Friday, 6 March 2015

Thank you, Pampers!

Before everything, on behalf on every mother who blogs or not, let me thank you big time Pampers, for being there. You are hands-down, the best invention so far!

Okay now let me tell you the most priceless moment of my life : when on the OT table, I saw her, my little angel. I won't exchange that moment for whole universe wealth. Although she was there, I was completely zapped as to how will I handle her. She was so little and so delicate.

छोटी  सी उंगलिया,
छोटी सी वह नाक!
बड़ी बड़ी आँखे और 
बहुत प्यारी आवाज़!

I was in love with her, fresh newly found love. But I was scared to touch her! Not till I sanitize my hands or I was scared to take her to the market cause of the dust. My princess might catch some infection.

I was being extra careful to take her care, of course with help of my mom. But one thing we both were very worried about, was the immense cold. It was end of January when she entered my life and it was cold. So was February. Extremely cold.

Well, cold was not a problem directly as we used to cover her completely, but indirectly it was a big problem.

Problem 1:: In cold, my baby used to pee a lot.

Problem 2:: When she peed, immediate change of baby's clothes and the bed set was required.

Problem 3:: At times, just the lowers used to get wet, but at the other times even the t-shirt or sweater would get wet at the bottom. So, taking out entire clothes, especially during night when the cold was at its extent, was a merciless act. But it was unavoidable.

Consequences of all problems:

Every time she used to pee, she used to cry her heart out. On top of it, she used to catch cold if she remained wet for a little longer(I take the blame, I am also a human being after all, sometimes I kept sleeping for a little longer!)

With all the cold and cough, she used to get very cranky.

I was very stressed. I knew I had to find a way-out to keep my child fresh and warm and happy. She was just a few days old. But some solution had to be there. My sister suggested using pampers, as all my nieces and nephews were using it. But they were a year older than her. I was scared about infection or rashes which she might get. Right then my mom, whom I expected to be unsupportive for pampers at this age, brought pampers for the new-born.

Trust me, I was happy to the core. I trust my mom, more than anyone! I feel if she says that it is the right way, there must be lots of perks and pleasures on that way, indeed. Plus she is a doctor, so my faith in her choice is immense.

We started using Pampers for new-born and trust me, the first night she slept through the night without much crying. When she woke up,  next morning, she was fresh, with her first smile and a crying mommy. Haha, no happiness is greater than seeing your little one happy.

Though she was little, there was no infection. There was no rashes.

Pampers brought in happiness in my life and in many mothers life. It brought ease and care. It brought comfort and smile.

I still buy bigg bigg bags of pampers. My life is still happy and rocking with my little rock star and the super dry & duper cool - Pampers! 

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