Monday, 23 September 2013

Sony Xperia M: Review

Sony Xperia M:

After a very long wait and a deep dive analysis, where my friends and family(most of them are technically challenged, but you never know, they might have friends), dived themselves to research a Smartphone, smart enough for me! Phone came. Came with it few hurdles. Switching from Nokia to Sony is a disturbed afternoon and busy evening, to understand the entire functioning and getting the right settings and uninstalling and installing the required apps.

I did a lot of Google search to understand how the phone is, before getting it. Well, there were wonderful new findings Well, this is my personal experience with Sony Xperia M.

My review:

COST: - A low budget phone - Rs. 13000/Only (LOW, mind it)

MICRO SIM SLOT- It is smaller than the normal sim. You will have to go to the service provider to get your sim smaller.

SPEED- Internet is fun with the speed it provides. But the phone is quiet playful. I will tell you why, while you are surfing net, its screen goes from vertical to horizontal, when you adjust to that, it takes 180 degree rotation and it goes on. Hahaha quiet playful, you see. Of course, if you want it to stop playing like this, you can use to option of 'manual screen rotation'.

APP - There are like a zillion app available for android phones. If you want to create a new creature with your drawing or count the number of farts in a room. Its all there.

PC Connect: Still installing, don't know what. So, now I get to use my Bluetooth more. Oh no, it didn't locate my lappy. Ah, I get to place the memory card in Nokia E63, connect to lappy and transfer. Sony is not letting me forget my Nokia. Lovely phone.

'VOICE INPUT METHOD'- I am aww by the amazing feature - 'voice input method'. Give rest to your fingers and you just need to talk and the 'voice input method' writes for you. Beware, this app don't speak Hinglish. The message should be loud and clear in crisp English, else it will type on your behalf. I just love it. Mere dil mein jo baat kahi nahi, vo bhi 'voice input method' jane!

CAMERA - 5MP camera, smile detector, red-eye correction, auto focus and what not was on the specification list. It was all correct. Only, flash needs some help here. Automatic flash doesn't see darkness. I must say, flash also has a lot of positivity, like me. We both don't see darkness even in night. So, you manually fill the flash. Beautiful images captured!

With fill flash:

Without fill flash:

Above two pictures are better that the one clicked by Nokia E63 2 MP camera. But of course!

Good thing is, people around me were always very upset with number of pictures I capture. All of them are very happy now. I am off clicking!

CALL CALL CALL - The emphasis is because I feel, still the most important feature of a phone is calling. Rest are add-on features. Well, calling is fun in Xperia M. Call feature can be used for two purpose.
  1. Call. If you speak for more than fifteen minutes, it becomes red hot. 
  2. You can bake a chapati on it or make tea or maggi. Forget about the increasing price of gas cylinders, Sony Xperia M is here! 
Thank God, I won't have to worry about my empty cylinder and double thanks to God, I am not in my mushy mushy phase of life where phone was the healer! My internet balance might be low all the time, phone balance is never low. I hang up in minutes now. My husband is indeed very pleased. 

So you see, just one phone has made everybody happy. I would say, "go get it or not!" I am not a Sony salesperson. Sony - Make Believe. Indeed!

P.S.: Reason for me being positive, is my hubby! Mano ya na mano, but even after a kid of my own, I am still scared of my parents remarks and scoldings. My darling hubby has threatened me to use it happily for a year or he will complain. Who told me this "share every feeling with your husband!" Waiting for September 2, 2014! 

Friday, 20 September 2013


And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’.

Oh God! Of course I am good at messaging without looking at the keys. But couldn't I just finish this conversation and message. Damage was done.

I checked my sent-box to be sure of my mistake.
Standing in front of me, she checked her inbox to read the new received message, which I sent, which was supposed to go to another friend of mine.

The message read,"Thr she is. Gng again! Anothr party! All she can do waste her parents money. Gud for nuthing!"

She looked at me. 
My heart was ready to burst. Think swarn think, I told myself. 
All I could come up with, although with confidence,"This is what I feel about you. Couldn't say on your face so I thought why not write it! I told my view, rest you are on your own."

I walked away!

This is a true incident of my college time. Thanks to blogadda for taking me back in time. I called the 'right friend' and had a hearty laugh reliving that day!

