Monday, 9 March 2015

My life, My rules!

Starting a new life - a fresh life! This line takes me back to years back when I was going for my first job, out of my town, out of my comfort zone.

Calcutta, as it was known then, was the place where I had to join. I was much eager to go and start a new life where I live on my own and earn for my own bread and butter.

My parents were very worried as to how I will live and survive on my own. They spoke to many known people and found that a PG(paying-guest) was run by an old lady was very good and safe. I was put there. My parents went back and I remained there. Alone, in that group of girls living with me in that PG. I still don't have words to express that feeling, being alone and yet being super excited and soo scared.

My new life began with full josh but...but it was not as comfortable as I expected it to be. The problem was the PG. The food, was beyond my expectation and it was pathetic. There used to be crisp and thick rotis, with red-color-spicy daal and a veg which contained potato and small particles of some unrecognizable vegetable. Really. To top it after the food arrived at 10:30 in night, you can't even order anything from outside cause the gate closes at 10:00 PM, leave aside going outside for hunt of food. I remember, one of my friend and me survived on just watermelons and slices of bread. But a month was too much time to tolerate.

I took my decision on my own, for the first time! I thought to shift to an independent house. I convinced to friends of mine and we started hunting for a new house. Two of our weekends went in looking for a house which we could rate as safe, easily accessible to our office and comfortable, which we could call home.

Finally, we got one! In salt lake, in front of a nice self-sufficient market, means it had every basic things which you want to buy on a regular basis. It also had a small kiosk which sold awesome dinner of daal, roti, chicken, right there! It was just a drop from our office. This was it!

I always wanted to live on my own. Without any elder to guard me. Where I live on my terms, good or bad!

Here I was. Next step was to inform my parents, who after listening to my state at the PG were very supportive of me shifting to the new house.

All of us were on cloud 9 while shifting cause it was for good. The day we shifted, we hardly had anything except from our suitcases but arranging that house and giving it a complete makeover to make it our own made us exhausted till core. I remember we sat on the beddings and ordered our very own pizza after 10:00 PM. This house didn't had TV or any source of music but we sang loudly....chodd aye hum vhho galiyaaa...and hogged on our large pizza.

There are so many small pleasures in life which you can only feel when you take a step forward ahead of all your fears, ahead of that line which someone else drew for you and ahead of the set rules. So, break some rules, take a leap and lookup for the joys of life!

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