Sunday, 2 July 2017


Before I learnt how to drive, I was at the other side. I used to wonder why people honk so much. It was quiet irritating and so seemed uncalled activity. Trust me, I actually felt, no honking is actually possible!


Of course, I am on the driving seat and who ever thinks it is possible to not honk, please meet me in person!!!

It is absolutely impossible in India. 

Absolutely impossible.

There are so many people who walks busy in their phone, not even looking if any vehicle is coming.
There are others who will just come from any small roads joining the big roads, in full speed; without any horn and there is full possibility of two vehicles banging. This is not all. You have given signal to turn, and someone will just walk in front of your car, if you don't honk.

If you don't honk in both these conditions, then bang-bang!

Really, for those who have visited the foreign countries, please keep these expectations till you remain out of India. Here, we talk loudly, we are a little in hurry all the given time and we can't do without loud HONKS.

So for everyone's safety, let there be some noise!!!!

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