Saturday, 31 January 2015

Being Pimpled!

Pimples. Pimples! My indivisible friend!!!
Trust me, there was a time when we were just inseparable. Somewhere on my face, the redness shining brightly and boldly. Sometimes on the forehead, sometimes on the cheeks or chin or the other time just where my dimples are! My pimples were very naughty and always chose their location according to the undergoing situation.

No I am not kidding, it is true. I have been a hostage/victim/sufferer of these mischievous little bits and trust me, THEY MADE MY LIFE HELL.

Right. These pimples showed me a tough time in college and back at home!

The College

My college days. The sun shine, that carefree air of freedom, the beauty of Sikkim. Nothing, nothing could stop you from being in love, with yourself or your friends or friends of friends ;)!

For the first time in my life I experienced the beautiful feeling called love. His intellectual look, his gifted aura, his big dreamy eyes, his shy, no-nonsense attitude, his broad shoulders, his branded stylish clothes and oh, that heart-melting smile!

He was just there. In my big friends group. Friend of friend, you see! The best part was that we shared a mutual feeling, I think!

Our eyes met quite a few times. A lot of times, I caught him gazing at me. But he never said anything. I never said anything.

Last semesters:
                His Status - Committed
                My Status - Single

Yes, of course, he liked me, that's what I thought. But it was me who broke his heart!

What actually happened:

Our silent, eye-tangled relationship was full on. He never spoke a word and obviously I was too stubborn to go for it. One of the semesters, he gathered all his courage and sent me a note, "Will you help me in Maths? I will wait for you in the library tomorrow after lunch!"

Maths, me!  Me helping the batch topper! Good joke. But I loved it. Finally, he said something. I was thrilled to bits and in super duper high spirits! Of course, I was going to help him with his maths ;).

I could hardly sleep that night but when I woke up next morning, I couldn't believe my eyes.

It seemed that it was not only me who got overly excited, I had company. Of my pimples. They too, got energetic and uncontrollable.
I have always had pimple problems but this time it was just too much. I think extra attention to them made them jump. Yes, a biggg jump - ON THE TIP OF MY NOSE!

I found a big pimple sitting on my nose. Yes, my situational location-specific pimples found that sitting on the tip of the nose is the best option and they did that.

My cheeks were kind of clear, my forehead was glowing of love, my dimples were perfect but...but MY BIG SWOLLEN RED COLORED NOSE.


How could I go?

He was there. In the library. Waiting for me.
My first ever love!
My nose came in between.

My pimples broke my heart.
I broke his!

I don't know till when he waited but after that I avoided his gaze and he avoided mine. We chose to walk on different roads. Forever!

He found someone special in his journey ahead. But obvious, my status remained - pimpled :-/

Back at home!

Not only did these pimples crushed my first love with its tremor, they did break my heart back at home too. In my vacation period, I used to meet my super cuddly, very delightful and a complete munchkin niece. She was around 2-3 years and a complete walking and talking doll. I could wake up, sleep and play with her like 24*7 if given a chance.

But she never played with me. She didn't like to be with me. She cried whenever she saw me.

What actually happened:

She was in an age where you don't know how to lie, where you don't know how to be diplomatic. Like I mentioned before, I have situational location specific pimples.

So when at home, around my niece, my pimples thought that it was best to sit at on my cheeks or forehead or chin.

That little girl would look at me and would make a grumpy face. She just hated those red bulging things on my face and she used to run to her mummy shouting, "Dinosauuurrrrrrr!"

Yes! My pimples forced me to cry, not with the normal tears, rather with the KHUN KE ANSU(blood tear. Meaning : in terrible grief). They destroyed me in every which way they could.

Not that I didn't try to destroy them, I have been given a few zillion suggestions. I tried a few but some of them were horrifying. I will quote a few terrible ones:

»        Poke them and break them. It will go.
»        Wash your face with chilled water. Wash it for literally 23 hrs a day.
»        Take hot water and deep cotton in hot water and put it on the pimple. It will go.
»        Fault in your cosmetic products.
»        Don't apply sunscreen lotion or soap or anything on your face.
»        Don't eat chocolates.
»        Don't eat sweets.
»        Don't eat potato.
»        Don't eat at all.
»        Exercise more.
»        Have sex!

Really. All those instructions. For not having pimples. Even the last one!
Can you beat my list?

There were many other suggestions with beasn or raw milk and others. But people forgot the very important thing. I was not an actress who would have time for all that. I was just a student. I had too much to do - Friends, crushes, gossips, canteen, food, adda in library, adda near the stairs, outing, tea breaks, mini breaks, major breaks! Oh did I forget to mention, yes, study breaks too! ;)

 I wanted a simpler solution where I don't actually have to sit with a clock ticking over my head for telling me the time.

Anyways, time ticked and I tried various solutions, all in vein. All my pictures had scarf's hiding some parts of my face or hair fallen all over my face or me turned left or right or pointing down or looking high up in the sky.

My battle against the pimples didn't stop. Like always, I used to try any product which claimed relief from pimples. I kept changing after finding out their false claims.

