Saturday, 31 January 2015

Being Pimpled!

Pimples. Pimples! My indivisible friend!!!
Trust me, there was a time when we were just inseparable. Somewhere on my face, the redness shining brightly and boldly. Sometimes on the forehead, sometimes on the cheeks or chin or the other time just where my dimples are! My pimples were very naughty and always chose their location according to the undergoing situation.

No I am not kidding, it is true. I have been a hostage/victim/sufferer of these mischievous little bits and trust me, THEY MADE MY LIFE HELL.

Right. These pimples showed me a tough time in college and back at home!

The College

My college days. The sun shine, that carefree air of freedom, the beauty of Sikkim. Nothing, nothing could stop you from being in love, with yourself or your friends or friends of friends ;)!

For the first time in my life I experienced the beautiful feeling called love. His intellectual look, his gifted aura, his big dreamy eyes, his shy, no-nonsense attitude, his broad shoulders, his branded stylish clothes and oh, that heart-melting smile!

He was just there. In my big friends group. Friend of friend, you see! The best part was that we shared a mutual feeling, I think!

Our eyes met quite a few times. A lot of times, I caught him gazing at me. But he never said anything. I never said anything.

Last semesters:
                His Status - Committed
                My Status - Single

Yes, of course, he liked me, that's what I thought. But it was me who broke his heart!

What actually happened:

Our silent, eye-tangled relationship was full on. He never spoke a word and obviously I was too stubborn to go for it. One of the semesters, he gathered all his courage and sent me a note, "Will you help me in Maths? I will wait for you in the library tomorrow after lunch!"

Maths, me!  Me helping the batch topper! Good joke. But I loved it. Finally, he said something. I was thrilled to bits and in super duper high spirits! Of course, I was going to help him with his maths ;).

I could hardly sleep that night but when I woke up next morning, I couldn't believe my eyes.

It seemed that it was not only me who got overly excited, I had company. Of my pimples. They too, got energetic and uncontrollable.
I have always had pimple problems but this time it was just too much. I think extra attention to them made them jump. Yes, a biggg jump - ON THE TIP OF MY NOSE!

I found a big pimple sitting on my nose. Yes, my situational location-specific pimples found that sitting on the tip of the nose is the best option and they did that.

My cheeks were kind of clear, my forehead was glowing of love, my dimples were perfect but...but MY BIG SWOLLEN RED COLORED NOSE.


How could I go?

He was there. In the library. Waiting for me.
My first ever love!
My nose came in between.

My pimples broke my heart.
I broke his!

I don't know till when he waited but after that I avoided his gaze and he avoided mine. We chose to walk on different roads. Forever!

He found someone special in his journey ahead. But obvious, my status remained - pimpled :-/

Back at home!

Not only did these pimples crushed my first love with its tremor, they did break my heart back at home too. In my vacation period, I used to meet my super cuddly, very delightful and a complete munchkin niece. She was around 2-3 years and a complete walking and talking doll. I could wake up, sleep and play with her like 24*7 if given a chance.

But she never played with me. She didn't like to be with me. She cried whenever she saw me.

What actually happened:

She was in an age where you don't know how to lie, where you don't know how to be diplomatic. Like I mentioned before, I have situational location specific pimples.

So when at home, around my niece, my pimples thought that it was best to sit at on my cheeks or forehead or chin.

That little girl would look at me and would make a grumpy face. She just hated those red bulging things on my face and she used to run to her mummy shouting, "Dinosauuurrrrrrr!"

Yes! My pimples forced me to cry, not with the normal tears, rather with the KHUN KE ANSU(blood tear. Meaning : in terrible grief). They destroyed me in every which way they could.

Not that I didn't try to destroy them, I have been given a few zillion suggestions. I tried a few but some of them were horrifying. I will quote a few terrible ones:

»        Poke them and break them. It will go.
»        Wash your face with chilled water. Wash it for literally 23 hrs a day.
»        Take hot water and deep cotton in hot water and put it on the pimple. It will go.
»        Fault in your cosmetic products.
»        Don't apply sunscreen lotion or soap or anything on your face.
»        Don't eat chocolates.
»        Don't eat sweets.
»        Don't eat potato.
»        Don't eat at all.
»        Exercise more.
»        Have sex!

Really. All those instructions. For not having pimples. Even the last one!
Can you beat my list?

There were many other suggestions with beasn or raw milk and others. But people forgot the very important thing. I was not an actress who would have time for all that. I was just a student. I had too much to do - Friends, crushes, gossips, canteen, food, adda in library, adda near the stairs, outing, tea breaks, mini breaks, major breaks! Oh did I forget to mention, yes, study breaks too! ;)

 I wanted a simpler solution where I don't actually have to sit with a clock ticking over my head for telling me the time.

Anyways, time ticked and I tried various solutions, all in vein. All my pictures had scarf's hiding some parts of my face or hair fallen all over my face or me turned left or right or pointing down or looking high up in the sky.

My battle against the pimples didn't stop. Like always, I used to try any product which claimed relief from pimples. I kept changing after finding out their false claims.

One fine morning, I got a product in my basket. I used it and completed the entire tube before throwing it in the bin. My pimple problem was actually taken care of, gradually. My search ended. I never looked for any other product.

Satiated and satisfied - Garnier Pure Active Neem!

I never looked out for other solutions. Finally I got my angel. I got my angel in a tube which made my pimple diminish by the day in a complete hassle free way and naturally. Yes, I could never switch to any other product since the time I used - Garnier Pure Active Neem.

I got my face back.
I got my face got its shine.
No more hiding away, no more shying.
And, oh! That poise!

Now, I do meet love of my life with my face held up. Without makeup. Without hair falling all over my face. Without even a iota of doubt in my mind. Not only him, but I get a zillion of kisses everywhere on my face, from my own 2-3 year old. No one runs seeing me shouting some absurd words. Moreover, I have found me. I love this new me. I love this confident me. I love this carefree me.  


When I saw this contest, I knew it was time to return the favour back, Garnier Pure Active Neem. Thank you, might be an understatement but still, a big..biggg thank you. You, alone you, helped me to face the world with my chin held high and my hair tied back.
Confidence personified!

This blog is for the Indiblogger activity in association with Garnier Pure Active Neem.


  1. Great post...
    totally understand this situation !

    1. Thanks Ananya.....Yes indeed...pimples were definitely a big pain in my life! thank God I am done with them!! :)