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Sunday, 15 September 2013


ऐ सरकार तुमने
जाने कैसे योजनाए बनाई!

कल के गरीब,
वो हलकी पीली रोटी, गुलाबी प्याज़,
चुटकी भर सफ़ेद नमक और हरी मिर्च से,
अपनी पेटपूजा करते थे!

आज ये हाल है,
रोटी, नमक और मिर्च ही रह गई,
प्याज़ के सुनाहेरे दाम है!

एसा ही चलता रहा तो,
जल्द ही वह दिन आएगा,
बड़ी सी थाली में होगा सिर्फ,

हरी मिर्च के साथ एक चुटकी भर नमक!

वक़्त है संभल जाओ,
नहीं तो हम सब तो डूब ही रहे है,
तुमको भी अपने साथ ले जायेंगे!

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Future Tops!

Life was indeed much simpler way back in time. This summer when I was at my mom's place, something pulled my attention. The simplicity of life back then! This house of mine was built before I was born. Not much has changed since then. There is just one plug point in each room and it looks like this -

Back then, just a table fan or a cooler, TV, VCR and fridge were only few things which needed the charging points. Well, the change has taken place.

Now, addition plug points and extension wire at my place loudly shouts at the dependency on the gadgets which needs to be charged. Everyone at house have their own laptop, one or two mobile phones, camera batteries! Without them, I don't think we can imagine our life any more.

We indeed have moved ahead with technology. It has advanced so much that the world has become just a click away. Be it ticket booking to smartphones of any brand, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, books, electronics, vehicles, home needs, movie ticket booking, food home delivery from restaurants! Just name it and it is available online irrespective of the brand and availability in the local market area. This ease of life has made us a complete slave of technology!

But still for complete shopping freak like me, don't enjoy online shopping for three reasons:

Touch & Feel & Smell

I am more of a impulse buyer. I like to touch and feel things and smell a few and buy! Well, no wonder my husband always complains! But who cares! Ehh! I just love shopping that way. With the way technology is taking turn every now and then, I am sure the future online shopping is going to let us indulge in impulse buying by making us actually touch & feel & smell things!

Well, need evolves imagination and imagination evolves revolutionary gadgets. My revolutionary gadget looks something like this:

All of us will have our own shoppy Top. A part of me would get into the shoppy top. (The shining star is a part of me and I am standing near my shoppy top ;) )

Once we get in, something like this would be next:

Me at the center with the entire range of products to be viewed. I can go in any say my love for mobiles can't ever die. So, I go for mobile shopping.

I can go to any brand, new or old, and have my touch and feel experience and add the product I want to purchase to the cart. I go back, get assembled myself and then get my things on the address specified and pay them online or cash. 

Coming back to present, need to send birthday gift to my niece. eBay, thanks I don't have to go to any courier place and I can do it at my convenience! Hail eBay!

P.S. : All images are mine!

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


बचपन की मीठी खुशबू भरी  यादें,
बचपन का वो मीठा सा प्यार!

माँ की पूजा की घंटी की आवाज़ और अगरबती की सुनहरी खुशबु,
हर सुबह  होने का सन्देश लाती थी!
सुबह ही गई, उठो! धीरे से कह जाती थी!

गुलाबी ठण्ड के साथ, 
मार्च का महीना आता था!
होली की बदमाशियों और गुलाल की अनोखी महक से,
हम सब को हँसाता था!

गर्मी का मौसम आता था,
हर सुबह तैयार होने पर, Nycil पाउडर सा महकाता था!
जब कूलर चलता था,
खस की भीनी खुशबू से सारा घर खिल जाता था!
रूह अफज़ा की मीठी खुशबू,
हर शाम की प्यास बुझाती थी!
पलंग के निचे रखे आम के टोकरी से आ रहे उस खुशबू से,
बावला मन खो जाता था!
सारे आमों की चोरी होती थी,
फिर मिलती थी माँ की मीठी सी डाट और
पेट के ख़राब होने से दवा की गन्दी सी वो बास!

बचपन की मीठी खुशबू भरी यादें,
बचपन का वो मीठा सा प्यार!

