Saturday, 19 August 2017

Not Made in China

There have been a whole lot of articles and a lot of memes - on not using Chinese products, on how are army is being targeted by them and how if we don't use Chinese product, they will be at total loss.
Well, I really got affected by a few blogs and decided that I will, henceforth, not buy anything where it is written "Made in China". In all my small and big decisions, my partner in crime is - my daughter. She also promised not to buy any toy which is made in China.

Yesterday, I went to "Star Bazaar" and had to buy a toy gift for a little girl's birthday. The entire toy section had products marked "Made in China". I was about to take one...when my daughter reminded me...We are not taking China-Made products, right!


Just wondering - Why do these hypermarket keep "made in China" products? Of course, there are many products which are China-made - like phones, toy, plastics, shoes, electric appliances and about everything we can think of. But has the Chinese product penetrated so much that we can't take a back seat?

Thinking loud -

Why only customers need to take a step back, of course GOI can't due to world politics and all but for the hypermarkets are looking for only profits? Can't they stop taking in these products?

I know of one toy shop which has stopped getting all the Chinese products. It is running fine. Why can't hypermarkets, as their Corporate social responsibility, boycott these Chinese product?

I have made my contribution by not buying any Chinese product, now it's everybody's turn. Let's do it!

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