Friday, 14 March 2014

The deadline syndrome!

It is out. It is certain. It is strange.

I have been officially declared to be undergoing a strange disease, called - 'Deadline kab hai?'
You might be a victim of this disease too. My diagnostic says, "It is normal. It is common and it is a fact!"

The newly found disease has different equations, which follows:

Work-to-be-done :: WTBD

WTBD / Time
WTBD has no seen relationship with time. You might have hell lot of free time, but you will not move a inch closer to the WTBD till the last date captures your heart, mind and soul.

WTBD / Resource
Resources have no found relationship with the WTBD. In spite of availability of all the materials/equipment/books/pencil/laptop or any thing required for completing the WTBD, it will not start till the sword called 'deadline' hangs right next to the neck and makes you feel so suffocated that you do start your work. 

WTBD / Place 
Place has no found relationship with the WTBD. The technology has made unbelievable possible. It has advanced so much that the location can never be a constraint in finishing WTBD. But the location, be it your work place or a vacation site will not affect WTBD, no matter what.

WTBD :: Deadline/last-day
WTBD has one and only one direct relationship with the last day/date. It is either done or not done, just on the last standing day for the work to be submitted.

Many says, this is like - PROCRASTINATION. But it is actually NOT. In this disease - 'deadline kab hai', there is a strange barrier. Even if you start doing WTBD with all your willpower and commitment, you will sit with a blank head. Ideas/information seize to come to your head. Simple sentences seems to be like complex co-ordinate geometry. In spite of everything, you will stand still. Without any advancement. 

There is one more strange symptom. The closer you are to the deadline, the more ideas come to your head, the better you want to it in that short span of time. Well, you can't. You can do as much you can in that small period. Not a inch more not a inch less.

I have not found a cure. My diagnostic is undergoing treatment for the same. He has pledged to find a solution soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. What about you?

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