Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I Love You, Always!!

Is there anyone in your life who loves you irrespective of your mood, your attitude, your wrongs and your rights?? Is there anyone who is never ever shows anger and showers love irrespective of everything?? Is there anyone who happily welcomes you at all times, what ever time it is??

Those who have had dogs, knows what i am talking about!!

I thank my elder sister and brother for their extreme love for the animals. When i could barely walk, i had my first dog to cling to and learn how to walk!! Since then, i have had not only dogs but parrot, who never got tired calling our names! Pigeons, who had generations on my rooftop! Red-eyed rabbits, whom we chased till we dropped but rarely got hold of them! And DOGS!!!

Not a man's best friend but everyone's best friend, dog. I have been lucky to have many dogs since childhood - Apso, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, German shepherds!! Jackie, Jims, Pepsi, Goldi, Vodka, Taisu, Maggi and Tiger!! I don't remember much of all of them, except the one with whom i literally grew up with - Tiger!!

Tiger, not a tiger, but an amazing dog, my bestest friend, my all secrets keeper, my companion, my protector. Nick named Tigu, Tigi, Tigz.

When he entered our lives, he was just few months old. Gradually he learnt how to walk, jump, bark, tear everything he got hold of, bite and literally everything. A huge big dog he was. Double coated German shepherd. Completely Black. When he used to go out, kids used to run here and there shouting - bear bear. Yes, its quiet confusing. A dog named tiger, looked like a big bear and behaved like a complete cutie pie.

He was different than all the other dogs. He never used to eat in a hurry like others. He used to enjoy his meals slowly in nice cool room. He used to sleep with his pillow. He loved peas, chickpeas, mangoes, guava, carrot apart from other sweets and biscuits. Everyday he used to just spread his love among us. Whether we are angry or shouting or bugged or happy, he used to be around at all times waging his tail and tongue on one side which made him look so cute that one can forget everything else and smile back at him. When he was around, life was very different. His unconditional love, at all times said to us, I love you always. And yes he did.

When i used to have fights with my brother or sister, he used to jump in between and used to bark madly so that we leave each other. And at times just for fun sake, we fought but he never failed us. He always tried to protect all of us. He pushed all 3 of us, to jump and sit on my mom's lap. When mom didn't pat him, he used bite her hands till she did. When my dad called for him, he used to be in seventh heaven cause that was a rare occasion. He left us, his food, his comfortable bed, everything if he heard my dad calling him. He used to wait at the gate for us to return from school. He used to sleep in our rooms, well yes my mom had to wake him up too as he was a good sleeper (I already mentioned he behaved little differently). Once some part of my house was getting reconstructed and someone knocked the door at night. I was scared stiff, didn't know what to do, who it was and everyone was asleep. Thank God, Tigu was in my room, of course fast asleep. I had to shake him up to respond and at least start barking so that everyone gets up. Well he did what i expected him to, once he got up. Chasing him with ball in his mouth, and he chasing us for sweets in our hands, life was all smiles.

Now when i remember his small cute activities, i can just laugh my heart out and yes my tear glands also gets active. He has been a part of our lives. Or may be more than that. Cause my heart always goes back in time to search my little baby. When ever i see clouds, i search for his image cause i know he is there looking at us, smiling with his side hanging tongue and wishing us all goodness. We miss you Tigu. We love you, Always.

Life goes on. No one can fill that vacant space but yes no one fill our hearts with so much of love and beautiful memories. Only thing i can say is - Ek Tha Tiger!!!

Friday, 17 August 2012

It's my turn now!!!

First child!!! How much difference in your outlook can a little small kid bring??? Well, the answer to this is A LOT.

Being the youngest kid, that too most pampered and highly protected, i have had a beautiful childhood. Memories of growing up with my didi and bhaiya just brings back a smile.

Born to 24 hours working doctor parents, life has been fun. Out of guilt of not spending much time with us, ma and papa fulfilled all all our demands every single day. Our demands were never ending and we cashed it!!

