Wednesday 5 March 2014

Flaunt or Not!

I had a tear in my eye. Looking at the mirror in horror.

Looking at my hair, I went to the time when my entire family never failed to complement me on my amazingly dense, long, and black hair. The time when my friends used to be envious of me for it. When every other girl who passed by me, always looked back or whispered a 'woow'! I always styled my hair - open, curled, long pony, french hair knot, high pony, streaks, colored or any other style to go with my mood. My hair bared it all. I played with it in every which way I felt like. I never missed a chance to flaunt it, ever.

But things did change. Now, looking at the mirror is a pain for me. Styling them was a nightmare.

Motherhood was the most welcome change in my life. But along came a change which no one ever warned me about. The massive...massive...massive hair fall. The hair fall was soooo bad that I almost became bald from the front.

I am sure you would think that it is just an exaggeration. But just imagine, what is seen in the picture is after conscious effort of hiding the baldness. This was not an after effect of any styling of hair, rather it was an aftereffect of having a baby, that's what my mother told me. She made me speak to a lot of new mothers, who shared the same problem of massive hair fall after the child-birth. 

Short hair with a lot of fringes was the only one escape which I had. 

I don't know if my mother's reason for the hair fall is true or not, but I know for sure that I did loose a lot of hair. I miss you, hair :(!

I wonder if I will get back the same dense, long, black hair which I can flaunt again in which ever way possible. 

Wishful thinking!

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