Saturday, 14 March 2015

You by my side!

With you by my side, there is never darkness!

I remember a time when I was working for a sales-oriented company. The organization was no doubt very big, but the whole atmosphere/culture of the organization was so negative that an optimistic person could turn double negative, leave the ones who are pessimistic!

I was not related to the sales process, I was just in a supportive Human Resource team. I was a spectator to the chaos going on there. Seniors getting into their bosses rooms, coming out and shouting their heart out on their juniors. The juniors, few newcomers, few old ones, went out with a long face and shamed look, looking down for a space to hide themselves, probably! They used to get yelled at for nothing. Nothing at all. All I could do was, keep calm within me!

But of course no one wants to work in such an environment, I was looking for another job. Luckily, I found some opening which matched my exact profile and was the perfect kind of job for me. I jumped up at the opportunity and went to grab it. I was looking for that job with such high hopes that I didn't let me think that there can be any other option other than - 'Getting this job!" I was nervous, I had to get the job! When I reached the interview room, it seemed perfect but whatever simple questions the interviewer asked, I could answer none. Not the ones I knew, like back of my hand, not the ones I didn't know! I was completely lost, I just wanted that job anyhow. It was such a perfect kind of place. Calm, employees smiling/cracking jokes/ like any other software company. Happy place. But the answers! Ahhhh!

I still don't know what happened to me that day, why did I go under such a pressure, how easily I lost that opportunity!

The worst part, it was my first birthday after marriage. It got ruined! Completely! I thought I would leave a negative place for an awesome company, but all my dreams got shattered. I was completely broken!

I went home, with big-big tears in my eyes, through the way-home. I just wanted to cry. Alone in my room! When I unlocked my door, I was utterly shocked to see my husband who had skipped his office to do some "first birthday taiyari". I went and hugged him, and cried like a baby! He had no idea why I was crying but he held on me and comforted me till I was in a state to talk. I told him everything! Not that he didn't knew about this company culture I was working for, but neither he nor me was aware that I was affected by the atmosphere to this extent!

He held me tight and said, "For me, resign from this one first and later we will look for another job! You really deserve a better organisation to work for!" It was the most unexpected reply I heard from him, but may be the one I wanted to! I cried, more this time! Haha!

He had planned a dinner out in a awesome place, but all we did was sat in our favourite corner in the house, wrote the resignation letter, ordered a pizza and the choco-lava cake, laughed like maniacs and celebrated our relationship and togetherness! After losing the-best-opportunity-ever, resigning from the existing job, being unemployed, not going out for a lavish dinner, I had the best birthday ever! 

I still lookup to that day as the one which gave me strength to look beyond and be positive and lookup at you...being there by my side!!!

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