Saturday, 28 March 2015

Be there, in win or loss!

You win.... I will forgive all your mistakes!
You lose.... I will forget all your hard work!

We lost a match yesterday, we blamed everything related, unrelated or alienated. Just any reason to blame looks cool and satisfying for us.

Not that there were none, who did support the team! But this trait of blaming-shaming is there in our whole system, that too from long.

Talking about parents here....they have some dreams for their children. They feel their children will make them proud. Their children work accordingly. They work and try to match to their parent's expectation.(Talking in general terms, not including the exception!)

If they do as desired:
Parents celebrate their child, they distribute sweets, throw parties, call every single person they know to tell about their glorious child and his/her achievements.

If at all, they fail:
Parents find 'n' number of excuses for their failures.
*    They didn't work hard,
*    Galat dost hai iske,
*    Jab dekho tub Mobile, call, chat,
*    Girlfriend/boyfriend kaa shauk chadha hai!
Blaaa bllaaaa bllaaaa!

These parents also hide their face and avoid getting into conversation with anyone. They feel ashamed and let down.

My question is, WHY?

Didn't your child work? If he failed, he too is extremely hurt and pained. His hard work has gone in drain. In spite of supporting him/her many  parents shout at them and give them a disappointed look.

Remember the movie - Tarre Zameen Pur, where the elder son, Vihaan is trying hard to win a tennis match and loses. His father didn't hide his disappointed emotions and openly showed his son how let down he felt.

I know that all parents are not like that and I salute you for not pressuring your child with your expectations. But if you do, please stop. It's not human. Your child does his best and he will do better if you just give him one simple thing - your support!

It's the same thing we do with the team India, when they win, we make them sit on our eyelashes(hehe literally speaking!) But we can't accept the other side.

Come on people, better team won and that's about it! Hope next time we support our team in a better manner, in their wins and in their loss!

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