Wednesday, 5 March 2014


It was an unusually hot Sunday. Nirav and Ridhi were happily enjoying their grand lunch together. Perfect frame, sharp features, hazel eyes and to add to the beauty, Ridhi had a flawless skin. She was a great cook and so was Nirav. Nirav was a well built, tall, fair and handsome knight, who walked into Ridhi's life in his shinning armor, few years back and they were still going strong. They were made for each other couple. They loved each other's company, cooking, reading, movies, music and travelling. 

Post lunch, they set their room suitable for the 'Lord of the Ring' series, for the 100th time, together. Nirav was particularly very excited for this movie session. He was just concerned for one issue and he spoke in his commanding voice, "Ridhi, see please don't sleep this time. I am telling you this is the best movie ever." Ridhi jumped before Nirav could actually complete and with her hands on her waist, she looked straight at Nirav and spoke in a demanding voice, "Really! Can you explain me how can anyone sleep while watching 'Serendipity'. Really? Like you can't understand romance, I can't understand people's craziness behind one ring!" Nirav got a little annoyed but he knew it was useless to continue the conversation. He knew Ridhi has made herself comfortable enough to sleep within few minutes. As usual, Ridhi slept before the first scene started and Nirav got engrossed in his all time favorite movie. 

Ridhi woke up after her relaxing nap. She looked at Nirav with her dreamy eyes. He was too engrossed in the movie. She threw a cushion on him which flew in another direction. She coughed, "Again! Uff!" Nirav was distracted by the flying cushion in the room and he started laughing hysterically. He held his stomach and rolled on the bed, laughing hysterically. He laughed so hard, that he had a tear in his eyes. He somehow controlled and spoke, "I am right here baby! Only you can have such a wonderful aim. Really! I love you for that." They laughed as Nirav paused his movie and they went to brew their cup of coffee. That's exactly when they noticed the dramatic change in the climate. It was cloudy. Cool winds were blowing and it seemed it will rain soon. It was a fresh and welcome change. Nirav and Ridhi looked at each other with a broad grin, and their eyes spoke with each other.

Without any delay, they got into their pair of jeans and were ready for their bike ride for a cup of tea and hot bhajis, to a near by place. They were always very happy particularly about the Pune weather and the various near-by locations to explore. But their favorite was a near by village on the way to a hill. They brew best tea ever and that old lady used to make the best bhajis ever. Ridhi and Nirav explored and found this amazing spot. They were quiet excited about the drive and the visit to this place in a perfect weather. Before sitting on the bike, Ridhi started tying her hair.

Nirav: "Why are you tying them, Ridhi? You look awesome with open hair." 

Ridhi: "Are you mad? Do you even know what will happens to open hair after a bike ride? They will be all tangled, rough and dry. I am not a TV hair commercial actor who can have open hair while bike ride."

Nirav: "But you used to leave it open before. What happened now!" 

Ridhi: "You happened?"

Nirav: "What do you mean?"

Ridhi: "Ah! I mean what I mean. Let's go now! I am feeling hungry."

Nirav, as usual, got a little annoyed with her crazy explanation and the fact that she did tie her hair tight and covered it.

Ridhi also knew in her heart that her explanation didn't make any sense. But she was become very protective about her hair. She didn't understand whether the problem was in the water she used or the food which she had, but her hair had gone weaker. They broke easily. Playing with all the ride...Her mind knew, it was a big NO NO. She knew Nirav was upset. But she also knew that the weather will do it's magic.
It did.


Not only Ridhi but every girl ties her hair before bike rides in spite of the fact that every girl loves that open hair dance in the air. In our defense, it's better to not play with them rather than having a rough, tangled and dry hair. What say girls or is there something which can help us?

Wishful thinking!

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