were on discount, Lifestyle charged extra 5%, claiming that these are new government rules. I am talking about the days before GST was implemented.

When I inquired the store manager about which rule is such, he had absolute no idea! Of course, the same thing was done at many other stores as well.

I really felt cheated. But what option I had?

I know post GST things are going to be a little chaotic, but one thing is for sure -

Do check your bills. Now, we only need to pay the goods and service tax. There are few smart shops who are going to charge you additional for - Service tax.

Be alert and careful. DONOT pay service tax. We just need to pay GST.