Monday, 10 March 2014

Further to closer!

Shikha and I were heading to school on our bicycles. We parked our cycles and headed to the assembly. The morning was fresh, the weather was perfect. It was cool. Only thing which was not perfect was - Shikha.

Shikha had a weird assumption in her mind, that if she bathe in the morning, she would catch cough and cold. I mean really! Really! Here, my mother never used to let me get out of the house without bathing even if the temperature was in minus(literally speaking!) 

I always used to question, "what's the smell, boss?" She always used to reply, "Oh! you know how I can't bathe in morning and after the hectic day in school and tuition, I was too tired to head to the shower."


It was exams time and under cover of exam, I started avoiding her. It was just too unbearable to handle the smell like all the time trailing in my nose. The unexpected happened. 

When I was on verge of breaking up with Sikha, her mother came to my home in a hurry burry. She had come with Sikha a few times before also. But today was different. I saw that she was carrying a airbag. It was strange. My mother came out. Aunty spoke, "Sneh, I know it is really weird but Sikha's dad and I have to rush to the village as her granny is not well. We need to go and get her here for treatment. But you see...I am feeling very odd but I need to hurry. Her exams are on. I don't want to disturb her. Can you please have her at your place for two days. We will be back in just two days." 

My heart had stopped beating, the smell was lingering in my nose, head and house. I knew if she stays here, I will have to share my room with her. It was a big NO NO from me. My mother spoke, "Of course, Reshma. That's not an issue at all. You don't worry about her. You can leave her here."

My eyes were wide open and I was extremely angry with my Mom. She looked at me and I think she read my thoughts, as usual. She picked up Sikha's luggage and asked both of us to go to my room. While we were catching up, she came with really hot chocolate. She politely asked Sikha," Sikha, I have switched on the geyser. I think water would be hot by now. Why don't you take a quick shower till this cools down."

Sikha replied, "Aunty water will not be hot so soon."

I promptly answered, "Its Racold. It will be. I know."

Sikha unwillingly pulled herself from my comfy chair and went to take a bath. I hugged my mother and thanked her a zillion times. She smiled and said, "When you make friend, just by seeing one of their bad habits, you don't leave them. You guide them to the correct path. That's what friend's are for. Ok honey!" 

I sat there. Thinking about what mom just said. She was right. She was absolutely right. My heart knew it. Sikha came from the shower and interrupted my thoughts and spoke, " was fun bathing in hot shower. Can I use it in the morning also." 

I smiled and said, "Yes, of course, dear!" My outlook for her had changed. I didn't want to go away from her. She was my friend.

Next morning, like all of us, Sikha also went to take bath. She felt good and fresh. She didn't catch any cough and cold. Her perception was broken. Well, I don't know if she got the geyser at home or not, but she also smelled fresh post that day. 

All smiles!

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