Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The full-family-moon!

Blame it on movies or my craze to travel to exotic locations, I always wanted a great Honeymoon! In movies, the just married couple would fly to an amazing tourist spot and the movie followed. But I stayed there. In those amazing tourist spots.

Some five years back, when I was to get married, I informed my would-be about my craze for an exotic honeymoon. He was for it. We zeroed up on a trip to Bali. A place with abundant natural beauty, beaches and much more. 

He told me to fix the flight and hotel as per my convenience and taste and let him know. Well, the entire drama started then. Tickets were expensive, at least the ones which I saw. I didn't know where to click on to compare the prices of the tickets. And then there was a bigger problem, hotel booking. 

Not knowing much about Bali, I had internet and a few friends for information. I tried to find out a hotel according to the popularity, price, location, facilities available, ratings and reviews. Finding out hotels in Bali, with all the details included was not just difficult, it became a menace.  

Finally, I gave up and I asked him to plan it out. In these you-do::you-do, we got married and we were packed to a near by hill station for few days.

It was absolutely what I didn't want. But things were happening still. Whether I like it or not. It's going to be five years now, I have a little daughter and yet that want for that exotic Bali Honeymoon, still lives in my heart, mind and soul.

Just a few days back, I narrated the same story to one of my friend and she told me an amazing site  - Skyscanner, which has every information I need for visiting any foreign location, within India or across. 

I opened the site form my phone, oh great, they had an application free in play store. Without much ado, I installed it. Using it was a cake walk for a novice like me. Of course, the first thing I checked was for a trip to Bali on my fifth wedding anniversary. 

Well, within a matter of few seconds, I knew the best route and the best deal for travelling to Bali. Then I checked the most dread part of any trip. The hotels. The rates, the popularity, ratings, locations and so many things which you would want to know before staying there. I was wondering if skyscanner would answer all my queries. 

I will let the pictures speak for it...

Sort it this way or that....its always your preference that matters here:


Pre-compared prices and the best deals present at different sites are displayed: 

Ratings and reviews of various customers/users:

5 star or no will know along with the name of the hotel:

The kind of room and the added services for the room available flashes in an instant:

Pictures...they always speak more than words...The hotel...the rooms and the surrounding, it all makes you want to stay there or not!

Location finder or look all the hotels in the map. This site has all the information present according to your convenience.

Further scanning the site, it added the fun. It has more information than you expect. These information are beyond your imagination.

The kind of hotel you are looking for:: without wasting your time, just click on the type of hotel and there you are with the sorted list.

Cities you would be staying in and the hotels present there can also be sorted as per your interest.

This option can totally spoil you, you want this or that or all ;)

A room or a resort or any other type of accommodation you are looking for! It's up to your own choice that you can get a super filtered list!

Whether you want to stay in a brand or a local....its all...all there!

Booking hotels. according to the specifications is just clicks away. It's more than amazing. Not only the hotel or accommodation facility that you are looking for, it also has tab for conveyance facility. 

Hire any cab or looking for public transport, its all there.

The conveyance is as easy as SCSB...well...Search..Compare..Select and Book!
Done - Dana - Done!

All this information. Just a few clicks away. COST CHARGED - ZERO. 

Well, I have it all sorted, now. 
May be a few years late. 
May be it will be two + half for the exotic vacation. 
May be it will be full-family-moon! 

But it will be worth it, I am sure!

Looking forward Bali!
Hail Skyscanner! 
Will be your faithful visitor, always :)

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