Friday, 4 July 2014

The Cake affair!

Just after my wedding, my husband had to go for an unavoidable task to London for a month. Of course, I stayed back home due to my own commitments. The time did pass and it was already his time to come back home. 

Well, I am not much of a cook. I am a big foodie and I love to eat beautiful food. But my loving husband wanted me to cook something special for him. I searched on net, spoke to many about what to cook and I zeroed out on a homemade chocolate sponge cake.

I took the recipe book, a MIXING BOWL and all the ingredient mentioned. I was super careful with the measurements and the procedure mentioned. The cook which I am not, was in the chef's coat today. So, as per the instruction, the batter was ready. I poured the batter in the EASY GRIP ROUND CAKE DISH and set the temperature right and kept the EASY GRIP ROUND CAKE DISH in the oven.

Before this day, I had never even seen how a cake is baked or how it rises and stuff like that. Of course, I had my super doubts of how things would work and become a cake. But I was not worried! Any guesses? Of course, I had a chocolate fantasy cake from CCD resting in my fridge. I am always ready with a plan B, you see! Who knows what comes out of the oven. Just then I realised that I need to stop admiring the cake in the fridge and check on the one which is being baked.

OH MY GOD. I had never seen or smelled such aromatic fragrance ever in my life. The cake was actually rising. The EASY GRIP ROUND CAKE DISH gave me a clear view of what was happening inside it. I got glued to the oven and I kept watching over the cake as it rose and turned to be a proper cake. After the oven beeped, I carefully took out the EASY GRIP ROUND CAKE DISH and pierced a toothpick in the cake. It came out clean. Yeee....I did it. 

The cake looked perfect. The colour, the texture and the look of the cake. It was a happy cake indeed. My house was filled with the aroma of sweet, freshly baked cake and it was just increasing my excitement by every passing minute. It looked so tempting that I wanted to cut it then and there and eat it. But somehow, I did control my desire. 

My friend gave me a superb tip to make the icing, but the cake should be hot. It was. So, I just took out the cake and place it on the SERVING PLATE. Took out a lot of Cadbury dairy milk chocolates which was already a little melted and spread it on the cake. With the heat of the cake, the chocolate melted further and gave a perfect look - just like the one from the CCD. 

It was getting harder to control my desire to just tear that cake and put it straight in my mouth. I was just drooling over it. The next step was to make a heart shape with colourful gems on top o it. I opened a pack of gems, popped a few, oh well I can't control much, and I made a heart shape filled with colours.

Hmmm! The aroma which was filled in the entire house, the fantastic Borosil glassware which I used, which actually showed me live how a cake is made and the outrageous excitement in making it, was just a start. Now, I don't need any book. I have become a expert in making cakes and eating them up all by myself! Haha!

Happy baking!

Happy Borosil!

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - Mybeautiful food.

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