Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Truly Asia -Malaysia!

H: "Where do you want to go to this year?"
W: "I want to see truly Asia!"
H: "Sorry...come again?"
W: "Malaysia...Truly Aisa!"
H: "Ohhkay. I will take you there. But give me five good reasons!"
W: "Interesting! Okay..then listen. 

I want to see how the sky looks down at us,
I want to feel how it feels at that high!
I want to experience that tantalizing height,
I want to visit the twin tower, with all my might!

I want to see the wonderful life,
of the aquatic that walks by my side!
I want to experience the tunnel,
which unfolds my aquatic puzzles!

I want to wake up the shopaholic in me,
I want to set myself free!
I want to experience shopping,
from the best place, without any stopping!

I want to walk the streets at night,
where the vendors welcome you with delight!
Chinatown's clothes, toys, gems or scrumptious food,
It's all an experience that elevates your mood!

I want to go where the tourist flock,
To the market which gives me memory round the clock!
I want to get souvenirs for all,
I want to get Malaysian experience above all!

W: "Basically I want to go to Kuala Lumpur!"
H: "I must say, I am impressed, lady! I am just aw by the amount of knowledge you have gathered. We are so on this trip! Let's plan!"


  1. wow.... lovely post...All the best

  2. Your poem and your approach to this prompt is amazing. All the best Swarn Priya :)

    1. Thanks a lot Khushboo! Pleasure that u liked my post :)

  3. The first post that is actually a travel post written in poetry... loved it!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks soo much Arvind Sir.
      Means a lot to me!

      All the best to u too!