Friday, 30 January 2015

The Foodie Fiesta!

The chillness of February, the white snow, the dormant trees - all needs warmth. The cold has really set in, till the bones. The fire isn't bringing back the warmth!

What could be better than Valentine's Day to bring in the warmth! The warmth of affection, love and romance. Celebrating life and every reason it gives, to bring in more music and smiles, Valentine's day is one which head all the cards of love and relationship.

The video below is taking up the challenge by fixing up a drooling picnic for her man. Wait a minute!

Did I say picnic?

Isn't picnic supposed to be in the fresh air?

Well, I think the generation ahead has its own rules! The video will prove it!

The lady woes her man but the little man knows what he wants and till that point he won't move even for the scrumptious chocolaty affair!!!

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P.S.: At this age also, men will be men! I tell you ;)

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