Sunday, 23 February 2014

Condition Serious Hai - Case 2

It was a hot Sunday afternoon. Hot winds were taking a toll on life. It seemed that entire city was in the closed doors of their homes.

Wedding in this heat was a challenge. A house of five rooms and fifteen adults, along with a few kids, packed in the house. Wonder if it was the heat of the summer or the heat within the minds, but a dispute started between two adults. Kids did behave mature and went to play ignoring the heated conversations. They ran up yelling, "Run for your lives guys, condition serious hai! Condition serious hai!" I smiled and stayed seated to confront more heat.

The reason for the heated discussion was unknown to most sitting there. The arguments been given was out of the world, completely baseless. The argument was just getting worse. Few oldies came in between and the matter was forcibly closed.

Aftermath of the heated discussion was: one of the uncle who was involved in the disputed, didn't move from that point in his life. He used to be mostly quiet but whenever he used to start a conversation, he used start his conversation with, "How could he.....!" His condition is indeed seriously serious.

Well, even after years "How could he...uncle" still remains in the same condition even after apologies and explanations. Time has changed, people have changed, situation have toppled around, but he refuses to move forward. "How could he.....uncle's" condition is seriously seriously serious!

Well, I think people whose condition are seriously serious should be left as it is....if you try to change it, it might just affect your point of view as well. Seriously Serious about it ;)

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  1. Oh! That's sad! Holding grudged all your life, you miss out on the so much fun and beauty that may come your way!

    1. Hi Canary.....I know u miss out all the lovely people and fun of living a happy life! Moving on is a must!

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I mean seriously how could people hold grudges for so long.. I wonder !!

    1. i know Jyotsna....they don't really understand that we need to let go things! It's just one life after all!