Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What the crap - Sonu ke titu ki wedding!

Well, I don't do a movie review and neither this one is a review of the movie. This is just my feeling...

I saw the movie and for the first time in my life after watching a movie I felt anger....irritation and everything what I wouldn't want to feel, at least after watching a movie.

Hours have passed but my anger is not going away. I just want to ask the director, and writer and the producer....

What the crap was it!!!!

Why are you all trying to prove that girls are chalu or dominating or so bad.....funny part in the movie didn't show any wrong act of sweety....she didn't misbehave with elders....she didn't fight with her beau....she was just tooo sweet. You had issue in her being tooo sweet????

Faltu kaa...haaa main chalu hu...vho chalu hai.

Tell me who in the world is not chalu...aren't you?

This actor...who is actually cute and should be doing more sensible movies, he is, for no reason trying to prove her bad.


Zabardasti ka.....drama. It really really didn't make sense.

You think no girl is that sweet, the whole movie ...without making any sense ....keeps going for more than two hours.

Pathetic....I think...the worst movie according to me was khusi ....this one easily beats that movie...

Disgusting movie.

Negative stars from my side. -5*****

I guess the director is heart broken or he lost his friends to other girls....

Its no body's fault. You please...stop demeaning girls.

There is a very very old song. These lines are part of that song...

Kissi we itne paas hai...
Ki sabse dur ho gaye!

Facts of life....

Log judenge aur karwa chalta jayega!

Of course Tutu and sweety would get married and they will be closest. Others need to understand and give some space.

Family and friends are second thought there...but even friends and family need to give space to each others to breath.

My requests:

To the pretty lady:
You are very pretty....but please don't do movies which demeans girls.

To the director + producer + writer
Please stop making films.

To the Sonu:
Please do better roles.

I wonder how no one for angry with this film. I wonder. Really!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Sridevi - rest in peace!

Recently, I started watching Desperate Housewives series, still wondering... Why.....Why!!!

Harm has been personal attacks but few episodes were really interesting in first season which forced me to watch an entire season.  As I watch season 2...after every episode I feel that there is sooo much darkness around the world. I don't know if it's postpartum depression or just a phase where I get sad easily.

Bree was my favorite one, of course after Susan. Well,  within few weeks into her husband's death, she starts dating. After 18 years of marriage, you can be so disconnected!!!!! It felt very strange.  Here on, I started feeling bad seeing the coldness in the relationships. Yes.... This is exactly what I feel after watching this.... Cold.

Of course,  life should go on.

And in middle of the series I heard about Sridevi and her mysterious death.  It took a lot of time for me to accept that she is no more.

My first thoughts were.... She is soo rich...she is soo fit..she is sooooo pretty can she die?

I read a lot about her, analysed a lot.  But of course, benefit of doubt is a real thing.

Somewhere I felt some article will tell me it's all a lie.  She is just fine!!!

Maybe not!

My life was going like usual but then I saw sridevi's daughter birthday celebration pictures.  Trust me, my heart broke again.  I felt cold, again!

Maybe the family did the right thing by trying to get their life back on track, but my mind is unable to understand. Within few days!

Well,  they have lost their mother...i can't imagine the pain..So I am not going to judge.

I guess, life should go on....your decision to laugh or cry.. Isn't it!

Well. . ... I have bigger problems around me and I really don't know how to handle.. .

My daughter loves the title track of Prem Ratan dhan payo. My maid has been so angry with sonam kapoor for dancing on that number even on day her chachi passed away! She never forgets to remind me about her!

Whatever....i guess it's time for me to wind up desperate housewives and rest in peace, you beautiful lady.

Getting back to play with my little ones more rather than watching some series .. .Need much more warmth, you who knows.....kal Ho na Ho!!!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Super fathers!

Kangana....only one thing I can say....You go girl!

Well, it really doesn't bother me if her movies is a flop or a hit, to me she is a star, a shinning one. I will watch all her movies, in theater!

There were just two comments she made which I don't really accept. Well, I guess in India at least, doctor kaa beta doctor, engineer kaa beta engineer, actor kaa beta there. You can;t beat that record. My parents are doctors and leaving me(Me:Engineer), everyone else is a doctor. 

Rahi baat nepotism ki, of course they have a easier life and get many chances to proof themselves, well those who have to successful, will be successful. Isn't it! Rest can take a back seat. 

The second comment was - when she made that comment on how a 43 year old man is hiding behind his father I was a little unsure about it. How is it possible?

