Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Football!

This is one story which we all know about. This is the game where the entire world is gearing up for the event - FIFA 2014. The logo, the theme song, the celebrities to perform, the clothes, the shoes, the field, the ball, the players and the entire taam-jhaam related to the game is in process of perfection. 

There is another story. This story and the one mentioned above has just two similarities - 

  • Football, the game.
  • Passion for the game
But other than the above two similarities, there is nothing which can be compared. A story of a team of girls from India - the Dooars XI. This team of girls play football. Without the best trainer. Without the best suited clothes. Without proper shoes. Without even a ball for each player.

What amazes me in this video is the spirit of the girls. Who, inspite of all the adversities, wants to play. 

Being an Indian girl, I know what challenges they must have faced to reach to this level. When I was growing up, my parents could think of only three profession which were respectable - Medical profession, Engineering & Civil services. If ever I put forward my wish to become something apart from these, it was ridiculed about. 

The old school of thought still persist. It is hard for many kids to break it and live their dream -- Which these girls have done. They have risen above. They are living their dream. They have held their pride up. They have kept the passion for the game running. Inspite of being ridiculed at, by their family members. Inspite of all the odds. 

We need to give them a helping hand. We need to pull them up. We need encourage them. We need to back them to make them play, play better. For INDIA.

I wonder if you are moved by their courage and passion, but if you are, I request you to donate a little at Your little WILL make a big impact. Please do donate! Cause It's time to #DoRight!

Image Courtesy: Google

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