Sunday, 2 July 2017

Standing with GST!

There is a lot of noise with GST and lot of memes floating about GST is going to ruin us completely.
Before I tell, which side I am standing, let me share the meme which I founf the best::

Jab bhi those paise jama hote hai,

Kahi se ek awaaz ati hai...."Mitrrroooonnn!!!"

Isn't it damn funny!
Well, well, having laughed at this meme, I stand strong with this GST and this revolution.

At the consumer end, may be we have to pay a little extra for few specified services and goods but we are still at the advantageous side.

But being a customer/consumer you and I need to be informed.

Let me quote a recent incident - @ Lifestyle.

Lifestyle quoted flat 50% discount, with hardly a few items at that discount rate. I had a voucher and I thought, before these cards become useless and before GST, let me complete the shopping.

On the items which were on discount, Lifestyle charged extra 5%, claiming that these are new government rules. I am talking about the days before GST was implemented.

When I inquired the store manager about which rule is such, he had absolute no idea! Of course, the same thing was done at many other stores as well.

I really felt cheated. But what option I had?

I know post GST things are going to be a little chaotic, but one thing is for sure -

Do check your bills. Now, we only need to pay the goods and service tax. There are few smart shops who are going to charge you additional for - Service tax.

Be alert and careful. DONOT pay service tax. We just need to pay GST.

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