Me being the youngest(only excuse that i can cling to), I never bothered to what my parents went through to grow us up, their fear, their worries, their wishes. I had my own life, full of fun, friends and flavors. I never took time to answer back, always took just the opposite road what my parents told me to traverse. Their experience to me was not accepted, i had my own thoughts. I was a spoilt kid, amazingly difficult teenager and a stubborn adult.     

Today when i have my first child, who can barely crawl and sharing this amazing time with my parents, well i think a lot different. Hearing what my parents went through to grow us up, i just thank God for THEM.

That was an era of no pampers, my mom had troubled days and tiring nights. In spite of all the house help, a heap of clothes to wash, cleaning our bottles, making our food and to top it, our childhood dramas. They used to wake up at wee hours in morning to get us ready and head for their flourishing hospital. They used to take small breaks to check on us. They stayed apart so that we can grow well. I don't know when they taught us what is right what is not, difference of good and bad, how to use our independence correctly, how to judge, being decisive and many other lessons of life. In spite of being extremely busy, we never were ignored. We were well taken care off.

Today, when they look at my kid and say, she looks exactly like you, frankly speaking, i am terrified to the core. I have all luxuries of life. Pampers(BIG THANKS to the creator), which gives me easy days and peaceful nights. Ease of keeping her warm and cool according to the ever changing climate. With all the house help, life is certainly is easy. But there are bigger things to worry.

From where will i get that patience, how will i teach her from abc to lessons of life, from where will i get strength to handle all her tantrums, how will i cope with her stubborn(if like me) attitude.

I know my parents have passed with flying colors in growing us up, with my sister professor at a renowned medical college, my brothers growing name and successfully running two clinics, me .. ab humse acha kaun hai!! Not only professionally, but personally also we are good people. A very small word, but Thanks ma, Thanks papa.

Well, on the receiving end, life is much different. But then, its my turn now!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Unbreakable - FAT!

I had always been, well on a little heavier side. Being a chubby kid was good but later, needless to say. So i will write, my fight with this stubborn unbreakable fat.

Since, i have gained my conscience, i have wanted to be a thin girl, maybe just for a day. To achieve this far fetched dream, i think i have worked on many advice i thought would work like a magic.

The first and the foremost was the "DIETING". Not eating much, eating small portions, a list of food to eat and not to eat, of course with exception to gol-guppas, chaat, paratha and sweets. Not that i didn't sacrifice on anything, i quit samosas, rice, best-veggi potato, puris, cakes, cookies and chocolates(toffees not counted.) No result was seen in 2 weeks and the diet chart very soon found a comfortable place in the dustbin. This magic trick failed. But the trail continued.

Inspired by the advertisement, seeing a fat belly going in no time, without any effort, that was the first gift i gave myself from my first salary - THE SAUNA BELT. The dieting began again along with the newly found sauna belt and the new thrill to become thin. Did it really work? In commercials, it did! But for me, i was left with few burn marks on my tummy due to excess heat of 'The Sauna Belt' and no change in me at all. Soon, 'The Sauna Belt' was under the bed till someone found it and threw it along with the garbage.

Next magic wand was of course, the VLCC. A pinch in my pocket, a new zeal, a new diet chart and the VLCC. Few weeks passed and yes i did shed some kilos(which was obvious, this time i had no exception list along with the diet chart), but later the VLCC attendant asked my to put in some more money and enroll in some more weight loss plan as my fat was - unbreakable. And this trick failed too.

My latest inspiration is the new age yoga guru, Ramdev Baba. Along with kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, triphala, loki juice, warm drinking water, yogic jogging, the fight against the unbreakable, continues. 

I don't know which one will break first - my unbreakable fat or the my unbreakable dream. At times i think, did i fail because i didn't try much? Or am i not as stubborn as my fat. The answer my heart gave me is that may be i don't have an issue in being the way i am. I enjoy my life more than fullest this way too. I have lovely set of friends and a beautiful family who accepts me in my way. Most importantly, i love myself the way i am. 