One fine morning, I got a product in my basket. I used it and completed the entire tube before throwing it in the bin. My pimple problem was actually taken care of, gradually. My search ended. I never looked for any other product.

Satiated and satisfied - Garnier Pure Active Neem!

I never looked out for other solutions. Finally I got my angel. I got my angel in a tube which made my pimple diminish by the day in a complete hassle free way and naturally. Yes, I could never switch to any other product since the time I used - Garnier Pure Active Neem.

I got my face back.
I got my face got its shine.
No more hiding away, no more shying.
And, oh! That poise!

Now, I do meet love of my life with my face held up. Without makeup. Without hair falling all over my face. Without even a iota of doubt in my mind. Not only him, but I get a zillion of kisses everywhere on my face, from my own 2-3 year old. No one runs seeing me shouting some absurd words. Moreover, I have found me. I love this new me. I love this confident me. I love this carefree me.  


When I saw this contest, I knew it was time to return the favour back, Garnier Pure Active Neem. Thank you, might be an understatement but still, a big..biggg thank you. You, alone you, helped me to face the world with my chin held high and my hair tied back.
Confidence personified!

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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Foodie Fiesta!

The chillness of February, the white snow, the dormant trees - all needs warmth. The cold has really set in, till the bones. The fire isn't bringing back the warmth!

What could be better than Valentine's Day to bring in the warmth! The warmth of affection, love and romance. Celebrating life and every reason it gives, to bring in more music and smiles, Valentine's day is one which head all the cards of love and relationship.

The video below is taking up the challenge by fixing up a drooling picnic for her man. Wait a minute!

Did I say picnic?

Isn't picnic supposed to be in the fresh air?

Well, I think the generation ahead has its own rules! The video will prove it!

The lady woes her man but the little man knows what he wants and till that point he won't move even for the scrumptious chocolaty affair!!!

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P.S.: At this age also, men will be men! I tell you ;)

Monday, 19 January 2015

Laundry Laundry..Bring the change!

Like the super facts known to me, which I never question like: 

Sun rises in east and sets in the west, or
We live on planet earth, or
Dog's tail can never be straight!

This fact was unquestioned by me - that women do laundry. 
Seeing my mother or sister or a female taking over the entire cycle of the laundry work right from picking up the dirty clothes to getting washed and ironed and shelved. I never questioned like other things. It was like a unchangeable fact. I had no problem with it.

Till I got married. Because after that I had.

I had problem with everything and every work which I had to do after my wedding. May be I was not prepared that I will have to take over all the work which my mom did.

Slowly and steadily I picked up with everything but one thing I just couldn't....just couldn't do was - ironing the clothes. 

The harder I tried, the more hatred for this part of laundry settled in me. I was very clear about it. I can't do ironing.

Thank God, that my husband is not that fussy and didn't crib or forced me to do that. So, we outsourced this work. :-/

Then also it never occurred to me he can also do these works. Though in case of urgency, he would step up and do the ironing.

But my thought for this whole laundry work and other task simply associated with women changed. For good. When I saw the west, closely.

We did take a lot of inspiration from the west - in dressing up or in openness of  relationships or the work culture or celebrating various days like rose day and many others.

What we never  took the inspiration was the way of their life. They actually have a equality of work in their life. The work is not designated by the gender. Like cooking or laundry or cleaning is not the sole responsibility of the female. It is a combined responsibility of both the partners who planned to live together. So, they cook together, clean together and do the laundry together.

Why not we?

We Indians have adapted ourselves in many ways or our own betterment, then I think changing something for your better half won't be a pain.

Let's do it - Men!

Share the work load! Do it...together, if you can't start to do it all by yourself.

Move for the change!

Show your love by sharing the responsibilities and not just by flashy words and cuddly bears!

What say!

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Chrome Cast!

Technology advances everyday and it just goes on amazing me with its invention. The new invention of CHROME CAST is another miraculous product in the technology basket.

The moment I saw the advertisement of Chrome Cast I knew I wanted it. I bought it and to add to my delight it is better than what I expected.

In the chrome Cast package, you get a dongle, a extension cord and a charger.



Take out the dongle from the box and plug it in the USB port of the TV and the charger needs to be connected to the dongle as well. If the dongle and charging point are a little further, then you can use the extension cord.


Once you plug the chrome cast, you need to change the TV settings. You need to change the TV telecast from HDMI to chrome cast. Once you change that in your TV, follow the next step.


Take your smartphone/laptop/tablet and install the chrome cast application. You need to do this from any one phone/tablet or any one laptop. It will ask you to provide a name to the chrome cast, which will be your display name. Wait for few minutes till it gets installed.


Once installed, go to the youtube. You can play any video and you will see an icon on the top of the display in your smartphone/tablet. In laptop, the same icon is at right-bottom of the video display or on the right most part in the address bar.

Not only youtube, rather anything that goes on your chrome in your device like facebook or gmail or rather any page opened in the chrome, can be thrown off on the tv by just a click. You can play other application like Netflix and other google supported music applications.


