Sunday, 20 July 2014

Zests of my life!

I love living in the moment and enjoying the ride of my roller coaster life as the turn takes me through! There are so many things which I love and they literally keeps me walking even in my sleep. Let me mention a few.

Of course, no guessing is required here. That's the first thing that adds the zest in my life. My daughter. A hyperactive and extremely naughty kid who knows how to test her mom's love. She generally tests it at wee hours in the morning and ask me to make something hot and fresh to eat. She takes a tiny-miny bite from that and goes back to sleep! :-/ 
 Yeah, I love you honey!

The unexpected trips!
Short or long trips, planned or surprise trips, with friends or with family trips keeps my smile intact and keeps me freshly energized. It's never about where I went and it is always about how much fun I had in the entire trip! The road trip, the dhaba food, the freshness of the new place, just helps me to feel alive! :)

My mumma-papa
When my life is clouded with problems and in midst of the thundering I don't see any ray of hope, I always know which number to dial which can bring back the sunshine in my life. Of course, I have grown up and I have a little baby to mother, but their love and pampering still keeps that little girl alive in me. It just helps me to live more and to laugh more! :)

My Friends!
Be it my husband or siblings and their better halves or my school/college/work/home friends, they are the magic creators in my life. They can make me smile when I am sad and can make me cry when I am extremely happy! Oh yes, I don't feel lack of enemies ever. ;)

 This is one of that food, which the more I have, the more I want to have. The spicy, crunchy and yummy pani-puri is the best invention of mankind and I am and will be ever grateful to its inventor! This is that one food can brightens me up in my gloomiest mood. Well, my husband takes full advantage of this fact and this has become his most inexpensive way to woo his lady after every small and big fights! :-P

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