Sunday, 2 July 2017


I am in a philosophical mood today. I met my college friends over the weekend and went back in time, when I was young and carefree and so not loaded with any kind of responsibilities, of course, excluding my padai likhai.

It was some time. Classes, classrooms, library, books, professors, girls, boys, affairs, break ups, late nights, hunger pangs,  maggi, food, canteen, mess, bad-food, good-food, chicken cravings, tapri, chai, tapri ki chai, tapri kaa chicken, sarita kaa dhabba.....

Sarita kaa dhabba - Can't forget that day at Saritas'!

We skipped our breakfast that day. It was a perfect chutti ki subh. We all woke up late and when we woke up, only thing in our minds was food. So, we brushed our teeth and took a rubber band and just pined our hair with it, without brushing it. Really and who cares!

Sarita and her family were getting the dhabba ready for the day. They had no food ready by then. Only tea was there. We were quiet disappointed and thought we will go to the next one. But her father said, give us 10 minutes!

The thing which we thought we had, was TIME. We said okay. With a cup of hot tea in our hands, we were in deep conversation about the global warming and the water level issues. When our second cup of tea was on, hot aromatic pyaz-tamatar ki sabji and few parathas arrived at our table. We were four and we started eating with all our might. It looked like we have not been fed for days.

There is a magic when you eat from one plate. You have no idea how much you ate and you are just not full. Someone will say, ek aur, and you feel haa yaar, ek aur! Something like this happened to us. We kept on eating. Sarita, do-teen aur la do! We repeated this so many times! It seemed like a never ending breakfast.

Sarita was a telgu and she spoke to her dad in that dialect. We were in mid of food talks when suddenly my friend started laughing hysterically. She turned and called, "Sarita, we don't usually eat this much! It's out first time too!" She laughed and Sarita ran inside her room, leaving us wondering what just happened!

Eventually we found out that Sarita commented on us, "How much they eat? Will they ever stop eating? 2 saal kaa khana aaj hi kha lenge kya?"

Of course, we had a good laugh! But from that day onwards, I learnt a small lesson, NEVER EAT IN THE SAME PLATE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. YOU WILL BECOME SUPERFAT.

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