Friday, 2 January 2015

The New Resolutions!

I truly believe that however you bring in the New Year, your new year is kind of on a similar terms. So, I am very careful while planning a New Year's eve party with people I get along with (except my husband...I don't get along with him, but I want him to be there;) ) and getting the new year with a biggggg smile. 

Another very important thing which I believe in is my list of RESOLUTIONS. Well, year after year I make them. But somewhere I think it is just that first fifteen days that I truly follow it. Always.

For a change, this year I made a unique resolution - To follow my last year resolution for at least 30 continuous days. Without fail. 

Simple isn't it? 

>>> The permanent resolution on my list - Losing weight (Since the time I have started writing my resolutions, this has been on my list! Damn you weight)

> Other resolution includes practising more patience - even if my toddler pulls out my hair and leave a bad scratch scar on my face or if she behaves super super stubbornly for a toy! Give me power!!!

> Writing much more than what I usually do - Whenever I walk a road, I look around, everything seems to inspire me to write, write and write. But some work always takes my writing time and then I just get mad on small things. 

> Being happy even if I don't get to watch my daily soaps. Really!

I was wondering how my list has not changed. In the entire year. I still wiegh just a little more, I lose it when my child wails and cry out loud in a supermarket for all the toys she can manage in her two little arms, I get busy with my toddler and the daily soaps, I can die someday without them, bigg boss being the latest fav.

Luckily, this year resolution, I just have to do one thing. Follow them for 30 days. 

You must be wondering - why 30 days?

Well, I have read somewhere that if you practice any art/habit/exercise or just anything for 30 continuous days consciously, your subconscious mind get used to that thing and registers it. Post 30 days, you will see that positive change in your own behaviour. You will want to practice that art/exercise/habit. You will find time for that thing whatever be the circumstances, you will not make any excuse whatsoever and howsoever geniune it might sound, you will and will practice it. If at all, you get throught the first 30 days, you will pull it through the year. 

So, my first day went in being more patient, smiling when I could have easily lost my temper, writing down some stints in my diary and eating a little less(weight thing, you see)!!

30 days....bring it ON :)

Happy New year every one. Wish this new year brings a lot more happiness, a lot more confidence and a lot more prosperity of health and wealth.

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