But then just for the heck of it the trial still continues. I don't know if my latest inspirations will work, but my excuse is ready. "This has to be the baby weight. When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan  has a problem in loosing it, i don't even have a Miss World crown to bother."

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Janamshtami - The Rajghat Way

Happy birthday to "The Son India", Kanha. Janmashtami, which denotes birth of lord krishna is celebrated with lots of flowers, sweets, makhan, excitement and love, in varied style throughout India.

Celebrating this grand birthday of our kanha, the Rajghat Way, is still the best one in my memories. I think all who belongs to Rajghat Besant School would easily relate to me.

A typical Janamastami day in Rajghat!

For all those who don't know, there used to be a competition between all hostels to decorate their own kanha in their own way. Out of the excitement running in the festive air, all of us would get up at 4.00 AM and that too without any bell. The night before would be the planning night to decide who will go where to STEAL FLOWERS. Some to 1st hostel, some to the gardens, some to 3rd hostel and some would stay at their own hostels to protect their flowers. Latest by 6.00 AM, we all were done with stealing flowers, being chased by other hostlers, laughing hard, falling badly and again getting up and running again to save the stolen flowers.

Next on the agenda would be cleaning our hostels. All of us at the same time wanted to do the cleaning, one broom and 25 little kids. Well, the hostel of course looked little more messier with kids fighting with broom and water. Ultimately, our hostel warden, our "didi" would come to give us a good yelling and put us on line.

After coming out in fresh nice "any dress" and filling our tummy with hot tasty breakfast, we used to be back in the race of fierce competition. Some of us would help in making garlands, some would cut fruits for the prasad, some would help in putting lights, and some lucky ones would help didi to decorate the hostel and our Kanha. And still some and all would keep a watch that other hostlers don't get in and copy our style.

In evening, lights would be switched on, cameras will roll and action. All doors were opened, every one dressed in nice attire, some at the gate with plate to put tikka to all, some would distribute prasad, some would be near kanha and tell everyone - "hey, don't go further than this, don't touch anything." And in small and big groups of friends we would visit all hostels and to self, our hostel was always the winner and no one ever decorated better than ours.

The decoration mostly had hills, water flowing from the hills joining the small river, lots of grass with cattle around and a "paalna with our kanha", decorated in different styles. Some hostels had lord Krishna with his moving Sudarshan chakra. All of us would show around everyone else with lot of pride. Colorful lights, glowing kanha, beautiful decoration, sweet fragrance of flowers and aroma of delicious mouth watering  prasad filled entire Rajghat.

Janamashtami in Rajghat, somehow made everyone present there, happy at a time. There was smiles, fun, love, romance, music, lights, excitement. Till date the fragrance lingers in my heart, a smile on face and sweet memories to share with all. Thanks Rajghat and a very Happy birthday to you, kanha.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Foodie Me & Non-Foodie Partner!!

Food is my first love. All who knows will say...dikhta hai ;). It is only one which has been with me through thick and thin, highs and lows, sorrows and happiness. I have shared every day of my life with it. It has in some ways put a smile on my face every every time.

Food has been reasons for many friends of mine. Friends, who like me were regulars at the food parlors. The ones who were fond of mid-night maggi sessions in hostels. The ones who were addicted to tea at varied tea stalls. And the ones who could manage to get world's best cheese sandwich with green chutney in a pan shop.

Being a foodie and having all foodie friends, what if you get a husband who is a big NON-FOODIE? Husband - a friend for life and absolutely opposite. Well, I am living my nightmare. Married to a complete non-foodie. I don't even know what is his favorite food, or what i can make when he gets angry or if when his mood is off or which cuisine to go for to have a fun-filled evening together. On the other hand, he never complains about food, he can eat anything, whether it is tasty or not, whether it is half cooked or burnt, whether there is variation in daily food or repetitions. I wonder if it is a bliss to have a non-foodie husband or a misery?

Well life goes on and you learn to adjust. But i wonder if i will ever share the chemistry which i have with my foodie friends? I wonder had we been better friends if we were alike? I wonder if i am missing something or missing a lot of things? I wonder!!!!