When I was a little girl, whenever I had small little fights, my parents encouraged me to deal with the situation. I give same training to my little one. I will explain: My daughter is five and a half. Another girl, must be around her age, troubles her every single day in school. One way is to go and complain to the school authorities, but is it going to stop the issue. Well, not at all. So we encourage her to deal with it. Either stop bothering about it or give her back. Her decision. She is five and yes it is really challenging for her to understand what we mean. But she need to win her own battles. Right!

Finally one day she came and said, we are friends now. I don't know exactly how things changed but she looks more confident now. She can deal with her issues. Of course, we are her guiding light, but she needs to face it.

Well, at 42 or whatever age the actor is at, he should be talking for himself.

But before I could wonder why, I got my answer - when Rishi Kappor started talking about Ranbir Kapoor and blaming all the directors, with whom his kiddo worked with! Wait, did I call Ranbir a kiddo? Well, what else can I say, if you can't deal with your own issues and go crying to papa and papa starts finding faults in every little things - girlfriends, producer, director, marketing team and whole world, what name shall we call you with?

I really like Rishi-Neetu-Ranbir, all of them, but after his ho halla about how these directors are creating a mess out of his child's career, I am confused now.

I guess, if the silly-ex comment was just ignored, the issue would have been dealt in much respectful manner. Ignorance is the key to happiness. So, I guess, let's ignore Rishi-Ranbir! What say!

P.S.: I want to thank my dad-mom for making me realize the importance of standing up for myself. I would also like to thank my sister and brother for.....for ummmmm let me think, yes, everything!!! I would also like to thank......list is very long! So, let's just ignore!

Last thing, Kangana, I wish I had courage like you, I love you totally. More power to you...more films to you....cheers!!!

Being Healthy is being Happy!

Being healthy is not a choice, it is my way of life.

Let me introduce you to the little stubborn fat girl sitting inside my head - who loves to eat - fast food and fried food and hates the gym, not just hate, she hhaaattteeeesss the gym.

Of course, I explained that little girl to grow up and look beyond yummy fast food, at times I won and many a times, I lost. Once I enrolled her to the best gym where the crowd was awesome, the instructors were eye candy and the whole atmosphere was also soo healthy. Well, from inside my head, that little girl found a new excuses to avoid gym every day. Few excuses were:
  •  It's very sunny or It's raining or cold! (Yaa, there should be some special gym weather now!)
  •  My mood is off, I can't go to gym like this. I will go tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. (Right!)
  • Yesterday I slept so late, I should do some yoga here only, on my bed!(You mean sona-aasan)
  • I have a bad hair day! What will that hot guy think! (Like anyone, keep that hot guy aside, is looking!)
  • Did I eat anything? (No no...not much...just a little finger fries and few cheese sandwiches, bus!)
  • Today is Tuesday or Monday or Friday or Sunday or so boring day!(Yeah!)
  • I will run today, a little later. (Later...when is this later? Like never?)
  • What if, he(who ignores me every single time) calls me and I am unable to answer, cause I am at gym. (OKAYYYY!)
I have heard many more. Trust me. I had to find a healthier way.
And then in all this tussle with gym and food choices and everything, I had my first child. Things changed automatically. The little stubborn fat girl in my head, started listening to me now (not much though, she still hateeessss gym and still loves eating). For the little one, I looked for various good healthy recipes and loved the fact that my kiddo enjoyed all of them. This was a gradual shift which I faced, from indulging in fried food to baked or tossed food. From no gym to playing around with the little one.

Gradually, I just loved the active life which I started to lead and the transformation was mind blowing. Few things, I guess are permanent, like my love for food and hate for gym, but wait what's wrong in both?

You may enjoy healthy food and lead a active fit life. My problem was solved as I found my solution, thanks to my kid. I started getting healthiest oil, better than paying at gym(where you will hardly find me) or paying any hospital charges. Whatever food I wanted to enjoy, well, cook at home....try new ways, bake or air fry or add healthier ingredients, use healthy oil.

Another major change in my life was - addition of workout! Well, God sent me a treadmill child literally, she keeps running and she makes me run too. She just can't sit at one place. She hates lift so we use staircase, and now even when she is not with me, I prefer stairs. Her favourite game is pakdam-pakdai, when all kids in the park get tired of playing it repetitively and are off to swings and slides, I run behind her. Yes you guessed right, she is never tired, never, never!

There are more - we race from drawing room to bed room to climb on the bed. We race till bathroom from where ever we are, for using it. We swim together, we go for after dinner walks and early morning badminton class together. She loves to dance on every music and makes me dance on hers.
The best part of being so closely involved with her is that she has no phone mania. She still has a very normal buchpan which I guess every child deserves - to play, laugh and live outside his phone/tab/TV.

