Thursday, 18 December 2014

Humanity has a new low!

I really don't know how to vent out my anger and sadness on what happened in Peshwar. It was a uncalled act of heinous, hideous crime.

Little Children.
What did they do to you?
Were they by any chance involved between you and the government?

There are many who are never going to return home and their are many who lost their confidence/peace of mind and are badly traumatized.

Taliban has some explanation to give.
Government has some things to say.

But where was the fault of the common man. These families just wanted to earn some money to raise their family with pride. They just wanted to give good education to their children. They led a simple life, just like most of us.

They didn't know what's happening to families of the Taliban group. They didn't have any clue what's there in the highly confidential government files and how are they dealing with the Taliban.

Shooting little children, so many of
Really, how could you?
How could you?
Are your family happy now?

You could have done some financial damage. Or, you could have disrupted the functioning of the government. They were your enemy, right?

Why common man?

The common man, who never wants any war.
The common man who just want some safety for his family.
The common man, the one and only loser in any and every war fares.

Little children.



  1. Hope the souls rest in peace. The verbatim story shared on TOI makes me sick of the mental cruelty the terrorists had. They wanted to show the soldiers the feeling when someone dear to them die. I have criticized soldiers attack on terrorists families as well. These incidents only forces me to say - RIP Humanity.

  2. I dread to read the entire story...i cant even imagine what those mothers and fathers must be going thru....all i know is that this was uncalled....this shud have not happened. Not happened at all!