Saturday, 2 August 2014

And it rained that night!

We held our hands tight. Looked deep into each others eyes. And there was a shrieking whistle which shattered our lovely moment. 

Yes. The train arrived on the platform. With heavy heart, I boarded the train. 

His eyes just said, "Don't go!"

And in nick of the time, it rained that night. Like never before!

He looked up to the sky, soaked in rain in minutes, he looked at me and he finally broke his silence and said, "Even the city cries when you go!"

"Awwww!" I could barely say this and the train started moving. 

With tears in my eye, I was watching my city soaked in rain, passing by. I put on my ear plugs. Just then, FM played - "Duriyaaaa....Duriyaan bhi hai zaruri....zaruri hai ye duriyan!"

Oh yeah and I smiled ;)

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  1. short,crisp and beautiful story

    My WOW post : Auspicious Rain

  2. Lovely, when someone parts at that note. It's not that painful.

    1. Thanks Saru...pleasure you dropped by :)

  3. I loove the end. A kind of soothing feeling though the city will be sad.