Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beetroot Halwa!

Last night my friend came to surprise me. Not that I didn't know that she was coming, but when she came in, she announced that she got me BEETROOT HALWA.



It was some two years back when I was going to have my daughter, some blood report stated that my iron-content was low. Of course, no one said anything to me but their total behaviour changed towards me.

I was forced, literally on a gunpoint, to finish a whole bowl of beetroot, banana and pomegranate salad. They used to add a lot of lemon and chat masala thinking I will be very happy. They used to take my book/magazine/switched off the TV/iPod/phone/any other source of entertainment and they used stand on my head till the time I didn't finish that entire bowl. Every single day. Really! 

The day my daughter was born, I was freed from the clutches of beetroot, banana and pomegranate disgusting salad.


Okay. So, the moment she announced what she had in that LARGE GLASS KATORIES, my mind was actually reliving my past and somehow I forced out a smile. A crooked one, actually.  I said, "Beet...Beetroot? Did you say beetroot halwa? Or am I just thinking?"

She said, "Yaa, you are my bakra for the day. I am trying this new recipe. Have it. It's yumm!"

I didn't want to be rude with her. She had a lot of movies ;) I needed them badly, you see. I didn't want to disappoint her and make her turn and go away with her lappy. Oh yeah, she is that crazy! I meekly said, "Why don't you make yourself comfortable. I'll have it in some time."

The more I avoided, the more she pestered me to have it. Ufff....real bakra....going to be halal soon. Aggrraahhh! I accumulated all my courage, looked at the LARGE GLASS KATORIES. The beetroot red colour was all over. Grated. Small nits pieces were scattered here and there. It looked like, the beetroot was laughing at me and saying, "Haha..I am back!" 

What the hell! I got up opened the lid, it smelled a little different. Hmmm. No lemon in it or that chaat masala smell. Sweet. Ok. Not bad. I closed my eyes and I had the tiniest bite possible in the world.

Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! YuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuMmmmmmmmmm!

I took out a big spoon full of beetroot halwa and had it at once. Oh my God. This can't be beetroot. Yummmmm. And then I took a spoon full and asked my 2 year old to try. She is another miss finicky when it comes to eating. I was sure, she won't eat and the entire LARGE GLASS KATORIES would be mine. 

She loved it too. Can you imagine? Beetroot halwa. She jumped and asked for more and had almost all. 

Unbelievable. Really.

I actually went out to get beetroot and make it the very next day!
Recipe tho banti here is the secret to! 

You will need:

Beetroot - 3
Pure Ghee - 2 spoon full
Khoya - 250gms
Milk - 1 glass 
Sugar - As per your taste
Mixed nuts - A handful (preferably broken)

Wash the beetroot and par boil it (it will take about 6-7 minutes). After it cools down, peel the outer cover, grate it.

Heat a GOURMET COOK & SERVE. Add pure ghee. Once it melts, add the grated beetroot. Sauté it for 2-3 minutes. Add the khoya. Let it combine with the beetroot totally. Once this is done, add little sugar. Beetroot is naturally sweet, so check on how sweet you want your halwa to be. Now, check if the halwa is too tight, then little by little add milk to it. (Don't add all the milk at once, or it will become liquidy). Let it all get totally mixed with each other. Take it away from the heat. Add a lot of mixed nuts on top of it and serve. 

The aroma of this is truly mesmerizingly sweet! You are certain to win compliments. The bright red halwa with playful and crunchy nuts gives a neck-to-neck competition to the gajar halwa and is much much easier, much much much faster and much much much healthier! 

Happy experimenting!

Happy cooking!

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - Mybeautiful food.


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