Last but not the least, we do enjoy our pillow fights! They are great intense exercise. Trust me, try it today! Just trying to be active and healthy, apne tarike se push karo!

Oh and the little girl inside my head, she is totally happy with our routine and hardly ever give a miss to run behind the little one or to eat a healthy bite. After all, being healthy is being satisfied and being happy!

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

P.S.: Please don't judge the stubborn fat girl inside my mind! She is quiet cool. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Grandparents Day!

It was a summery day. It was that time of the year when all your cousins and extended family would come to stay with the grandparents, who used to stay with us. Talking about the lazy summery afternoon, it was same like every day. It used to be hot and so quiet, only sound you would hear was the sound of crazy high-speed wind, which we called as - loo! No one was supposed to get out of rooms or even open the windows or doors.

In our house, there were 6 rooms and a big veranda at the center of the house, with 4 rooms at each corner on the veranda and two rooms on the first floor. The veranda was a big one. Flower beds with blooming seasonal flowers on all sides, a hand pump and a staircase on the opposite side, which led to the first floor. We were not allowed to go to the first floor, I still wonder, why?

We were 6 of us, locked in our grand maa's room. She was sleeping and all of us were supposed to sleep too and not make any noise. We were quiet obedient bunch of kids and we used to sleep every day. But that day...well, my cousins were to go the next day, we felt like this day should be different and special.

I remember, we were whispering and making some plans when we heard someone else whisper - "kulfi khaye?"

We couldn't understand, who whispered, dadi...wells she was fast asleep; no one other than us was there. Blaming our age, all of us were so scared at that moment, and we tried to hear again, someone whispered again - "kulfi khaye kya?" We became so scared that all of us hid our faces in the sheets, when suddenly our youngest brother started laughing. 

We were shocked. Shocked to the core! Stories of bhoot getting into small children was very common. We got so scared, we held each other's hand, big eyes and all of us were thinking, we should have slept! Ab kya hoga!

By now, the little one was laughing hysterically. It was quiet quiet scary. We were sure about one things .....hum bhi gaye aur ye chotu bhi gaya. And when we were about to get a heart attack, dadi woke up and started laughing along with chotu. 

Oh my  god. Daaaddiiii.

Damn yaar, sari izzat chali gai uss din tho.  

That afternoon was the coolest one, till date. We had many kulfis and world's best dadi's hand made  nimbu pani with a lot of hugs, laughter and love. No one in the house yelled at us, rather everyone joined us.

It was pure dadi power. You can shower love in heat and make it the coolest afternoon, ever, ever!

It was quiet sad that I could just share a few years with my grandparents.  All my growing up years, some or the other friend used to tell how their grandparents are their survival-strategies, how they help them when they get bad marks, or get extra money or any homework issues, or any extra love, hugs and kisses, their grandparents would just shower it on them, unconditionally, without asking, without need.

I still miss my grandma, wish even I had my entire growing up and always, with her love.

After I lost her, I had just one wish, at least my kids should enjoy and feel that warmth, love and fun with their grandparents. By God's grace my children's life is full of grandparents love. They don't stay with us, but my daughter literally stays with them. She will call her paternal grandfather whenever, to tell what all happened.  And whenever I say no for pasta, chocolate, TV or anything on her mind, she calls my mom and dad, and tada! Done! She is big enough to understand which number is to be dialed! Trust me, I just love it!

To make day special for dada-dadi, we arranged for video meet with the entire family in one frame. Getting all at one time is quiet a task, trust me, but worth it. For her maternal grandparents, we called the cook didi and asked her to surprise her with a packet of maggi. Of course, they avoid but all both of them are Maggi freaks.

Not only today, everyday is their day! I can't imagine getting up without their calls and sleeping before twe speak with each other sharing each detail of the day. Kya khaya kya piya, kya hua! These are not questions, they are just love, let us give back to the old friends, its our turn to #lovejatao! Not just today, but every single day!

No wonder the best trip for us always leads to our grandparents place. And why not! Happiness is where love is, love is where grandparents are!!! 

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Dominos tune kya kiya?

Like every one, me and my whole family, especially kids at my place are soo fond of pizza and especially the ones from Dominos. They just love the pizza, the garlic bread, the dips and the sweet delight-choco lava cake!

Whatever be the family occasion, like if I visit my sister-brother place or if they visit my place or if a kid is sad for losing and we want to cheer him/her up or if they have done extremely well in exam, and no one is in mood to go out, then -  Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaa, which is quiet often!

