Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Home sweet Home!

Happiness is Home.
Hope is Home.
Love is Home.

Home is where you know, you belong. It's that place where you know you need not pretend and you can just be yourself. The place where you can feel free.

I will quote two incidents of my life where I have seen what house means to my two loved ones.

Incident One:

My dog, Tigu, as we called him, was like our soul mate. My siblings, Tigu and me were inspirable. But there was a time when he was very ill and had to be operated. Though the operation was minor, he was given a dose of anaesthesia(anaesthesia::to make someone unconscious.) He was under the effect of anaesthesia when he was discharged. But he was still crying. It happened that he to come back home after getting discharged. Throughout the way he cried. Softly. As if he was in immense pain. Or he was looking for his place.

As soon as he reached home, the ambulance door opened, he tried to stand in excitement, he gave a small and happy cry after seeing his people and a familiar house and he collapsed! That moment said a lot! We felt that he was trying to say, "Ahh! I am home! I am with my people! They will take care now!"

My brother carried him in his arms to our bed room and he was made to sleep on our bed with my favourite pillow to comfort him.

He didn't cry after that he slept like a baby. Slowly he recovered from the disease.
But the point is, everyone knows that home is! Everyone knows, "Everything Will Be Fine and happy! WHATSOEVER & HOWSOEVER!" 

This faith always does magic. It heals a lot of pain and brings a lot of energy! That push, that energy and that optimistic feel, makes the house - THE BEST PLACE ON THE PLANET EARTH. 

Second incident:

I went to overseas with my husband and child. To experience a new world. London. Well, it was much better than what I had imagined and much brighter than I could handle. It was splendid.
 Our stay was a long one so we took a service apartment. Luckily, the house we got was exceptionally good. Well, furnished and well maintained. It had every bit of amenities which anyone can dream off. Right from the four-point hot plate, to washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, heaters in every room, hot rod in bathroom to keep the towels dry, amazing-amazzingg bathroom(with tub and separate shower room)! To add to the comfort, every tap had facility of hot and cold water. 24*7.

Of course, I went in winters and I feared that I won't be able to cope up with the chill. What was I thinking. Well, if you ask me, which is chillier - winters in India or winter in London, I would definitely say, winter in India. The reason is that in India, the house temperature is almost similar as the outside temperature. Water is soo cold that it can make sushi right there. 

But the houses in London are so comfortable that even if the outside temperature in negative, you can still roam around in your tracks without much ado. There is no way for the chilly air to come inside the house. The heater heats the house in centralized way. Every tap holds hot/cold water facility. Do I need to say more.

In spite of all the comfort, when it was time to come back home, I had not even an iota of doubt that I want to go or not. But I was a little worried about my daughter, who just turned three. She loved it there. The weather, the baby food on the racks, her favourite yoghurts and the awesome chocolates. It was a long stay there. 

I was wondering how will she cope up without all these to a new environment. With all my doubts when I went home with her, to my surprise she seemed to know everything. She was on her own. Without any TV/Mobile/Laptop. She was roaming around house happily. She just knew she was home. She was already settled. For us,
trust me on this, how much ever comfortable other house is, the comfort of your own bed can't be matched. Ever!

We all were Home! We all were Happy!

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