Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Home-made Food!

It was 2 'o' clock afternoon and I knew my parents would be sleeping at that time. I rang the bell with a BIG smile. It was an unexpected, unscheduled and a complete surprise visit back home. I was waiting to see my parents brightened face on seeing me right there without any notice. 

Ah, there someone was opening the door. 

I yelled seeing my mom, "Surprise! Surprise!" and threw myself in her arms. My mom, as expected, hugged me tight and started smiling-crying. Well, that's how moms are. Then I gave a big hug to my dad and everyone else. 

After all this milna-milana, I looked at my mom and told her, "Maa, I am very very very hungry. Please make something nice. Till then I'll freshen-up." 

I went to freshen-up and when I came back to the main hall, it was full of aroma of home-made food. Ahhhh! Mom's handmade food. After months of eating out at various restaurants/tapri/maid-hand-made-food, you can imagine what that smell of homemade food can do. My all time favourite home food is mom's-hand-made daal-chawal. 

On the table there was steaming hot basmati rice kept in stylish and classy Borosil dishes. The rice was covered but the aroma was not! It filled every corner of the room with its sweet smell. Along with it, there was hot daal with an aroma of amazing tadka of ghee, jeera, hing and a red chilli. Ummmmmm! To compliment the food there was homemade mango pickle which added the tanginess in the air and in my mouth ;).  I knew I was back home!

The food not only smelled charismatic, it was served in a magnificent Borosil glass dishes through which I could see long grains of basmati rice perfectly cooked and in a ready to eat state. I could see the red-chilli dancing the bright yellow daal with little fried jeera here and there. The small raw mango pieces were completely blended with the oil and masala and served in the small glass katories and it just made me drool over it. 

Well, I on purpose went ahead for mouth-watering lunch, without uttering a word ;). Haha!

Bon appetite!

Tummy full, soul at peace.'s always good to be back home! :) Isn't it!

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - My beautiful food. 

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