Monday, 19 January 2015

Laundry Laundry..Bring the change!

Like the super facts known to me, which I never question like: 

Sun rises in east and sets in the west, or
We live on planet earth, or
Dog's tail can never be straight!

This fact was unquestioned by me - that women do laundry. 
Seeing my mother or sister or a female taking over the entire cycle of the laundry work right from picking up the dirty clothes to getting washed and ironed and shelved. I never questioned like other things. It was like a unchangeable fact. I had no problem with it.

Till I got married. Because after that I had.

I had problem with everything and every work which I had to do after my wedding. May be I was not prepared that I will have to take over all the work which my mom did.

Slowly and steadily I picked up with everything but one thing I just couldn't....just couldn't do was - ironing the clothes. 

The harder I tried, the more hatred for this part of laundry settled in me. I was very clear about it. I can't do ironing.

Thank God, that my husband is not that fussy and didn't crib or forced me to do that. So, we outsourced this work. :-/

Then also it never occurred to me he can also do these works. Though in case of urgency, he would step up and do the ironing.

But my thought for this whole laundry work and other task simply associated with women changed. For good. When I saw the west, closely.

We did take a lot of inspiration from the west - in dressing up or in openness of  relationships or the work culture or celebrating various days like rose day and many others.

What we never  took the inspiration was the way of their life. They actually have a equality of work in their life. The work is not designated by the gender. Like cooking or laundry or cleaning is not the sole responsibility of the female. It is a combined responsibility of both the partners who planned to live together. So, they cook together, clean together and do the laundry together.

Why not we?

We Indians have adapted ourselves in many ways or our own betterment, then I think changing something for your better half won't be a pain.

Let's do it - Men!

Share the work load! Do it...together, if you can't start to do it all by yourself.

Move for the change!

Show your love by sharing the responsibilities and not just by flashy words and cuddly bears!

What say!

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.


  1. You are right !! Let me tell this to my hubby :)

    1. Yes Sur ...we need to bring the change...n it starts from you! ;)