Monday, 24 March 2014

The shopping Blunders!

I adamantly said, "If we don't go to Sarojni Nagar market, our visit to Delhi will be incomplete. Common yaar! We need to go to that market, tomorrow." 

My husband was hell bent on not going to that place. He just looked at me and I knew his mind was all no-no-no. I was gearing up for the next explanation before which he spoke, "Okay. But you are going there just for an hour. We don't have more than an hour."

I agreed cause I knew we had a good two hour in our hand. But it was not required to be argued upon. The next morning, we arrived 'The Sarojni Nagar Market'. It was not very crowded and few of the shops were still setting up their stalls. Warm sun, vibrant colors, innumerable shops/vendors. I looked around to take a feel of the market. One side there was small shops of cushions, colorful covers, sheets and on the other side there was a huge purse/bag display. Stunning colored bags. I loved the Lime Yellow one and the Red one and the Green, Royal Blue, Majestic Black. Ohh! Then came the row filled with shoe shops. Oh my God. My love for shoes pulled me into one of the shops finally. The moment I stepped in, instantly I fell in love with a sandal. I went ahead to get it: 

Me: "कितने  में  हैं  ये  वाला  सैंडल ?"
Vendor 1: "मैडम  जी  सिरफ  300 रुपये  में हैं 
My mind: "Rs 300, I need to bargain, bargain, bargain!"
Me: "अरे  भइया, देने वाला रेट बताओ ना "
Vendor 1: "मैडम  जी ,  वही  बताया  हैं 
Me: "कोई  डिस्कॉउंट  हैं ?" 
Vendor 1: "नहीं , नहीं  मैडम , सारे मार्केट  में  यही  रेट  हैं  और  सुबह  सुबह  डिस्काउंट नहीं  चलता 
My mind: "I should walk away after quoting my price. I am sure he will call me and give me those shoes at my desired price."
Me: "200/- में  दोगे  क्या ?" 
Vendor 1: "नहीं  होगा मैडम । "
Me: "ठिक  है, तो नहीं लेंगे। " 

I walked off expecting that the vendor will call me. The unexpected happened.
Vendor 1: "लेना  हैं  तो  लो, नहीं  तो  रहने  दो ! इतने  कम  में  और  कहीं  नहीं मिलेगा !"

My husband gave me a look. Controlling his anger, he spoke, "Why do you need to bargain? Just buy what you want and let's leave." 

Me: "LEAVE. What do you mean by that? We have an hour. And please bargaining is my first right. He didn't give, someone else will give." 

He was closely tracking the time while I moved ahead. I spotted the same shoes in the next stall. I tried to bargain and the vendors were just not ready to bend a bit. Finally I bent and at the 8th counter.

Me: "भईया , कितने  में  दोगे ?"
Vendor 8: "350 का है  मैडम । "
Me: "सारे  मार्केट  में तो 300 में है ।  आप  महँगा क्यों  दे रहे हो?"
Vendor 8: "मैडम  क्वालिटी  में फरक है। चलो  आपके लिए 300 लगा दूंगा! Pack  करू क्या ?"
Me: "भईया  250 लगा  लो  ना ।  "
Vendor 8: "अरे मैडम! इतना अच्छा क्वालिटी पूरे market में नहीं मिलेगा।  आपके लिए  50 रुपये कम किया , नहीं तो fixed rate है हमारा । चलो  और  5 रुपये कम देना!  Pack  करू क्या ?"
Me: "Sodexo coupons चलता है क्या ?"
Vendor 8: "नहीं  मैडम ये सब नहीं चलता यहाँ । "
Me: "कोई type का coupon चलता है  क्या?"
Vendor 8: "नहीं  मैडम  आप भी क्या सुबह सुबह, लेना है तो बोलो।।"
I looked by my side and found my husband staring at me with an intention to kill me. Really. He looked at the shopkeeper.
Hubby: "हाँ  pack करो। ये लो 300."

Vendor packed the shoe and gave a broad victorious smile to me. My husband spoke in a hush voice to me, "Hmm, good bargaining skills..lady!" He laughed out loud and patted on my shoulder. He continued, "मैडम, bargaining हो गई तो अब घर चले?" He laughed and laughed. I could barely manage a smile and then we headed towards home. We did buy a few things on the way back without bargaining. No doubt I was a bit embarrassed. I knew my dear husband would add a lot of spice and tell everyone in the family, near ones and far ones. Yeah, I don't need any enemy, right!

On my way back, I was sad cause I went to my dream market but I couldn't bargain, there were hardly any discounts, they were  just not ready to accept any discount coupons and definitely no cash-backs. Maybe I am just good for online shopping. I don't stress my heals in the sun and oh yes I get one of them - bargain, discount, coupons or cash-back. Yeah...I re-confirmed my mind several times:

Yeah! Only Online Shopping it is!

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