Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Knowledge is Great!

"Knowledge is Great! Is't it?" said Meera's mother. She continued in a concerned voice, "But why do you need to go and study in UK? We have great universities here in India as well! Why don't you consider something here?"

Meera looked at her and spoke in a plain voice, "Like the UK universities are calling me. Ma, I have just applied. Let the process flow and let's see what are the results? Can we talk about it then?"

Meera knew her mother will nag till she is completely satisfied with the answer. As expected, her mother walked a few step towards the door and then turned. Meera said, "I just knew it. You will not leave like that." They both started laughing. Her mother came to her and patted her head. She said, "I know you will get through it, dear. But I should know the reason why you want to study in UK?"

Meera sighed and looked up. She said, "Come Ma, sit here. I will show you why?"
She switched on her laptop and looked at her mother and continued, "Ma, you know my love for journalism is not going to die, right! But I don't want to just do a course from any ordinary university. I want it from the best. Not that the courses in India are bad, but I don't want to compromise on my knowledge and learning. I want to pursue my journalism course from the 'University of Westminster'."

Meera opened the home page of the university and moved the laptop to show her mother.

Meera's mother looked at the screen with a lot of interest. Meera continued, "Look at the site Ma. This is a top ranking college to pursue a journalism course. It has a history of 175 years. It has groomed many notable journalist who work in BBC or other news channels and hold a position to envy. Not only this, it has a huge student and alumni base, which automatically increases my network to many folds. The course covered here is the best in the world. Faculty who teach here are A-stars. Studying there is like floating in river of knowledge and learning while passing through it." Meera stopped to take a breadth while her mother just looked at her daughter and felt the desperation of hers to go and learn from the best college in the world. Meera continued, "Look Ma, see this!"

Meera gestured her mother to look at the course details. She continued, "It is just a three year course Ma. This is what I want to do. To add to the learning, college has its own student-run radio and TV shows. And its own magazine and newspaper. Can you imagine the amount of exposure which I will get from there, from every perspective. Also..." Meera paused. Her eyes twinkled and continued, "And also the life of students in UK. It is the place to be to learn. The place is beautiful and the fun students have, they party, they earn, they learn, they work hard, they don't sleep, the assignments, the seminars, the projects, the deadlines, the rush, the smiles, the pressures, the abnormal living and super-normal learning. I want to live that life. In real!"

Meera had a confidence on her face, prayers in her eyes and determination in her heart. She looked at the pictures for some time with a wish to lead that life. She had worked hard to get through the college but the result and then her parents were two things she needed to crack through. She knew convincing her mother is a major part. Her dad would support her anyways. She looked at her mother who was looking at those pictures and had a different look on her face.

Her mother said, "Good choice beta. You should never compromise in learning. Like is said, knowledge is great. All my prayers are for you."

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