Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Perfect street food!

Pani Puri! Phuchka! Water balls!

Call it with whatever name, it is one of the best creation of humankind. 

For me the best part of evening is, walk back home and the way to home filled with hawkers of all shapes and size with amazing pani-puri thelas. 

Bags full of perfectly shaped crunchy puris hung from the thela seems calling on me. Really. I try to avoid or try to give a day's break from eating them, but these puris' always, let me repeat, always succeed. 

I am just pulled by the aroma of the tangy imli pani. Small pieces of fresh green coriander and mixed spices and the tamarind sourness, creates a perfect blend. 

I have a fixed pani-puri-bhaiya who makes the stuffing as per my taste. Boiled potato mixed with black salt, species, small pieces of onions, some boiled kala-chana, fresh coriander and a lot of green chillies, mixed properly to make a perfect filling. 

The pani-puri-bhaiya takes those small puris, fills them with the alu-masala-filling and the dip it in tangy water, fill it totally and slowly place it in my plate. 

I just pick it up without a fraction-of-seconds delay and place it my mouth. The puri melts in the mouth leaving behind the perfect blend of chilli-tanginess-other spices. The hotness of the chillies and the tanginess of tamarind can create such magic that I generally get lost in it. I forget the people watching me eat, forget how many plates I promised myself to eat and I even forget who I am. I just keep on eating till my soul is satisfied. 


Well, I take this opportunity to thank that one person who invented this amazingly delicious food. You did magic and it still has the same magical power. Thanks, a big big thanks. 

It is a sure shot item for kids party at my home. Of course, I get the puris from the vendor, but I make the alu-stuffing and the tamarind-water at home considering health reasons for my little one and her friends. 
The best part is the way I serve it. 

The puris in the deep DEEP ROUND CASSEROLE heaped up popping their faces out and calling for the little ones. 

I make the alu-masala by adding kala-channa and medium spice and a lot of lemon juice and mixed it well in the MIXING BOWL SETS. The appealing look of the filling and fresh and lemony aroma just excites the kids to the core. 

There is, of course, the sour and spicy tamarind water which is served in the DEEP ROUND CASSEROLE and the water just dances with the spices in it along with the mood of the kids. 

To add to the fun, there is always sweetened companion - sweet-sour dahi and sweet-sour tamarind chutney served in the SET OF 3 SQUARE DISH WITH LID. The lid is indeed closed but the air become so tangy that every kid just drools over the sight of pani-puri. They just look at the food and they go woooww! 

Well, of course, after they see the pani-puri served, it is impossible to control their craving for it. All of them just jumps to the pani-puri counter and they just get lost in the magnificent flavours of the pani -puri!

Hmmm...khilane vala bhi khush....khaane vala bhi khush :) 
All smiles!

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - Mybeautiful food.

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