Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Motherhood is the most amazing phase a women can experience. It is a mixed bag with extreme challenges to extreme pleasure. Every mother writes their own story with their brand new kid/s. It is difficult to strike a balance between kids and the rest of the world. But how much ever stressing it is, yet it is accompanied with unimaginable amount of love, laughter, happiness and a strange comfort in all the madness and that's what we call - motherhood. 

Motherhood also gives a license to play such games which are silliest of all and authorize you to be a kid again. Like all the other mothers, I play, like a zillion games with my daughter. Peek-a-boo, being her favorite, we have created variations of that game. 

Version 1
The usual, where I hide my face with my hand and then it's boooo.

Version 2
My daughter covers her face and she does the boooo.

Version 3
She hides behind the curtain/cupboard door/blanket, where she is clearly visible. She expects you to find her and then she will come and do booooo.


Her favorite version is the one where I hide my face with my hair and she with her teeny-weeny fingers removes my hair from my face and then its booooo. 

But this is the one which I hate the most. Well, she loves to play with my hair. But I am sure you can understand what happens when someone ruffles your hair up and down, just to find your eyes or your complete face! My hair gets tangled completely and after a few times of pull and push, my hair starts breaking. So does my heart, every time a hair breaks.

I just curse myself for teaching her this game. The harm has been already done. But I wish I have those straight and silky hair which doesn't get ruffled and are strong enough to bear all the pressure which is being applied on it to pull it out.

Wishful thinking :)P

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  1. This is such a cute post Swarn Priya. Love the All Time Favourite version. All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Khushboo....but I am telling you the aftereffect is not very good ;)