Monday, 12 January 2015

Chrome Cast!

Technology advances everyday and it just goes on amazing me with its invention. The new invention of CHROME CAST is another miraculous product in the technology basket.

The moment I saw the advertisement of Chrome Cast I knew I wanted it. I bought it and to add to my delight it is better than what I expected.

In the chrome Cast package, you get a dongle, a extension cord and a charger.



Take out the dongle from the box and plug it in the USB port of the TV and the charger needs to be connected to the dongle as well. If the dongle and charging point are a little further, then you can use the extension cord.


Once you plug the chrome cast, you need to change the TV settings. You need to change the TV telecast from HDMI to chrome cast. Once you change that in your TV, follow the next step.


Take your smartphone/laptop/tablet and install the chrome cast application. You need to do this from any one phone/tablet or any one laptop. It will ask you to provide a name to the chrome cast, which will be your display name. Wait for few minutes till it gets installed.


Once installed, go to the youtube. You can play any video and you will see an icon on the top of the display in your smartphone/tablet. In laptop, the same icon is at right-bottom of the video display or on the right most part in the address bar.

Not only youtube, rather anything that goes on your chrome in your device like facebook or gmail or rather any page opened in the chrome, can be thrown off on the tv by just a click. You can play other application like Netflix and other google supported music applications.


Coming back to Youtube, play the video, press the chrome cast icon and queue few for non-stop hour of entertainment. Once done, just sit and enjoy.


If the net speed is reasonable, mind it not fast...just reasonable, and you have queued a list of songs one after the other, the message is well received by the chrome cast.

It might happen that the video may not start in your phone, but it will start on the TV set with chrome cast.

Plus, once the songs start and have been queued, you can use any other application you wish to. You can make calls or you can play any game or read. It will not cause any issue.

Rather, EVEN IF YOU TAKE YOUR OUT OF THE HOUSE, the list will play on and on.

Chrome cast you are one of my miraculous gadget, playing just what I want to hear, my tunes!!

Chrome cast Price in India: Rs 2999/- only

It is definitely worth a buy!

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