Sunday, 2 July 2017


If you think teaching is easy, try to handle a bunch of pre-primary kids.

I started taking after school learning classes and trust me, it was going great. Everyone was learning a new thing every day. Everything was under my control. Until the next boy joined.

He is very energetic boy with a little less sense of "NO". He gets angry on everything. He won't even do things as per my instruction. He loves to snatch. He loves to hit and bite. There has been no learning since he has come. He doesn't want to learn and he disturbs everyone else.

I wonder what shall I do. I don't know. My child is also his age, but she has learnt the basic lessons of how to handle her own self.

I really feel there is a big difference in being naughty and having behavioral issues. Or am I just too stressed cause of him, can't say!

Does anyone has any idea how to deal with such situations?

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