Sunday, 1 February 2015

No Fiqar, Chat Quikr!

No Fiqar, Chat Quikr!

Well, someone has been listening to my prayers! Way to go Quikr.
Lately I have been praying for a hassle free way to sell so many stuffs. Oh did I tell you that I am a - happy home maker, at the moment. The ones with a toddler toddling around mommy! Trust me on this, I have no blessed time even to drink a hot cup of coffee. Making a call, keeping track of things and doing all these in a certain time frame! Hello, are you really kidding me?

Before we get into the selling part, let me tell you something about the buying part:

*                       Impulsive buyer:
When I go for shopping, then I do shop! Whether I need stuffs/electronics/home furniture/anything or not, if I like it, I buy it. My husband feels very strongly that all the supermarkets in the world are making profit from his pocket! Well, that's the story when there is no use of the word 'SALE'. Trust me, I jussstt can't help not picking up things from sale. I have tried and failed. So, I go out and shop. And is there at my home.

*                       Growing Toddler:
If you have a child, then you will know that it's not only the child that grows bigger every day, rather the complete house needs keeps on changing to cope up with the child's growth. If a table is too pointed, it is to be removed, if the drawers are too low, it is too be emptied and there are tonnes of things which comes in like a walker or a baby chair or toy or don't what not.

*                       Family Needs:
Indians still believe in a untied family. With our parents or in-laws growing old, its quiet normal that they shift in with you. Leaving back a house at the home town. But they like few things which you have for their convince but there are others which they don't like. If you need to live in a family, then you better adjust with the changes. Remove what is causing trouble. Get what is actually required.

So, this is my basic pattern of getting things in. For getting it out. There is none. Now, when I read the tagline - No Fiqar, Chat Quikr, I knew it was time for getting some new stuffs and getting away from some unused/proper conditioned/unwanted stuffs.

Quikr has been there, but the new feature of chat has made me smile. The reasons why I feel that No Fiqar, Chat Quikr!, is awesome are:

*                       Timings:
I am a very busy person. I can click a picture through the day but I can't make a call or talk. I get time only when I am making my little girl sleep and she is half asleep and I need to stay there lying on the bed for her to sleep completely. Do you think I can talk. But obvious. NO. But I can chat. Oh yes, very much! Plus, there are times when I actually disconnect the calls or miss them, reason - a toddler, at times missed good deals, I presume. Yes, I don't call back, I have no time. With chat, it's there! I can get back from bed, from kitchen, from bathroom! ;)

*                       Low memory power:
Well, I live in a big family with in-laws. Sometimes, I plan to sell things with my mom-in-law and I forget. She doesn't. Then she enquires about that stuff, we planned to sell, whether I am following it up. Am I? I always lie to her that we are not getting any buyers. :( I don't think I need to do it anymore. Cause whenever she reminds me, I can use my chat function and do the needful follow up then and there. Without getting my impression doomed as in making call, people can hear! :P

*                       Written Proof:
Well, when we make a call, all done and sorted sometimes the deal does go in drain. We don't have a proof to show our anger over the loss of time or loss of other buyers who showed their genuine interest over the product. The written history is going to remain. It is going to stand as a solid proof to question those creepy element who do things just for fun and not for the actual purpose of business.

Thanks to the Quikr team for such a thinking for making my simpler by the minute. Now, I will get some more space, some more money and some more reasons to buy ;)
Happy buyer me & Happy seller me as No Fiqar, Chat Quikr!

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