Thursday, 19 March 2015

Surname Change

Should a woman change her maiden surname after marriage?


A positive no and a affirmative NO and a loud NOOOOOOOOO.

Why shall we change the very basic credential of ours. Just because I am married, I am supposed to do the following:

> Change my house.
> New family which are supposed to PLEASE
> Wear sindoor, bangles, bichiya, ring....etc(though I have personally no issue in this clause ;) )
> You can't go to your mumma-papa's house on every festival.
> Even if you work, you need to see how things are going on in the house, Housework!

On top of all these changes, I need to change my name?


This name has been my identity and changing it for anyone sake is not what I really wanted. Thank God that my husband didn't had any issue with me not changing my name or modifying it in any way. Not on my personal life...not on my papers. I think, if he wants to accept me, he can do that without me having to do at least that basic change in me.

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