Thursday, 3 July 2014

Maggi Mania!

After a week long illness, I was recovering at home. I was getting all the pampering to comfort my soul. But the medicines had created a mess on my taste-buds. Everything I was eating seemed to be bland and without any taste. I just didn't want to eat.

Everyone tried everything, but I was just in a no-no state. When everybody gave up, my elder sister called me and made me sit cosily in the living room and played my all time favourite movie - The Chronicles of  Narnia. 

We have a open kitchen. So the living area and the kitchen is adjoined and everyone can see the TV. Di was doing something and we were sharing a joke about the movie. I was totally lost in the movie, when I heard the crackling sound of onions being fried. The aroma of fried onions started dancing in the air. I took a deep breath. I wondered what was she doing, but I didn't bother to ask her. 

Sound of something else going in the kadai came with more crackles and within seconds I knew it was chillies being put on the fire this time. And then there was some spices, ah I know that smell. My eyes popped out and my mind yelled inside - MAGGI MASALA. And the sound of water being added in the hot kadai just cheered me up and I looked back with a big grin towards my sis. I yelled, "Di, are you making Maggi?" She looked at my sparkling eyes, came and gave me a peck. She just said, "Yeah, tantrum queen!" We just laughed. But the aroma of the maggi being cooked did the magic of rejuvenating the dead taste buds of mine. Oh Yes, I was drooling over the smell. It took more than two minutes of course, but my sis knew how to make the food more interesting and irresistible. She served it in a GRILL&DROP ROUND CASSEROLE and grated a whole lot of cheese on top of the hot maggi and covered the lead to let the cheese melt in the heat of maggi and get blended in it. She kept the GRILL&DROP ROUND CASSEROLE with my favourite cheesy-chilli-maggi in front of me. 

I didn't bother to put in the plate. I just grabbed the Casserole and dived into the flavourful and delicious taste of the cheesy-chilli-maggi of mine. Of course, one pack is just too small, so I finished it all by myself ;)

Thank God for sisters who know the art of cooking and presenting!
Thank God for Borosil for making the food look fantabulous!
Thank God for maggi..maggi...maggi!

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - Mybeautiful food.

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