पहली बारिश भीनी सी खुशबू लाती थी,
साथ में पकोड़े तलने की महक, पड़ोसियों तक पहुच जाती थी!
कपडे घर अन्दर सूखते थे,
कपड़ो में गन्दी सी एक बास रहती थी!
उसको हटाने के लिए,
पोंड्स का डब्बा हम खाली करते थे!
बारिश में जब भीग कर छिकते और खास्ते हुए आते,
फिर मिलती थी माँ की मीठी सी डाट और,
दूध हल्दी की गन्दी सी वो बास! 

बचपन की मीठी खुशबू भरी यादें,
बचपन का वो मीठा सा प्यार!

प्यारी सी ठण्ड धीरे से आती,
त्योहारों की लम्बी सी लिस्ट साथ लाती!
गरम कपड़ो और कम्बल से नप्थेलॆन की खुशबू,
कई दिनों तक रह जाती थी!

नवरात्र पर घर में पूजा होता था,
कलश, कपूर और अखंड ज्योत की खुशबू से घर भर जाता था!
घर का हर कोना, उस खुशबू से शुद्ध हो जाता था! 

तुरंत ही दिवाली की रात आती थी!
साथ अपने, पटाखे, दिए और मिठाइयो की खुशबू लाती थी! 

नए साल के पहेले दिन पर,
डैम के पास पिकनिक मनाते!
सारा शहर वही जाता था,
खाना भी वही बनता था,
तरह तरह के व्यंजन की खुशबू के साथ,
हम सब के हँसी ठहाको से मानो, सारा संसार, खुशिया मनाता था!
साथ लाता था, वही सर्दी, खासी और फीवर!
फिर मिलती थी माँ की मीठी सी डाट और,
तबीयत के ख़राब होने से दावा की वो गन्दी सी बास!

बचपन की मीठी खुशबू भरी यादें,
बचपन का वो मीठा सा प्यार!

हर गली, हर जगह की,
अपनी सी एक महक होती थी!
आज भी जब उन गलियों में जाती हु,
वही प्यरी सी बचपन की खुशबू को जीता पाती हू!
समय बदल गया,
पर वो खुशबू आज भी नहीं बदले!
वही माँ के आँगन की प्यार की खुशबू,
वही पापा का मीठा सा प्यार!

बचपन की मीठी खुशबू भरी यादें,
बचपन का वो मीठा सा प्यार!

This poem is written for 'Smelly To Smiley' contest on Indiblogger, sponsored by AmbiPure!

Smell of Love, Laughter & Life!

Tigu was going. I knew he was. My heart was sinking. But I was not sure. I was too small or may be I was not ready to accept the fact and I was behaving indifferent. 

Tiger or Tigu, as we used to call him. My dog, my best friend, My world!

Tears were rolling down from Maa's eyes. In a shaky voice she asked me me to go and get some mangoes form the fridge. It was his favourite fruit. I rushed and brought few, how much ever I could carry. She was in immense hurry. She somehow peeled it and sliced it. Took all in a plate and went to feed him. He couldn't eat much. 

Till today, smell of mangoes take me to that day when I lost him. 
Before this day my sister, brother, Tigu and me used to love summers just for mangoes and all four had a individual appetite to finish a whole bucket full of mangoes. It was a time the most amazing and carefree period of our life. But today, just the smell is enough to take us back in time. Once a favorite fruit, is not so much fun to eat after that day!
Sandalwood powder reminds me of Tigu. We used to empty it on Tigu so that he smells good all the time and we can cuddle and muddle him as we wish. Well, after him, I just smell that sandal wood powder and wonder if once I could get to cuddle and muddle him as I wish!

Dove reminds me of him. Well, the shop we used to purchase soaps, either didn't had dog soap or purposefully gave us Dove soap. Always. We used to take it, anyway! Always. Tigu was double coated German shepherd. After Dove wash, his hair used to look as good as Kareena Kapoor's. Seriously. Smooth, silky and shiny. And the smell..wah!

Tin of Gulab Jamun reminds me of that happy time, when he was around us. All three of us knew Tigu will come even before we completely open the gulab jamun box and he never failed us. Somehow he used to smell it in air and he used to head towards the fridge. We used to laugh with our tummy aching and tears falling each time he came. Even today, when I open the box of Gulab Jamun, I look around! Just to be sure, you know. He loved it soo much, he might just give a peek from the heaven, snatch that Gulab Jamun, cuddle & muddle in me and disappear, may be! Ahh!

