Saturday, 10 January 2015

Breaking up with You!!

I write this blog with heavy heart. But it is for good that I do this. I do break up with love of my life.

I break up with you, Bigg Boss!!

I just loved Bigg Boss right from the time when I saw its trailers. I have been an avid watcher. Not from this season but right from the start of it. I remember the days when its first season was to be aired. I just loved the contestant and I forced myself to buy me a TV. I was a fresher, IT engineer then. Third months salary was half gone. But I didn't cringe.

Season after season, everything around me changed, but my craziness for Bigg Boss never died. It was like start of a new relationship. That freshness was there. That madness was there. That smile was there.

In all the seasons, there have been varied contestants who have fitted in their season, who have actually created some new reasons to watch it day after day.

This season has been a little different. I could never pick up with Bigg Boss. But my truthfulness kept me seated from 9-10 in front of the TV and watch. I didn't enjoy. But I watched. But then something happened. Something which forced me to write this blog.

I think other programs must also take some learning from the great show - Bigg Boss 8.

And that is:::

How to spoil a already rotten soap.

Oh My God!

What did you think Bigg Boss before getting Azaz Khan in this season and giving him all the &*@#&%^ powers which he didn't deserve. To spoil it further and take the show deep down the filthy drain, you got Sambhavana Seth! THAT LADY! Uff! I feel ashamed to say that I did watch this show.

Since the time she has come, she has brought down the standard of the show. She is throwing shoes....I mean, really??? She is shouting for no reasons and behaving in the utmost lowly melodramatic way.

I am done with you, Bigg Boss. How could you do this?
You could have just ended the show on time and kept the standard intact. But you had to get the TRP. It's all gone. From my side.

Yes, I am breaking up with you!

I know my breaking up with you won't change much for you, but it is going to say a lot for me. I better be aloof than watching such a lousy person acting shamelessly disgusting for no reason at all.

My other reason, Salman Khan is also gone. No one can show mirror the way he did.

It's for good. For you and for me.

Good Bye!

Hope next year we will patch up but for this season we are soooo done....for good!!!!

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