Sunday, 19 May 2019

Shopper's Stop New Advertisement

 I love it. I think every woman would. And why not! Have a look 

All the issues - on point. You go SS. I am and will be a SSS(Shopper's Stop Shopper). ;)

Let me tell a small story of my life - 

Our family before any outing -
He getting ready -
1) Get your self dressed 
2) Getting the car keys 
3) Good to go. 

Me getting ready - 
1) Get my kids ready.
2) Either the kids will spill water on their clothes or the younger one would want to go to the potty. 
3) So I have to undress and either case.
4) I put on my dress.
5) Fill a bottle of water
6) Take a small snack for the little one.
7) Get my bag
8) I am good to go. 

Forget makeup, I don't even get time to comb and you say I take time to get ready! 

I do take a lot of time. 

Career Advise 
I have been given career advice not only from my husband but from all the male members of the family. With their better halves struggling to be on my side - but then not sure types!

I feel.../According to me.../Are you really looking for so much trouble?/Who will take care of kids?/Why can't you just take care of kids?

AAAAaaagggggggggggaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! That's exactly how I feel even when I think about it. I don't know about many ladies who opt out and succumb to the family pressure, but I think I am made of diamond. Very hard to see!

It's my job, I am the one to decide. I have my dreams and I am determined to fulfill it now and in this life. I have not asked for any help, so stay away, I am determined not to take any of your suggestions.

Driving Issues - Whenever...there is a bad driver ahead, it has to be a lady driver. Whenever there is a driver who signals to go left but heads right, it has to be a lady at the driving seat. 

Before stereotyping us as a bad/confused/irresponsible driver, consider this - 

> Have you seen autorickshaw drivers - all men.
> The bikers - who are riding their bikes the footpath or while using their mobile - all men.
> The ones who drink and drive - mostly men.

According to a New York City Traffic Study, 80% of all automobile accidents that kill or injure pedestrians involve male drivers.

Yet! Yet!

Donot try us again and again. A few may listen, but most are standing tall and strong. It's our time! Thanks to Shopper's Stop for this wonderful advert. It's Bullseye!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

What's the agenda of today!

It's 14th Feb. Love is all around. The radio is playing only love songs. Talking about the broken hearts or the mind blowing love stories. College students are all decked up and happy. Theater is packed, as in this heat, where else can you spend three hours comfortably.

Of course, it is the Valentine's day! Day to show every one that we have that one and we are loved. 

Well has another head line for you.

It's Madhubala's birthday!
Her beautiful smile will brighten up your day if you open the google homepage. She is just perfect. Isn't it! I think so. Phursat se banaya hoga..banane vale na!

What's the one we all forgot?

We live in a free much ever we crib about it, being exploited by someone is certainly not good. Of course, many of us are not happy with the pollution, population, poverty, politics, frauds, scams, judiciary and what not.

But when Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Dev were standing tall and strong, not afraid of the death in front of them, so calm, so poised, so confident that even if they die, there will be many more Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Dev who will live a life with pride. They will fight for what is wrong. If they feel the system is not right, they will straighten it up. If they are unhappy with the system, they will take charge. It is our country, after all!

Probably when we watched Rang De Bansanti, they certainly came alive in all of us, but that also lasted for just a few hours. We must have cried for Madhvan and the situation created after that, but what did we learn?

How many of us are taking charge for making this country better. There are n-number of issues. For me biggest issue is - pollution. For you it may be the reservation system or the scams or judiciary. It depends!

I want to keep my country clean. I am doing it. I don't litter around and I have taught my kids the same. As said, charity begins from home, so first step done!

Of course, change will not be seen overnight. Freedom also took time, Rome was also not built is a day. Issues like reservation or judicial delays or political cleanup is not a simple task, it is going to take a lot of time. Lots of participation. And a lot of effort to straighten it up. It's on you, how much can you bend for your cause? For Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev and many others - even death couldn't bend them.....India is a free country today!
Third.....the most important agenda of today, according to me - Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Dev gave their lives for me and for my family and for all of you - today! I am living in a free India, because of all of them, many known and many many unknown fighters.

Remember them, cause love may last till tomorrow, but this freedom is ours, forever!

Vande Mataram!

P.S.: Please don't think that I don't celebrate Valentines day as I am married and for me love is a most useless and overrated four letter word. It's all very cool! Just saying yes to freedom!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

It must have been love!

She was in love with him. He loved her back. He waited for her till she came back from her office. He waited for her for breakfast, lunch(if she had lunch at home) and dinner. He followed like her own shadow. 