Tigu left us long back, but he is still there strongly placed in our heart, in varied fragrance! He was fragrance of our lives! Our smiles! No other dogs could ever fill that vacant space. 

None could bring with them that smell of complete love and love and love. We miss you Tig. We miss you a lot!

This poem is written for 'Smelly To Smiley' contest on Indiblogger, sponsored by AmbiPure!

Image Courtesy : All images were taken from Google! 


Smelly To Smiley :)

I came as a kid,
to the family so big!

I grew up tall,
People thought my problems were still small!

Summer came,
Family get together was the other name!
House used to be packed,
Aromatic house smell used to be sacked!

Heavy breakfast and yummy food was a ritual,
Indigestion of all oldies was factual!
Gastritis issues they told,
No longer they can hold!!!!
Bomb here, bomb there,
Didn't know to go where!

I ran, I cried,
Getting out in heat I tried!

Agarbatti was our saviour,
Big believer in God,
We communicated to the oldies, with our behaviour!

Rains came,
Brought with them no play, no game!
Clothes were hung in the rooms,
Some school uniform, some fancy costumes!

Clothes were damp,
Wanted to stay out in a camp!
Smell was bad,
Rainy season was sad!!!

Mom used to make yummy fried food,
Along with it, that occasional tea, well brewed!
We used to indulge in it with that divine smell,
My Mom's magical spell!

Winters came,
More morning sleep was our aim!
Maids were on long leave,
Lot of work was pending on the Christmas's eve!

Time was less,
Garbage was yet to go to its address!
Party was big,
All were ready to jive and jig!

Time flew by,
No time to throw the waste, I wanted to die!!!

Mom covered the bin so tight,
With all her strength and might!
She sprinkled rose water around,
In that rosy smell, all used to be drowned!

Mom's magic was always worked,
Any smell, we easily jerked!

Seasons came and went
My home, always had that beautiful natural scent!

Fragrance has made me the person I am, 
Chirpy, happy and calm!
This poem is written for 'Smelly To Smiley' contest on Indiblogger, sponsored by AmbiPure!

Image Courtesy : All images were taken from Google! 
                                                 Thanks to all who posted it on Google :) Obliged :) 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Leaving on the jet plane!

My IPod played this beautiful song of John Denver..

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin' it's early morn.....

And so on! 

But the difference was I was thrilled, excited and super happy. I was going for a BIG CAUSE. 

Last moment panic or super excitement. I don't know. But my heartbeat was loud enough to be heard by the neighbors...hahaha I know its exaggeration. Anyhow. Last minute check.

  1. YatraHolidays' tickets booked             Done ( where else)
  2. Sms Ticket Received                                Done (Going Green, you see!)
  3. Bags Packed                                                  Done (I travel light, just a rucksack.)
  4. Chocolate bars                                             Done (For my sweet tooth)
  5. Laptop                                                              Done (My Macbook Pro)
  6. News paper cuttings                                   Done (Important events)
  7. DVDs of current affairs & Tamas          Done (Tamas on History Channel)

Yeah! I reached YatraHolidays' station. 
Ready. Seated on the machine. Belted.

I really don't  know how much time it took, but when I opened my eyes slowly I was there, indeed! YatraHolidays' time machine did work. Yeah!

I looked at me, last touch up, you see! Ooops! I was in my jeans and shirt, to THIS meeting. How could I forget to wear my formals! God bless me! Ah, let me concentrate on the topic. I was literally shivering. What else I could do. It was THE meeting room. People whom I have heard off in history class and seen in pictures are seated here. It was no history class or no play. It was real!

On one side, there were members of Congress - Gandhi Ji, Nehru Ji, Rajendra Prasad Ji including few other members of Congress. On the other side, seated were Muhammad Ali Jinnah Ji, along with few other members of India Muslim League. In front of me, seated were Mr. Louis Mountbatten and few other Britishers. (Few other indicates, that I didn't read my lesson properly! Damn!)

None of them noticed me. They were busy discussing the boundaries of India and Pakistan. Map was lying on the table. Yet UNDIVIDED, yet one. Yes, YatraHolidays, you did send me to the right moment. 