Coming back to Youtube, play the video, press the chrome cast icon and queue few for non-stop hour of entertainment. Once done, just sit and enjoy.


If the net speed is reasonable, mind it not fast...just reasonable, and you have queued a list of songs one after the other, the message is well received by the chrome cast.

It might happen that the video may not start in your phone, but it will start on the TV set with chrome cast.

Plus, once the songs start and have been queued, you can use any other application you wish to. You can make calls or you can play any game or read. It will not cause any issue.

Rather, EVEN IF YOU TAKE YOUR OUT OF THE HOUSE, the list will play on and on.

Chrome cast you are one of my miraculous gadget, playing just what I want to hear, my tunes!!

Chrome cast Price in India: Rs 2999/- only

It is definitely worth a buy!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Breaking up with You!!

I write this blog with heavy heart. But it is for good that I do this. I do break up with love of my life.

I break up with you, Bigg Boss!!

I just loved Bigg Boss right from the time when I saw its trailers. I have been an avid watcher. Not from this season but right from the start of it. I remember the days when its first season was to be aired. I just loved the contestant and I forced myself to buy me a TV. I was a fresher, IT engineer then. Third months salary was half gone. But I didn't cringe.

Season after season, everything around me changed, but my craziness for Bigg Boss never died. It was like start of a new relationship. That freshness was there. That madness was there. That smile was there.

In all the seasons, there have been varied contestants who have fitted in their season, who have actually created some new reasons to watch it day after day.

This season has been a little different. I could never pick up with Bigg Boss. But my truthfulness kept me seated from 9-10 in front of the TV and watch. I didn't enjoy. But I watched. But then something happened. Something which forced me to write this blog.

I think other programs must also take some learning from the great show - Bigg Boss 8.

And that is:::

How to spoil a already rotten soap.

Oh My God!

What did you think Bigg Boss before getting Azaz Khan in this season and giving him all the &*@#&%^ powers which he didn't deserve. To spoil it further and take the show deep down the filthy drain, you got Sambhavana Seth! THAT LADY! Uff! I feel ashamed to say that I did watch this show.

Since the time she has come, she has brought down the standard of the show. She is throwing shoes....I mean, really??? She is shouting for no reasons and behaving in the utmost lowly melodramatic way.

I am done with you, Bigg Boss. How could you do this?
You could have just ended the show on time and kept the standard intact. But you had to get the TRP. It's all gone. From my side.

Yes, I am breaking up with you!

I know my breaking up with you won't change much for you, but it is going to say a lot for me. I better be aloof than watching such a lousy person acting shamelessly disgusting for no reason at all.

My other reason, Salman Khan is also gone. No one can show mirror the way he did.

It's for good. For you and for me.

Good Bye!

Hope next year we will patch up but for this season we are soooo done....for good!!!!

Friday, 2 January 2015

The New Resolutions!

I truly believe that however you bring in the New Year, your new year is kind of on a similar terms. So, I am very careful while planning a New Year's eve party with people I get along with (except my husband...I don't get along with him, but I want him to be there;) ) and getting the new year with a biggggg smile. 

Another very important thing which I believe in is my list of RESOLUTIONS. Well, year after year I make them. But somewhere I think it is just that first fifteen days that I truly follow it. Always.

For a change, this year I made a unique resolution - To follow my last year resolution for at least 30 continuous days. Without fail. 

Simple isn't it? 

>>> The permanent resolution on my list - Losing weight (Since the time I have started writing my resolutions, this has been on my list! Damn you weight)

> Other resolution includes practising more patience - even if my toddler pulls out my hair and leave a bad scratch scar on my face or if she behaves super super stubbornly for a toy! Give me power!!!

> Writing much more than what I usually do - Whenever I walk a road, I look around, everything seems to inspire me to write, write and write. But some work always takes my writing time and then I just get mad on small things. 

> Being happy even if I don't get to watch my daily soaps. Really!

I was wondering how my list has not changed. In the entire year. I still wiegh just a little more, I lose it when my child wails and cry out loud in a supermarket for all the toys she can manage in her two little arms, I get busy with my toddler and the daily soaps, I can die someday without them, bigg boss being the latest fav.

Luckily, this year resolution, I just have to do one thing. Follow them for 30 days. 

You must be wondering - why 30 days?

Well, I have read somewhere that if you practice any art/habit/exercise or just anything for 30 continuous days consciously, your subconscious mind get used to that thing and registers it. Post 30 days, you will see that positive change in your own behaviour. You will want to practice that art/exercise/habit. You will find time for that thing whatever be the circumstances, you will not make any excuse whatsoever and howsoever geniune it might sound, you will and will practice it. If at all, you get throught the first 30 days, you will pull it through the year. 

So, my first day went in being more patient, smiling when I could have easily lost my temper, writing down some stints in my diary and eating a little less(weight thing, you see)!!

30 days....bring it ON :)

Happy New year every one. Wish this new year brings a lot more happiness, a lot more confidence and a lot more prosperity of health and wealth.