But one day, he fell ill. Doctor said, "It's time! He is thirteen now, equivalent to 90 for a human. You must let him go!" 

I cried the whole night! It was all over. He had been with me since thirteen years, since I was a school girl to a working women. I never ever felt so loved in anyone's company. He made me feel so special, beautiful, wanted and loved. Never fought, never ignored, never made fun of me. Yes, he was a dog and we loved loved loved each other. 

 It must have been love....for even after years, I still look out for him in the sky, and at times, he peeks from the clouds...with still the same loving, tongue-fallen-at-one-side, smile! Wagging his tail, saying I still love you. And my answer always, " Love you the moon and beyond!"

Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Bhabhi Ji!

Once I met a lady, who is ultra sweet, a complete sharmili Indian bahu who would do everything under the sun for her family. Like, everything (with everything, I mean all the household works.) Without much technology help. That too, happily. I was amazed by her dedication and the urge to do all by herself. And she took so much of pride in her work. A one very happy and confident lady she is!

I had promised her that I will visit her once, but I couldn't go. I met her in the evening and I said, "Bhabhi I am soo sorry, hum nahi aa sake." To which she gave me the answer, which I can't get over, even today - "Arre hum naraz hone vali bhabhi nahi naa hai! Aap kabhi bhi aao!"

Trust me, she is Bhabhi of the whole society. She knows everyone, everyone knows her. She always wears sari, always wears a lot of oil in her hair and when her mother in law is around, she also covers her head. 

Once I went for her daughter's birthday party. To my amazement, all the guests and kids were sitting around facing her, and then someone played loud music and she started dancing, focused to the camera. I was more than shocked! I wouldn't say she danced like Mallaika, but trust me, her confidence in her dance was no less that hers! With her shimmery sari, with all chamk dhamk jewelry, she danced very happily, freely and amazzzingly.

She is a happy person and that exactly what she exudes around her. And I guess reason for her happiness is - expectation. She is satisfied with what she has. She is extremely happy with being a housewife and doing all the work all by herself. Her expectations are that much from life. She doesn't take stress for things which are beyond her jurisdiction.

Once I had complemented her on her cooking and asked her to start a tiffin service, to which she replied ,"Arre, aap humko ghar parivar mein kush rahne dijiye." And we laughed.

The game player in everyone's happiness is - expectation!

If only, I had a machine to curb this expectation, I would have danced to my tunes in life. Right now, dancing on my own expectations' tunes! Yes, not that happy, always stressed with time, always running after something more, more and more! I wonder if it is worth! I wonder if ever I am going to lessen this burden of expectations! I wonder, if ever I am going to dance with soo much of confidence, charm and freedom. I wonder!!! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What the crap - Sonu ke titu ki wedding!

Well, I don't do a movie review and neither this one is a review of the movie. This is just my feeling...

I saw the movie and for the first time in my life after watching a movie I felt anger....irritation and everything what I wouldn't want to feel, at least after watching a movie.

Hours have passed but my anger is not going away. I just want to ask the director, and writer and the producer....

What the crap was it!!!!

Why are you all trying to prove that girls are chalu or dominating or so bad.....funny part in the movie didn't show any wrong act of sweety....she didn't misbehave with elders....she didn't fight with her beau....she was just tooo sweet. You had issue in her being tooo sweet????

Faltu kaa...haaa main chalu hu...vho chalu hai.

Tell me who in the world is not chalu...aren't you?

This actor...who is actually cute and should be doing more sensible movies, he is, for no reason trying to prove her bad.


Zabardasti ka.....drama. It really really didn't make sense.

You think no girl is that sweet, the whole movie ...without making any sense ....keeps going for more than two hours.

Pathetic....I think...the worst movie according to me was khusi ....this one easily beats that movie...

Disgusting movie.

Negative stars from my side. -5*****

I guess the director is heart broken or he lost his friends to other girls....

Its no body's fault. You please...stop demeaning girls.

There is a very very old song. These lines are part of that song...

Kissi we itne paas hai...
Ki sabse dur ho gaye!

Facts of life....

Log judenge aur karwa chalta jayega!

Of course Tutu and sweety would get married and they will be closest. Others need to understand and give some space.

Family and friends are second thought there...but even friends and family need to give space to each others to breath.

My requests:

To the pretty lady:
You are very pretty....but please don't do movies which demeans girls.

To the director + producer + writer
Please stop making films.

