Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Black me up!

I was just a kid when I was introduced to the water colors. It was more than fun, mixing different colors and making a complete new one. That was the exact time when I mixed almost all colors and made a new color - BLACK :: my magical color. 

A magical color indeed. As I grew up, this magical color grew up with me. Literally. As a kid, I just had my black hair, my black eyeballs and those black moles all over my face. But now, without my magical color, I don't even step out of my house.

Here is my black list.....


As a kid, I always had that extra small oiled hair. Thanks to my mom. Actually. Now, my hair is long, shiny, beautiful and enviable! Weather I keep it tied or open, the naturally black shiny silky hair has become my flair!

The Kohl!


Since childhood I wanted to have big eyes like my mom's but alas! I had tiny-miny eyes which even disappears when I laugh aloud. Still they look dreamy and beautiful - thanks to the black kohl in my eye, which happily engulfs my imperfection in it.

My Black Shades!

It's not a style statement, nor it is a luxury! It is a necessity which is inevitable when I am in sun! Thanks to these black shades that I wear, is not shades, it's part of my existence.

Black pearl set
I am not much of a jewellery person, but I am crazy about those black pearl. Rarely found, unique in itself, it just adds to your classiness!

Black Magic!

Of course, I am not in a perfect shape...hello! Who says that! The black magic always works. Trust me. It ALWAYS works. Whether you are heading for a date or for a presentation, this black helps you to create the magic. Always!

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