Now, we have a set menu in our mind....pichli baar cheese burst tho iss baar bhi cheese burst...(what's pizza without cheese anyways ..isn't it!) topping would be - farmhouse or margaritta or delux veggie or cheese and corn. I guess we have never tried any other...we just can't get over these flavours.
This pizzaaa love has been going on for years. And suddenly something happened!

New Dominoes Advertisement!

 My sister called for pizza - from Pizza hut! She called me and told - "You know, we called for Pizza from Pizza Hut! Dominos vala bada dry rahta hai! Topping bhi kitna kum hota hai...This is much better!"


From all these years, she never felt this! Neither did I feel that way or any of the little ones or few friends of mine. Now, all of sudden, all of them has one song ... arre bada dry hai..topiing bhi kum hut is better!

Well, aur badha do aur badha do still not ringing in their head.

I know this a good way to market, to show that you are breaking your limits to become better, but there are many who have started finding new faults in you!

Dominos my love for you is eternal! You were doing just fine!

Pic: My daughter's pizza love started when she was one year and few months!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Crying Baby or Pressurized Parents?

There has been an irked debate going on - on the Viral Video of a small girl crying and the mother teaching her in a harsh way.

When I saw the video, I didn't find anything wrong....I guessed the mother was teaching and I presumed that the child would be very playful and would not be learning at all. Not a very difficult situation to understand. Not that I didn't feel bad for the baby, but I guess every mother knows what's best for her child. She is the mother after all!

Many of my friends didn't like the video followed by many cricketers who condemned it.

Some may see it as it is, some may see beyond.

I choose to see beyond!

I have personally been at that mother's place many a times. I am crazy about my daughter. I love her beyond any description of words. There has been times when I have been a little harsh, given a few slaps to make her learn.

If you really want to stop all's better to question the right things!
  • ·         Why so much pressure on parents to teach children, isn't school for teaching?
  • ·         Why a mother, of all people, hitting her child for teaching small little things?

Because Boss, this is India and right from nursery, you have about three books to be done. And just in any case you don't learn at pace of the best student of the class, you are labelled!

Weak in studies, weak student, doesn't concentrate, no focus, very playful, you should take care, very bad attitude and what not!

Schools are no more Gurukul, it is a business centre. There are 30-40 kids in one class and one/two teachers handle the entire class. Now, the class run at the pace of the best child's learning speed. Everyone needs to gear up. Leave the best student, the teacher has a topic to teach in class, and Vrrooom! The topic is done. The question/answers are also done. Next topic please!

It is difficult for all the kids to understand any topic or as a matter of fact, learn 1 to 5 at same pace. Some pay attention, they learn! Some are extremely playful, they lag behind. So, what if they lag behind?

  • ·         There are reminders in the child's dairy that his performance is below average.
  • ·         For the primary or high school children, there are extra classes in school...on a Saturday which is actually a non-working day for the kids.
  • ·         Worst of worst, children are divided into sections according to their ranks. The best ones or the cream students, as they are called, in section A and the "weak students" in section D/E/F(last one).

Can you even imagine the moral of a student who is in section D/E/F?  They know that entire school knows that they are weak students. These kids know that it's just not their parents who know that they are weak in studies, but every every parent has a easy way to find that out.

Random Uncle: Beta, tum kis section mein ho?
Child: Uncle, E!
Random uncle gives a degrading-sadistic look and says, "hmmmm, arre beta kabhi kabhi padh bhi liya karo!"

Trust me on this, it all happens!

It doesn't ends there. No no! There is much more to this - the syllabus....Oh myyyy God!

Can you just can't imagine a child who is 5, who doesn't know how to clean his own potty, is learning *@&%!*  FRENCH in school.


My own niece and nephew are in standard 1, and looking at their syllabus, I feel, they will be 10-board-ready by next year. No, I am not kidding! These kids come back from school, eat and when they are about to finish their lunch, their tuition teacher comes. There is so much homework from school or there is test every Wednesday or some exam or competition, that they have to study for hours, after school. By the time they are done, it is already 7 PM. Eat, sleep and repeat. Really! 

In this race, if a mother is hitting her child to teach, is she wrong?

She is not, she can't be!

She is also scared, my child shouldn't be labelled. My child has all the capability then why will she be labelled. Same goes for me or for my didi or bhabhi or for any lady who yells, hits, pressurizes her child to put more focus on study.

If you really want to question.....don't go at the teaching style, please see the back drop!

Hope you leave the mother daughter video and end this debate. Hope you start the new one - Why so much pressure Boss? Bache hai, ease it out!