To the Sonu:
Please do better roles.

I wonder how no one for angry with this film. I wonder. Really!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Sridevi - rest in peace!

Recently, I started watching Desperate Housewives series, still wondering... Why.....Why!!!

Harm has been personal attacks but few episodes were really interesting in first season which forced me to watch an entire season.  As I watch season 2...after every episode I feel that there is sooo much darkness around the world. I don't know if it's postpartum depression or just a phase where I get sad easily.

Bree was my favorite one, of course after Susan. Well,  within few weeks into her husband's death, she starts dating. After 18 years of marriage, you can be so disconnected!!!!! It felt very strange.  Here on, I started feeling bad seeing the coldness in the relationships. Yes.... This is exactly what I feel after watching this.... Cold.

Of course,  life should go on.

And in middle of the series I heard about Sridevi and her mysterious death.  It took a lot of time for me to accept that she is no more.

My first thoughts were.... She is soo rich...she is soo fit..she is sooooo pretty can she die?

I read a lot about her, analysed a lot.  But of course, benefit of doubt is a real thing.

Somewhere I felt some article will tell me it's all a lie.  She is just fine!!!

Maybe not!

My life was going like usual but then I saw sridevi's daughter birthday celebration pictures.  Trust me, my heart broke again.  I felt cold, again!

Maybe the family did the right thing by trying to get their life back on track, but my mind is unable to understand. Within few days!

Well,  they have lost their mother...i can't imagine the pain..So I am not going to judge.

I guess, life should go on....your decision to laugh or cry.. Isn't it!

Well. . ... I have bigger problems around me and I really don't know how to handle.. .

My daughter loves the title track of Prem Ratan dhan payo. My maid has been so angry with sonam kapoor for dancing on that number even on day her chachi passed away! She never forgets to remind me about her!

Whatever....i guess it's time for me to wind up desperate housewives and rest in peace, you beautiful lady.

Getting back to play with my little ones more rather than watching some series .. .Need much more warmth, you who knows.....kal Ho na Ho!!!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Super fathers!

Kangana....only one thing I can say....You go girl!

Well, it really doesn't bother me if her movies is a flop or a hit, to me she is a star, a shinning one. I will watch all her movies, in theater!

There were just two comments she made which I don't really accept. Well, I guess in India at least, doctor kaa beta doctor, engineer kaa beta engineer, actor kaa beta there. You can;t beat that record. My parents are doctors and leaving me(Me:Engineer), everyone else is a doctor. 

Rahi baat nepotism ki, of course they have a easier life and get many chances to proof themselves, well those who have to successful, will be successful. Isn't it! Rest can take a back seat. 

The second comment was - when she made that comment on how a 43 year old man is hiding behind his father I was a little unsure about it. How is it possible?

When I was a little girl, whenever I had small little fights, my parents encouraged me to deal with the situation. I give same training to my little one. I will explain: My daughter is five and a half. Another girl, must be around her age, troubles her every single day in school. One way is to go and complain to the school authorities, but is it going to stop the issue. Well, not at all. So we encourage her to deal with it. Either stop bothering about it or give her back. Her decision. She is five and yes it is really challenging for her to understand what we mean. But she need to win her own battles. Right!

Finally one day she came and said, we are friends now. I don't know exactly how things changed but she looks more confident now. She can deal with her issues. Of course, we are her guiding light, but she needs to face it.

Well, at 42 or whatever age the actor is at, he should be talking for himself.

But before I could wonder why, I got my answer - when Rishi Kappor started talking about Ranbir Kapoor and blaming all the directors, with whom his kiddo worked with! Wait, did I call Ranbir a kiddo? Well, what else can I say, if you can't deal with your own issues and go crying to papa and papa starts finding faults in every little things - girlfriends, producer, director, marketing team and whole world, what name shall we call you with?

I really like Rishi-Neetu-Ranbir, all of them, but after his ho halla about how these directors are creating a mess out of his child's career, I am confused now.

I guess, if the silly-ex comment was just ignored, the issue would have been dealt in much respectful manner. Ignorance is the key to happiness. So, I guess, let's ignore Rishi-Ranbir! What say!

P.S.: I want to thank my dad-mom for making me realize the importance of standing up for myself. I would also like to thank my sister and brother for.....for ummmmm let me think, yes, everything!!! I would also like to thank......list is very long! So, let's just ignore!

Last thing, Kangana, I wish I had courage like you, I love you totally. More power to you...more films to you....cheers!!!