Sunday, 2 July 2017


I am really very excited to meet this LION couple, who are new to the Pune zoo.

I thought I am a biggg animal lover...but hey you have to meet my five year old who is ready to pick her pets' potty too...need a pet at any cost. It can be pigs too!

 So, here we with two real rabbits. Irrespective of pets at home, we are regulars at the zoo too.

This news of addition to he zoo family was a celebrated news for my daughter. Yes....she made us cut a cake and went for our first time with the lion at our own zoo.

What makes me extremely happy is the whole funda of adopting  animals at the zoo. With the entry fee which is just a few rupees and with limited government financial help, managing and giving the best feed to the animals and giving them appropriate care is indeed difficult. According to the records, a lion couple would eat 8-10kg of meat in a day. With such a figure, its difficult for commoners to adopt such big animals but corporates stepping in for adoption is the best part.

Hope there are more such initiatives. I can adopt rabbits but hope the richies and corporates make this adoption of animals, a trend and take this ahead!

Change is near!

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