Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black is Beautiful!

A color which can add classiness and at the same time enhances the beauty of the product it is on, is undoubtedly BLACK! Black - my magical color, is indeed beautiful! Black - a color which embraces all colors, good or bad, but keeps its state same. It still remains black, whatever be it! This attribute of black, makes it the best color and unique in itself. Its name says it all:

B: Brilliant 

Nothing can be as brilliant and flawless as a God's creation. Well, I am a big animal person. There are these few animals I have always wanted to own or at least see with my own naked eyes. 

The black Panther - is a unique creature in itself. A loner which swims to relax and adjust itself according to the climatic adversities, it show all the characteristics which I can relate to. I really want to see a black panther with my eyes to believe the beauty of God's creation. 

Completely black German Shepherd: I have been a proud owner of one, a double coated and jet black German shepherd whom we called, Tigs! They come to your family as a dog and makes their space as a family member. They are just brilliant, beautiful and black! 

The black stallion: I saw this movie as a kid and since then I have wished to own this black stallion, run with him on the beach, sit on his back and just swim till I drop down and then I want to fly in water on his back till the shore! I have grown up, but the wish list still has meeting with the black stallion, on the top! 

L: Lustrous

There has been one game that makes me forget just about everything!  Chess! Not that I win every time, but the whole game creates an adrenaline rush! My wish list contains this - Chess Set: Charles Hollander! 

It is a hand-made set with gold, white and black diamond. The black diamond is what which adds it's beauty to the zenith. The entire set is simple lustrous, livid and lasting. 


A color - black, is a color which expresses the intense feeling. There are reasons why I believe in it's strength.

Mangalsutra - I always wanted a diamond studded mangalsutra, but wait, whatever be the style, whatever be the size, whatever stones are studded in it, the main part of this mangal-sutra will always remain - the gold beads in-between the black ones. This black-gold beads symbolizes the start of a beautiful relationship.

Kala tika: The kala-tika which saves from the so called buri-nazar ;) Not a very superstitious person, but my mornings start with applying a kala-tika on my little girl. It keeps all the bad/evil wishes away from her. Not only my child, even the beautiful bride applies it on her face to keep herself away from all the bad 'nazars' on her D-day.

Well, till date I have that traditional mangalsutra and not the diamond studded one. My wish list contains one diamond studded mangal-sutra. It also contains more of kala-tika. My daughter is getting cuter by the minute, you see! :)

C: Classy

Whether it is a black beauty running swiftly on the road much to the owner's pride, or a simple black rado in the wrist or a black IPad, this magical color always adds to the classiness of the end product. This color not only enhances the royal look and feel of these cars and gadgets but also makes you yearn for them! Totally!

My heart is set on all of them and yes, yes I want them all!

Whether it's the men who suit up in black or the ladies who dawn the black, it always, always sets them in fire and creates the magical killer looks!

It's such a color, which actually hides any deformities and fashions a absolute new you! The way you would want to look, the way you would want to feel. My wardrobe is filled with killer black clothes, but it's never enough, you know! My wish list contains more and more and many many more magical blacks :)

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