Right then, Mr. Mountbatten took the pen and the map and was about to draw the lines. I yelled, "Stop! Stop all this! Do you really know the consequences' of all this division?  Please... "

"Who are you? How did you come here? Who gave you permission to enter this room. Guards?" Chacha Nehru interrupted me to enquire, bit strictly though. I stopped and looked at them. Everyone was staring me with zillions of questions popping out of their eyes. 

Guards arrived by then, ready to throw me out. I insisted, "Listen to me! I have come from a very long way, from 2013."

Jinnah Ji said, "What rubbish? Do you really know what are you talking?"

I said, "Yes sir, very much. Please give me some time to prove myself and reason why I am in this meeting all the way from 2013."

Gandhi Ji came to my support, luckily, and requested others to let me put my point.(My puppy face did work, again!!) Guards went back. Without another word, I took out the newspapers cuttings. Distributed among all the members(brought many). All, about the Hindu-Muslim fights, wars, Kashmir issues and other communal violence or whatever you may call. I kept quiet till they finished reading all those cuttings. Once they finished, I took out my laptop and started setting it for videos and images and oh, Tamas! Everyone started staring at my MacBook. Of course, there was no laptop at that time. I explained, "this is a laptop. Like computer but portable. I want to show you something."

I played the partition's photos, war in 1971, war started for Kashmir which goes till date, Kargil war, 2008 Mumbai and Jammu and Kashmir state in 2013. When they finished, I played parts of Tamas. 

I continued, "The real suffers. The pain. The tears. The fight. The blood. It continues. Till today! What you will do today, will make the future look like this. Do you really dream for such India and Pakistan? This land fight will take us nowhere. Kashmir is no more Kashmir. Every day, there are bullets, bombs and cries of people. Muslims and Hindus were together before, let me be together now also. This division will lead your future generations with no solution at all. War after war and what is the result? Deaths of our own people and another reason for the next war! Did you ever imagined this? Well, if you didn't then know the fact, these mere lines will write its future with blood!"

I was praying to God secretly that they also agree to what I am trying to explain. No one was talking. There was deep silence. After some 5-10 mintues, Gandhi Ji got up from his seat, went to Jinnah Ji. They shook their hands. Mountbatten and his associates took a side seat. All looked at me and clapped. I smiled like a small kid. Wanted to jump and dance also but hey, I didn't! "There would be NO partition, beta! We will give you a beautiful India." Gandhi Ji said. 

Beeper started beeping and I knew it was time to leave. Oh, one photo with all would had been cool. I could put it on my FB and flaunt. Oh no, zooooom!

I opened my eyes. I was at YatraHolidays' station. Damn! I left my laptop there in time. Well, I will have to convince dad again! Whatever I had a wonderful time. Well, not very sure as to what happened had happened and what changes it made, I went to a cyber cafe. 

Googled : 
India's Map - Oh, undivided and one. My God!
Kargil War - No result found!

I rushed back home to share the news with my family. I saw my sister who just got married, back from her honeymoon. She went to Sikkim...yaa! I hugged her, she brought me a Kashmiri dress, she went to Kashmir. Heaven on earth. Flowers, kesar, beautiful location, chili weather and very warm people. Wow!

This is the place I wanted to take my family and friends to. Thanks to YatraHolidays! Yatraholidays ' time machine fulfilled my dream. My dream vacation. Undivided India. Where we can go in any part without any fear of communal violence. Just one nation. Thanks a zillion trillion times YatraHolidays! No fights, no terror! 

I took my sister's laptop to see pictures, actually to reconfirmed from Google. The history did change. Everything has changed. Communal violence is no more an issue. Government takes care of other issues. India was a safe place. Corruption-freeee....the bell started ringing. I fell from the bed.

Ahhhh....I rubbed my eyes. I looked at the ringing alarm clock. It was a dream? Oh no. No please. My mom came in the room and switched off the alarm clock. She said, "Will my princess get up? Come fast, breakfast is ready."


"Yes, beta!"

"Maa..Do you know anything about Kargil war?"

"No, I don't!" My heart stopped beating. And then she continued. "Hahah. Yes of course my darling! Let me know what details you want. Is it in your assignment?"

"Uhh, Yes Maa!"

"Ok, great! Then get ready and come down fast. Oh and your sister has come and is using your laptop to show us pictures of Sikkim. So, don't panic and make this room upside down in search of it. Now get ready fast. Today has started, we need to make a fresh and beautiful start!"