Sunday, 2 July 2017


My maid was taking a break from work and was having tea. She happened to be a talkative one who would share everything with you, irrespective of your willingness to hear!

She mentioned to me that she wants to buy a phone. It is a necessity in the current times, not a luxury anymore. But certainly, she thinks differently. It is not only a much needed thing for her, but she wants to make it a luxury.

She wants to buy a iPhone!

Of course, you should keep your dreams and wishes high, but people forget that these quotes are for real things in life. These should be used for something more valuable and more meaningful.

Phone -

Primary Purpose - Talking/Communication

Secondary Purpose - Entertainment

Now even if one is willing to buy a good phone for entertainment, which can be music, camera, speed, games, et all, still the primary reason for the phone remains the same for all. For all.

Leave her, she doesn't know what she is talking about, I personally know of people who have taken loan to buy an iPhone. There must be many many who must have done the same. I know - 'the experience' of using an iPhone and all that, but does the primary purpose change in any way.

There is a beautiful quote in hindi,
"Jitni chadar hai utti pair phailao"

Buy a phone which you can afford. You will be much happier.

P.S.: I can't even think of buying a very expensive phones and my husband is the happiest. It wouldn't be nice to experience a heart attack at this young age! Damn these Butter fingers, I tell you!!
Wondering how you(who bought an iPhone) deal when your phones fall.

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